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Is this the face you make on Monday mornings? The frowning, red-lipped batfish is a bottom-dweller that’s endemic to the Galápagos Islands and whose scientific name (Ogcocephalus darwini) pays tribute to the famed naturalist Charles Darwin. Batfish are not strong swimmers—instead, they use their pectoral fins to “walk” across the ocean floor, where they feed on small fish and crustaceans. So why the ruby-red lips? Some scientists hypothesize that male batfish use this feature to attract a mate, but it’s still largely a mystery.
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Right Under Their Noses

This was a request for @omg-gilliankazoo-me made.. a while ago.. Sorry it took so long and also ended up being longer then intended… Anyway enjoy!

Dick was more than a little conflicted. The woman that held hands with his adoptive father seemed nice enough, but a beautiful face had become a problem on multiple different occasions.  

His eyes scanned around the cabin of Bruce’s private plane and he could feel his foot start to tap with a nervous edge, if she wanted, this would be the perfect place to pull the rug out from under them and reveal herself to be the mastermind she was. Granted his paranoid thoughts were brought on by history rather than by any actions that she had taken, but one could never be too careful.

“Don’t stare too hard or she’s going to know somethings up,” his brother Tim stated as he typed away on his laptop.

“There’s not much else to stare at, we haven’t even taken off yet,” Dick whispered back slightly annoyed. “Have you found anything yet?”

“No,” Tim says solemnly. “No bombs, no tracking signals, no guns.”

“It’s almost like she’s just Bruce’s girlfriend,” a harsh voice comments.

Dick’s blue eyes shift to meet his other brother, Jason, who hadn’t even bothered to move his eyes from the window to acknowledge Dick’s presence.

“And how many times have they just been his girlfriend?” Dick questions tersely.

Jason rolls his eyes in consent but adds, “the kid seems to be all right with her.”

Dick’s gaze slides back over to where Bruce and the woman were sitting and met green eyes glaring at him from in between the seats. Dick had to admit that it was strange for Damian to have taken a liking to anyone, and he was surprised how quickly his youngest brother had formed an attachment to the woman.

“That makes it even worse, what if she’s mind controlled them somehow?”

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Tim adds.

Jason’s eyes left the window to look at the concern laced in his older brother’s eyes. He shifted his gaze to the woman and Bruce. As much as he hated it, he couldn’t agree with Dick that the woman had Bruce under some sort of mind control or was manipulating him and the kid for her own gain. She looked at him with just as much admiration that he gave her.

“Whatever,” he mumbles casting his gaze back to the tarmac.

“The plane is clean,” Tim pipes up.

“She must be planning something for when we land,” Dick mumbles.

“A kidnapping maybe?” Tim muses. “Maybe we should try and subdue her now. She wouldn’t be able to take on the five of us.”

“I’m not helping you idiots,” Jason adds his eyelids falling shut.

“Four of us,” Tim corrects.

“Bruce wouldn’t help us either and Damian probably won’t.”

“Two of us, those aren’t very good odds.”

“When we land we just need to get her alone, then we can strike and find out what her plan is.”

“I would like to posit one last time that she’s probably a normal woman.”

Tim and Dick roll their eyes at Jason.

“Why are you even here?” Dick questions. “I didn’t think that you would have actually wanted to come on vacation with us.”

“She invited me,” Jason responds with a shrug, “and that invitation came with a promise of my own room at the opposite end of the hotel, so the only time I have to spend with you losers is on the plane ride here and back.”

“She got to you too,” Dick mutters, arms crossing over his chest indignantly.

There were a few moments of silence before that door to the private plane finally shut and one of two stewardesses came to give safety instructions. Not to long after the plane was in the air, Dick searched his carry-on bag for any inflight entertainment.

‘Shit’ he thought when he opened the bag and realized that the only thing that he had with him was his half-charged cellphone. Dick slammed his head back onto the headrest, ready to spend the hours long flight in complete boredom.

Twenty minutes later a warm hand slipped onto Dicks shoulder, catching his attention. He felt his cheeks warm when his gazed met the ruby red lipped smile of the stewardess.

“I was asked to give this to you,” she said politely. The woman slipped a tablet into his hands. “Internet is already to go.”

“Thank you?”

“Oh, it’s no problem, your mother had us prepare them, she was worried that one of you might forget to bring something.”

“She’s not my mother,” Dick states flatly, the butterflies from the pretty stewardess gone. As he turns forward in his seat.

His sudden cold demeanor startled the woman and she almost flinched back from him.

“S-sorry,” she says walking away quickly.

