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Television women loving women appreciation week | Day Five - Favourite wlw kiss(es) 
↳ All of them. Brittana (Glee), Sanvers (Supergirl), Evalise (How To Get Away With Murder), Wayhaught (Wynonna Earp), Zasha (Degrassi), Ruby Slippers (Once Upon A Time), Shoot (Person of Interest), Nyssara (Arrow), Clexa (The 100), Emaya (Pretty Little Liars). “We should kiss the girls we wanna kiss.”

anonymous asked:

Can you draw Qrow maybe being an over-protective father-figure to Ruby? She just giving him (Qrow) an unfair look, and Oscar just looking kinda embarrassed or unfair, as well?

I take your request and raise you a small comic!

I worked really hard on this plz send help 

ps drawing Oscar was my favorite part of this

  • lgbt people: hey, we want nice things too.
  • heterosexuals: omg stop shoving lgbt agenda down our throats why can't they b friends :)) just be happy u have rep!!! you're a minority you're less than 1% of the population grow the fuck up!! this is a family show sweaty :)) u wanted equality and now u have it every body could die u didn't freak out when the straight guy died :)) if you don't like don't watch ok :))
  • me: *shrieks for 1000 years*

Think how amazing the OUAT musical could have been if it was Ruby and Dorothy getting married. 

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1. We would have gotten to see Ruby and Dorothy in Storybrooke and had a wlw couple actually being shown. 

2. They’re true loves and a symbol of hope.

3. They’ve never threatened each other/each other’s families/ killed each others family members.

We could have had Snowing seeing their friend happy while worrying about Emma but also worrying that Emma would never get that.
Emma’s music arc thing still could have worked.
We could have seen some Emma and Ruby moments because they were friends in S1, and she probably would have been Emma’s godmother, so theres a weird but good dynamic plus Emma could tell ruby thats she’s bisexual and actually use the word too

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