ruby skull boy

Ruby Gloom~! I was binge watching all this again for past few days and managed to sketch all these for the half hour I was awake yesterday (my day was really long yesterday didn’t get home till late and fell asleep early pff works tiring).

So have some Rubies and some Skull Boys <33333 I redrew some of my favorite episodes like Club Day, Hair-less the Musical (my ultimate favorite of Ruby Glooms episodes), and skull boys outfits are just fun pff-


I’ve been fuzzy headed today like when you daydream to much and you end up thoughtless. Yeah that kind of feeling.

So I just drew fluff since momo mentioned drawing fluff a day ago or so!

I drew some couples I like in shows pff-

Betty Boop and Bimbo (original first episode)
Ruby Gloom and Skull Boy (i will draw him ONE DAY RIGHT DAMMIT)
Sylvia and Emporer Awsome (I saw the episode yesterday for the first time ITS SO CUTE WHAT THE HECKIDY HES ADORABLE AND I ALREADY LOVED SYLVIA SO WIN )

From their respective shows:
Betty Boop
Ruby Gloom
Wander over Yonder

I’m drawing more fluff now :’D never gonna stop or at least i will try not to.