Dick’s eyes find themselves on the woman who had fallen rather silent now as she tapped away on the device she had on her lap. Seemingly able to feel his eyes on her she looked at him and flashed him a small smile. Dick quickly cut his eyes away from the woman, afraid that if he looked at her he would find himself smiling back at her.


“Are Dick and Tim mad at me?” you ask softly. Bruce’s blue orbs slide worriedly over to meet yours and the and on your waist, gives you a reassuring squeeze and uses the other to hit the button to call the elevator.

“Not that I know of, why?”

“On the plane,” you start, “it seemed like they weren’t happy to be there, and since I’m the one who thought it would be a good idea to bring them I thought that maybe that they were a little angry.”

“I’m sure it’s nothing,” Bruce says with a smile.

“Maybe we should have spent more time together back at home rather than just up and bringing them on a vacation,” you muse as the elevator doors close and the compartment starts to go up the shaft. “We’ve been dating for almost a year, but they don’t really know me, I imagine it’s uncomfortable being on a trip with a stranger.”

The elevator open to the top floor, the floor that Bruce had rented for the duration of your vacation.

“Maybe,” he says after thinking on it for some time.

The suite that you, Bruce and Damian would be staying was located at the end of the hall. Each of the boys had all already gone to their rooms, seemingly finding being in your and Bruce’s presence for a few extra minutes while you finished checking in simply unbearable.

You hadn’t let Bruce know, but he’d already figured out the fact that the boys weren’t comfortable around you nagged at the back of your mind. When you first got serious about your relationship with Bruce, he’d told you what to expect with his children, that they all had their guards up in one way or another, but you hadn’t expected them to hold you at arm’s length the way they did, to not even try to get to know you.

You entered the large penthouse suite and felt your heart flutter slightly at the size of it all. You still weren’t used to the lavishness of which Bruce lived, and he was very nonchalant about it all.

“We could have fit everyone in here,” you comment as you wander around the suite, admiring the cream-colored walls and cool black marble of the floor.

“No one wants to spend vacation in the room with their parents,” he says absently.

You feel a blush run over your cheeks but you don’t say anything.

There was a knock on the door, Bruce being closest opens the door and reveals a bell hop and a maid.

“Hello, Mr. Wayne, we’ve brought your luggage, and can put it all away for you if you would like.”

“Sure,” he says with the smile and moves aside to let both in.

The maid and the bell hop come inside with the first of your bags and greet you with a smile when they see you.

“Which bedroom?” she questions you.

“Um, the Master Bedroom I guess,” you say awkwardly, slightly uncomfortable with the idea of having someone trifle through your things.

Noticing your nerves, Bruce smiles, “Why don’t you explore the hotel, I’ll make sure everything gets set up properly.”

“Okay,” you say with a relieved smile.

One of the bedroom doors opens and reveals the youngest Wayne.

“Have they brought the bags up yet?” Damian asks.

“Just now,” you smile, “Why don’t you come explore the hotel with me while we wait for them to unpack everything?”

Damian’s green eyes blink at you for a moment before he nods his head in agreement.

“It would be best to scout out our surroundings in a foreign place.”

You toss a raised eyebrow at Bruce who shakes his head slightly embarrassed.

“Come on then,” you say with a smile.


“I’m telling you she’s up to something,” Dick says angrily.

“So, she just had Bruce fly us all to the Bahamas, rent out the top floor of an extremely popular hotel and gave us our own separate rooms, that we asked for by the way, so that she could what? Relax us to death?” Jason quips.

“It’s not like bad guys have never had overly complicated plans before,” Tim adds.

“I just don’t understand why you guys can’t be happy the Bruce has found a normal woman for once and let them be.”

“Because nothing that happens to him is ever normal, Jason!” Dicks says exasperatedly. “Who does he talk to outside of us or the league? No one. He goes to work in the morning as Bruce Wayne, he comes home at Night and is the Batman, there’s no in between, no down time. Then ten months ago, this woman just shows up and they’re dating and he gives her a job at the company?”

“It’s not like he’s never dated before or given someone a job,” Jason states with a raised eyebrow.

“Yeah, but all of them had a history,” Tim adds in as he pulls his laptop from his bag.


“She’s a ghost Jason, no past, no present, and if we have anything to say about it, no future.”

“Not even a fake I.D.?” Jason asks standing behind Tim has he watches him pull up the woman’s file on the screen.

“Just a name and a birthdate,” Tim says solemnly.

“Bruce would know all of this then,” Jason states, “Why wouldn’t he tell us at least so we could be on our guard.”

