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Relationship status: Single, indifferent about mingling.

Lipstick or chapstick: Matte lipstick, current favorite is E.L.F. Velvet Matte in Ruby Red.

Last movie I watched: The Cutting Edge, the other night someone on Twitter found it on Netflix and the Batsignal went up and a whole bunch of us watched it.

Last song you listened to: Fy Faen by Hkeem feat. Temur (damn you, SKAM, and your amazingly catchy musical choices what the HECK)

Top 3 shows: Right now SKAM, Fleabag, and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Top 3 characters: The eponymous Fleabag, and Rebecca Bunch, and sorry, but all five girls from SKAM’s Girl Squad. I can’t just pick one.

Top 3 ships: Rebecca and Greg (forever FOREVER F O R E V E R), Isak x Evan (as a person with MI who writes romances with people who deal with MI, it was nice to see an LGBTQ+ love interest with an MI get a bumpy but ultimately fairy-tale-ish story) and, hm. HMMMMMMMMM. Does it have to be TV? Because Karou and Akiva from the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy, I love them so much.

Tagging…urrrrrgh can I tag @asocialfauxpas and @canuckpagali and @wowbright and @randomactsofdouchebaggery and @devonwood and @znks and @saxitlurg and @queenofeden and @hollyandvice and whosoever else, go nuts.

Hey I made it to nine!