“Blackmail, maybe she has something over him.”

“You do know we are talking about Batman, right?”

“Like I said earlier, brainwashing” Dicks says.

“The kid too?” Jason questions.

“It would explain why he warmed up to her so fast.”

“Guys,” Dick states looking at his brothers, “We’ve got to break whatever hold she’s got on them and fast before she carries out whatever her plan is. Then when they’re free we put her in jail just like we do with all of the other bad guys.”

“Shouldn’t we question her? Figure out what it is she actually wants?”

“Yeah, I mean that was part of the arrest her thing, but I figured that was implied.”

There was an awkward silence as the boys looked at each other.

“Hey guys,” a voice called from the door a long with a knock.

Dick went to open the door and found the woman there standing with Damian looking expectantly at him.

“We were going to go explore the hotel, any of you want to come?” She asked with a wide smile. Her tone seemed happy, and the crinkle of the skin around her eyes made the question seem genuine, but Dick couldn’t help but think of all of the women who’d come before and how real they seemed.

“We are actually on our way back to our rooms, jet leg,” he said curtly. He felt his heart stir slightly when the smile dropped off her face in disappointment and squashed it down inside of him.

Damian looked at him skeptically with a raised eyebrow and a questioning cock of his head, “So weak that you couldn’t handle a quick flight Grayson? We didn’t even change time zones.”

“Yeah well, this was short notice and I didn’t sleep well on the plane,” Dick adverted his eyes from the pair and though he could tell that he was being absurdly childish, he couldn’t stop his annoyed tone.

“All right then,” she said with a nice tone and a pleasant smile but none of the warmth reached her eyes. “It’s just me and Damian then.”

Dick watched as the pair walked down to the hall toward the elevator and then closed the door behind him.

“You could stop being such an asshole to her, if she’s this evil genius you claim she is, you’re going to let her know that you are on to her.” Jason comments from the bed looking over the files on Tim’s laptop.

“I can’t help it.” Dick says plopping down on one of the chairs close to the bed, “it just comes out when I talk to her.”

“We should get some data on her,” Tim says only half listening to the conversation as he fiddled with a small camera that he pulled out of his backpack. “We don’t know anything about her and fighting blindly isn’t smart, we should follow her while she’s walking around the resort.”

Jason and Dick lock eyes with each other and nod in agreement.

“Let’s go do some recon then.”


It wasn’t hard to tell that the boys were following you. You’d caught Jason’s eye not too long after you entered the dining room and you’d probably would have shrugged him off if he had broken eye contact with you like he normally does, instead his overly friendly gaze caused you to be more aware of your surroundings. After that your keen eyes caught sight of Tim at a corner table in the hotels dining room enjoying whatever food was placed in front of him rather inconspicuously. As you and Damian moved to check out the gift shop, you’d spotted Dick halfheartedly flirting with the bartender not too far away from the store.

“What do you think?” Damian questioned as he turned to show you the pair of sun glasses that he had slipped on.

“Very practical,” you answered absentmindedly after glassing at the wide black frames on the small boy’s head.

Noticing your lack of attention, he turned to gaze at his brother who was pretending to be flattered by the bartender’s attention.

“They think you’re some kind of evil mastermind,” he comments nonchalantly as he placed the frames back on the stand, deciding he didn’t like the feel of the cheap plastic.

“They said that?” you ask worriedly.

“More or less,” he said with a shrug, “I read their lips on the plane, they thought you were going to try and kidnap us, I’m sure they still have the same concerns.”

“Why would they think that?”

“Father doesn’t have the very best taste in women. And besides they aren’t completely wrong about you, are they?”

You meet the green eyes of the small boy and roll yours with a sight, “I’m not saying they don’t have a need to be wary I just thought that your father would have told them about me already.”

“We aren’t exactly open with our secrets,” he says fiddling with a beige pair of glasses that caught his eyes. “How would you tell them that your significant other is a former assassin and is not going to try and kill you.”

“No wonder they hate me so much,” you say with a sigh. “I specifically asked Bruce if they knew about me.”

“That’s a question open to several interpretative answers,” Damian said looking at himself in the shop mirror before shaking his head and placing the pair of glasses back.

“I’ll be back,” you mumble.

“Hey, how much are these?” Damian asks the shop owner who rolls his large weary eyes at the demanding boy.

“They’re imported,” he responds gruffly, “So they cost more, than the others.

The boy waves you away with a hand as he continues to pursue the selection of the shop.

Making your way over to the bar where Dick sat you take a seat next to him.

“So, are you here with your family?” asks the brunette bartender asks Dick ignoring your presence.

“Yes,” he says abstinently as he sharp blue eyes meet yours skeptically.

“Can I have a beer please?” you ask sweetly trying to get her attention.

“Yeah, sure,” she says not meeting your gaze. “How long are you here for?”

“Oh, only a week,” you say interrupting, “I would have planned for longer but we have better service back home and I didn’t know how long I could deal with rude bartenders.”

She cuts her amber eyes at you ready with a snarky comment but your words finally register in her mind.

“Oh! Is this your mo-“

“No,” Dick interjects turning his body to face you entirely, “Can you bring me a beer too, please?”


The two of you sit in silence for a moment but when she comes back with two glasses and two bottles of whatever the house beer was. You push aside the glass and take swig from the bottle and put it back on the bar.

Dick does the same watching you warily.

“We need to talk,” you say watching as he places the bottle down.

“Going to confess?” he questions with a raised eyebrow.

“Maybe,” you say looking around the room catching the curious eyes of his other brothers who snapped their attention away from you when you caught them staring. “I’m just worried my confession won’t be as devious as you suspect it of being. Kidnapping isn’t a specialty of mine, after all.”

“You were listening?”

“No, but a little bird told me.”

“Damian,” he says with a roll of his eyes.

“Get your brothers and come to our room after you guys are all done down here,” you say patting him on the shoulder.  “I’ll answer any questions you guys have, okay?”

His blue orbs meet yours and with a sigh he nods his head before taking another swig of his drink.

You smile and pick up your bottle and walk back to the gift shop where you left Damian.

Dick watches with a frown as he watches Damian almost perk up at your return and how he follows you the way a hatchling would follow the mother duck.

“Get anything?” Jason questions as he comes up to Dick’s side Tim coming up behind him.

“Wants us to meet her in Bruce’s room, said that she’d tell us everything.”

“Should we go?”

“I don’t think it’s a trap,” Tim says, “There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly suspicious about the resort, nothing delivered out of the ordinary, normal population, and normal crime rate.”

“So, safe,” Jason says with a shrug. “At least here on the resort. If it’s just her in the room we can take her.”

Dick downs the rest of his drink before standing up, “Let’s go then.”


Bruce took a sip of his drink as he sat against the couch with crossed legs flipping through the pages of a book that he’d brought with him. Next to him Damian did the same. Their relaxed attitude completely at odds with the tense posture of the boys who sat with you at the small dining table.

The table around you was silent and you bit your lip in hesitation.  You let out a sigh and rubbed the back of your neck nervously and then took a sip of the margarita placed in front of you.

“When Damian was five, I left the League of Assassins,” you state looking in each pair of blue eyes.

You watched as they digested your words and the idea ran through their minds.

“W-what?” Dick speaks up first. He’d certainly suspected that you were who you said you were but he wasn’t expecting you to be so…forthcoming with the information.

“You all enjoy saving people, don’t you?” You question.

The boys don’t say anything just stare at you still stunned.

“Even if you get a little lost on the way,” you say eyes lingering on Jason’s form. “Bruce has instilled in you the want to help people, to protect people. And if you wanted to stop being your ‘other selves’, I’m sure you’d still find ways to help people, because it’s a part of who you are now.”

You swish the drink in your glass around, watching the ice melt slowly, “It was like that for me when I was a part of the league. Except, I couldn’t stop killing people. There wasn’t a moment in my mind when I wasn’t consumed by rage, or the urge to get my next target. That kind of thing wares on a person, even if they don’t realize it.”

“Well, you did, stop I mean,” Tim starts, “Seeing as you’re here now. How did that happen?”

You take a sip of your drink, “I was six when an assassin from the league was hired to kill my parents and they took me as a bonus. I was 13 when Bruce left the League. I never got a chance to meet him or talk with him, but I was old enough to understand that there was a hole that he left there. And that it gave Ra’s al Ghul a rage that we hadn’t really seen before.

“I-we, trained hard. Kids like me were told that we were given a second chance at life at the whim of the League and that we shouldn’t even dare to think about being defiant the way that Bruce had been, and we didn’t, we weren’t. We wanted to do things that made the people who we thought of as our parents happy. If that meant killing an old man or a baby we did it. And it when on like this for years,

“I was 16 when I met Talia for the first time. We were, close, as close as the two of us could be. When she had Damian, I was there. And for the first years of his life I cared for him. She was happy with the arrangement, since mothering never came naturally to Talia, and I got to have a small family that was all my own. When He was four and just climbed his first mountain. Both she and Ra’s were ecstatic about it and I watched as they put him through the same training that I was forced to do. And he progressed fast. Every day I watched him grow and get stronger, harder, deadlier.

“When he was away from me, I worried about what type of danger he was in, what was she teaching him, how was she corrupting him.”

“You loved him,” Dick states watching as the boy’s green eyes flash over to his momentarily.

“I adored him,” you correct with a smile on your face. “And I thought that I would eventually be able to let go like that but I couldn’t. The more attached that I got to Damian the more I realized that I couldn’t stand what I was doing. Killing people didn’t make me happy anymore, it just made me worry for him,

“When I asked Ra’s if I could detach myself from the mission side of the organization he agreed. I was so happy, all I would have to do was one last mission, and I could finally have some sort of peace.”

“What was the mission?” Jason questions.

“Murder a diplomat’s daughter, it was for revenge. The man had crossed the League in some way and I had to take care of it. It was nothing I hadn’t done before, so I thought it would be easy. Of course, it wasn’t. When I snuck into her room and saw that she wasn’t any older than Damian, I couldn’t do it, and so I ran and I never went back

“I travelled for a couple of years’ land made money doing jobs as a mercenary as well as I could eventually Talia came for me and after what was supposed to be a fight to the death ended in a stalemate, she told me that she’d left Damian, in the care of his father and I couldn’t help but want to find him and see what type of heathen’s care she’d left Damian in.”

“And you found Bruce.”

“Exactly, and then I told him my story. He allowed me to work for him and gave me a new name.”

“That can’t be all there is too it, how did you convince him to help you?”

“Damian helped, the rest is private,” you say with a teasing smile on your face causing the faces of the boys to flush in embarrassment and elicit a chuckle from Bruce.

“I can’t tell you everything I’ve done, or who I’ve hurt, I don’t want to go back to that place, but I hope you know I want nothing more than to protect not just Damian, but you guys too,” you end with a warm smile on your face.

“Also,” Bruce interjects, “If she was an evil mastermind you all did a horrible job at letting her know that you were on to her. That whispering you were doing on the plane, absolutely horrible.”

“It was a small space, the sound probably bounced off the walls, we were perfectly stealthy,” Dick rationalizes.

“I told you that you both were being ridiculous,” Jason says pushing himself away from the table, standing up and stretching.

“It’s not like she wasn’t an assassin though, she’s just the good kind,” Tim says with a shrug and then turns his attention to you, “Sorry we thought you were going to kidnap us.”

“It’s no big deal, I’m happy that you all are so proactive. There so much I could teach you all,” you saw swooning slightly, “Non-lethal things of course.”

“Sorry for thinking you were an evil monster,” Dick said sheepishly. “Hopefully we can get to know each other while on vacation.”

“Weeelll,” you start your fingers fidgeting slightly, “Technically I’m the only one on vacation.”

“What?” Jason questioned suddenly reengaging in the conversation.

“You didn’t actually think I was going to leave Gotham for a week unprotected without a reason, did you?” Bruce interjected.

“So, this,” Dick motioned to the room, “Is part of the mission,”

“If it makes you feel better, I picked out the hotels and the rooms, wanted you to be comfortable when you come back to rest,” you say with a sweet smile.

“Ugh,” the three boys groan in unison.

“Honestly, you all were so distracted you didn’t notice the obvious recon that Ummi and I were doing earlier,” Damian says haughtily.

You flush at the term of endearment, but only Bruce seems to notice as he glances over at you with a smile.

“What recon?” Tim questions skeptically, glancing between the two of you.

“The man at the gift shop is a smuggler,” you say matter of factly, “We believe that he is smuggling ingredients into the island for Scarecrow and a new fear toxin he’s working on.”

“What?!” They question.

“And the woman who was working the bar, is the daughter of one of the chemists act the facility,” Damian said bringing up an image on his phone showing the bartender hugging a woman in a lab coat.

“Why, didn’t you say anything?” Tim questioned Bruce.

“A house divided can’t stand,” Bruce said simply, “You all were so worried about what she might do you didn’t pay attention to your surroundings. There is already a chance that some of us may accidently get exposed to the toxin, so I brought you as back up. But having you distracted by the fear that you all built up would have made the situation almost impossible to navigate.”

The boys look away slightly ashamed.

“Well then,” you say finishing off your drink. “You boys better get ready, the suns about to set and the quicker you wrap this up the quicker we can have an actual vacation.”

Dick looks at you with a smirk, “Let’s get started then.”


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Pre apocalypse - Negan is very attracted to one of his students; Y/N. Negan and his wife get invited to their new neighbour’s house for dinner, only to find out Y/N lives there. 2 part fic, idk how I feel about this.  *oc is over the legal age of consent 

“But dad! I’m meant to be going out with Stephanie tonight!” you whined, stomping your feet against the marble flooring, hoping your dad would fall for your puppy dog eyes but those days were over. “That’s enough, Y/N! We are the new ones on the block and it’s nice to get to know the people around us.” You rolled your eyes; you could care less about getting to know anyone around here. You had made enough friends at your new school, you didn’t need any more. “But they don’t even have any kids, you said! So why would I want to get to know any oldies?”  you were annoyed, he knew you’d planned to go out tonight and he was fucking it right up. “Actually, I know the man who lives there works at your school. So maybe you could talk? I already know you’ve been annoying the teachers.” It was true. You were never really one for authority; you hated being controlled and told what to do. Seeing teachers outside of school was more embarrassing and awkward than anything else, never mind having dinner with them at your house. You didn’t want to admit it, but you had a deep feeling of hope that it was that hot new teacher called Negan.

He was a mysterious man, not wanting to be called ‘sir’, just Negan. He always had a smirk rested on his face and he could be pretty terrifying if you pissed him off, you didn’t really want to find out what that felt like from a personal view. He didn’t dress like the average teacher, always in a black leather jacket rather than a suit and tie.  You had developed a schoolgirl crush, hiking up your skirts and pulling down your tops to get a reaction out of him. He didn’t disappoint, you noticing his gaze that fell upon your breast when you were talking and his eyes wandering after you when you walked away.  You had seen the gold wedding band on his ring finger but neglected to keep it in mind when you mindlessly flirted with him. So what if he was taken, he didn’t seem to mind so why should you?

You remember back to around a week ago, a conversation between the two of you that had been interrupted before it got too heated.

“Sir.” He turned around, looking at the girl in front of him. Her hair pulled up into a ponytail, black mini-skirt barely covering anything and the tight white blouse she had on was creating a stirring inside him. She knew what she was doing and he was letting her do it, he tried so hard to care but he couldn’t bring himself too. “Now Y/N, you know it’s just plain old Negan to you.” He laughed, turning around fully, dropping his glasses on the table. “Sorry to bother you, I just need help with something in the homework.” She walked to the front of his desk, where he had moved to sit down. “What is it your needing help with?” she opened the booklet, turning to page 60.

“Oh fuck.” Negan thought to himself, she had turned to the page that read “SEX EDUCATION”. He swallowed hard, looking up at Y/N, an innocent look on her face, watching him squirm. “And what don’t you understand on this topic?” he asked, trying to keep his lustful stare off her pushed up tits that sat right in front of him. “I don’t get the diagrams, I need a demonstration.” She stated, looking in Negan’s eyes, watching the lust fill up in them. “Well fuck, Y/N. There’s plenty of porn on the internet? You look through that, you should get the picture.” He chuckled, trying to ease them off the topic of sex.

“You’ve been teaching me for a long enough time now to know I learn best from a practical lesson.” She purred, pulling the book out of his hands, throwing it over your shoulder. You began to climb over the desk on all fours, your ass stuck out in the air, legs crossed over one another. “Y/N, I am a happily married man.” He showed her his hand, sounding like he was trying to convince himself more than her. She smiled, licking her ruby red lips she took his hand in hers, wrapping her lips around his ring finger. She gripped her teeth on the ring, sliding it off his hand. She took it out of her mouth, observing it. “What she doesn’t know won’t kill her.” You giggled, pulling Negan towards you by his collar. He leaned in, your lips just about to meet before a loud knock came at the door. It was the dean of the school; you rolled your eyes, huffing as you placed the ring back on his still wet finger. “This isn’t over.” You said, looking at him, waiting on his reaction. 

“To be continued, sweetheart.”

 part two is in the works now x


Title: Five Times I (Reader x Matt Murdock) 

Summary: Five times you almost told Matt Murdock you loved him and the one time you did 

Word Count: 1637







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Novocaine-Chapter 1

Summary: you have never been seen as beautiful, never been noticed, always picked last, in love and daily life, you pretend you’re fine with it, that you can live with it, until you start catching feelings for a certain super soldier, which he doesn’t, until you start catching feelings for a certain super soldier, which he doesn’t return.

Warnings: Angst.

Pairings: Bucky X Reader (Unrequited Bucky), Steve x reader (Platonic), Natasha x reader (Platonic), Avengers x reader, Dean X reader, Cas x reader, Sam x reader TFW x Reader

Word Count: 1354

6 months ago

“Hey, B? Can we talk?” you ask, fidgeting nervously with the frayed sleeve of your battered sweatshirt. It was your favorite, a neon pink monstrosity with a Wookie riding a motorcycle on it, your sister had given to you before she’d left for New Zealand many years ago. What made her buy it, you had no idea. You weren’t particularly fond of pink, but anything with a Wookie on it was fine in your book. It needed to be thrown away, but you couldn’t bear to part with it.

“Yeah, doll,” Bucky replies, placing the book he was reading on the coffee table with a small thud and turning to face you, his gaze curious and slightly afraid, his brow furrowed with worry.

“We’ve been friends for years, Buck…” you trail off uncertainly, self-doubt crawling up your spine. Shifting uncomfortably from one foot to another, you pull at the bottom of your hoodie trying to make yourself smaller. Your eyes dart from his to the floor, from the floor to the ceiling, finally settling on staring out the window. Shoving the self-doubt down, you muster all the confidence you can willing yourself to speak the words which reside in your heart. What’s the worst that could happen?  Breathing deeply, you wrap your arms around your waist trying to hold yourself together.

“Doll?” Bucky questions worriedly. Rising from the couch, he moves toward you.

You hold up a single hand.

He stops immediately, his chest rising and falling rapidly.

Sighing heavily, you let your hand fall. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go, not at all. You’d practiced and everything damn it!

“Have you ever thought about more, y’know, for us?” you whisper, finally meeting his eyes which are curiously blank. The look makes your heart sink. God, you were such a fool. What were you thinking?

“Do ya mean like a… a relationship?” he asks, his voice flat.

You squeeze your eyes shut tightly, in too deep to pull out now. You had to see this through. Nodding once, you ignore the sharp intake of breath from Bucky.

“Ya feel that way about me, doll?” he asks gently, moving cautiously forward. Precise movements, like he’s approaching a scared animal.

You do your best not to flinch when he lays a hand on your shoulder, ducking his head to try and catch your gaze. Again you nod, eyes trained firmly on the floor.

He sighs and retracts his hand, dragging it nervously through his hair. “I’m sorry, (Y/N). I don’t…” he swallows nervously when your face drains of color, your ruby red lips becoming a sharp contrast against your pale skin. “I don’ feel that way about ya,” he whispers, his heart breaking as your tears start to fall. “Hey… hey look at me,” he says, but you refuse, staring at a point just past his shoulder. “You’re my best friend, Shadow, I just don’ wanna ruin that, ya know?” he says uncertainly.

You feel hot and cold, the embarrassment and rejection a living thing you worming its way beneath your skin. Shoving it down, all of it, every single emotion currently beating against your scarred heart, you raise your eyes to meet his and smile.

His brow furrows once more, and he opens his mouth to say something else, but you cut him off before he can.

“It’s fine, Bucky. It was stupid. I was stupid. See ya later,” you say calmly, turning on your heel and marching from the room.

“(Y/N)! Wait!” he calls after you.

Ignoring him, you instruct F.R.I.D.A.Y not to let anyone in your room for good measure, needing time to tape back together the pieces of your shattered heart.


You wish you could say you were handling things maturely, that you’d taken the rejection in stride, that you’d carried on with your friendship as if you hadn’t spilled your guts all over him then bolted out the room like a broken hearted teenager.You really wish you could, it wasn’t the first time you had been cast unceremoniously aside, but you weren’t going to think about him. Not again.

Instead, you had systematically distanced yourself from Bucky, stopped the Saturday movie nights, stopped going out to dinner, stopped joking around, until there was nothing left but distance. A seven-year friendship destroyed by your inability to accept and move on.

Bucky had tried, he really had, pursuing you with a single mindedness which scared you. He refused to give up. He needed you. Next to Steve you were the only one he connected with, but even he had his limits and five months in all contact stopped.

Crippling loneliness had set in, so lost were you in your self-imposed isolation you barely noticed the drop in temperature, or the faint rustling of wings, or the distinct sound of weapons being drawn.

“Shadow,” the gruff voice of your favorite angel washes over you, startling you back into reality.

Eyes snapping up, they widen comically as you take in the state of the living area.

Steve had his shield raised, ready to strike, Bucky was twirling a knife menacingly in his hand, Sam had his fists raised ready to unleash hell if Cas dared moved a muscle.

Cas’s smooth forehead pinched downward. Waving a hand, Bucky, Sam, and Steve fly backward into the couches. “I will not harm you,” he says evenly to the confused men as he turns to you, your face slack with surprise. “You were praying,” he says quietly.

A vivid red burns through your cheeks, your eyes instinctively dropping to the floor, trying to hide the burning embarrassment.

“You are hurting” he says worriedly as he yanks you upward, placing a cool hand on your forehead attempting to heal you.

You shrug him off, clicking your tongue with annoyance. “Stop it! I’m fine, Cas. Where are they?” you ask peering behind the couch, expecting a Winchester to jump out any second.

He frowns anxiously, attempting to drag you back toward him.

Shrugging off every attempt, getting pissier by the second, you finally bark, “Enough, Castiel! Where. Are. They?”

He sighs and cocks his head to the side, finally relenting. “They are preparing to leave the Bunker. Dean wishes for you to come home,” he says quietly.

You groan loudly, earning raised eyebrows from Bucky who until this point had been staring at Cas like he was mildly concussed. “I’m not going back, Cas. You know I can’t. Not after…” Swallow thickly, you turn your back on the Angel.

He grunts, knowing the story. He’d been dead, albeit momentarily, but Sam had filled him in on the blanks. It wasn’t a pleasant tale. He could smell the anxiousness wafting off you.

“Lisa and Dean-” Cas begins only for you to hiss at him, eyes darting between him and Bucky.

“This is not the place for this discussion. Go back to Moose and Squirrel and inform them I do not need, nor do i want,  their help. They need to stay the fuck away from me! In fact, I think all the men in my life need to back the fuck up. I do not need you!” you spit venomously, eyes trained firmly on Bucky who flinches at the acid in your tone. You look back to where Cas was standing not a second before, seeing nothing but air. Sighing heavily, stamping your foot petulantly, you drag your hand across your face.

Steve snorts, gaining your attention. “Best start explaining, (Y/N) .”

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How about pegging dominant harry? You're fucking him senseless but he's still telling you what to do, how he wants to be fucked, how good you're being for him.

I like this concept a lot I can’t believe I’m sweating gallons

Okay so just imagine Harry coming back from the New York premiere, feeling all high and mighty because for the last couple of days he’s been surrounded by people praising him for his talents and kissing the ground he walks on so he’s feeling cocky.

He gets to the hotel, walking into the room with his shoulders back, buttons on his expensive shirt already half undone and he’s working the knot in his tie loose, toeing off his leather shoes carefully and walking around the side of the bed. You’re watching a rerun of Scooby Doo, smelling him before you even see him. He’s wearing his favorite Tom Ford cologne, smelling all musky and manly with notes of citrus, cedarwood and ocean salts and he’s just so damn tempting.

Harry kneels onto the bed, mattress dipping under his weight as he crawls towards you, one arm stretching onto the opposite side of your torso, caging you under him as he hovers over you’re body, tie hanging from around his neck and shirt wide open to expose all of the tats on his tanned chest.

“Y'miss me?”

“Yeah,” you answer softly, arms reaching up to drape over his shoulders and wrap around his neck, pulling him down to your lips.

The kiss is slow and tender at first, with gentle sucking and a little bit of tongue. His body gives and melts on top of yours, one knee propped against the bed in between your legs as the other straddles your thigh. One hand is cupping your jaw as the other grips the back of the opposite thigh roughly, all of his chunky rings biting at your skin over the material of your bunny pajama pants.

Harry is the one who takes the first step in making it a heated night. He bites at your bottom lip all of the sudden, causing you to yelp into his mouth, pulling back in surprise. But he refuses to let you, suckling at your now swollen lip and hissing into your mouth.

“Fuck me.” His voice is deep and raspy, yet smooth like velvet and thick like molasses. The hand groping your thigh begins to rock your leg back and forth, resulting in your center rubbing against the knee he has placed between your own.

His eyes bore into you, a dark mossy green with bronze specks littered throughout its depth. They show nothing but utter lust and a twinge of haughtiness.

“Yeah?” You tug at the collar of his dress shirt, pushing it back until it starts to roll down his shoulders. “Want me to ride you?”

But Harry shakes his head, thumb caressing your chin as an ominous smirk pinches his dimples into place. “I don’t mean it as in, ‘fuck me.’ I mean it as in fuck me.”

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Always (Cheryl Blossom x Reader)

Anon requested: Your Cheryl fic was sooooo cute! It’s definitely one of my favorite fics now. Can I request another Cheryl fic? Whenever the reader is hanging out at the diner or at the theater or wherever else Cheryl keeps popping up out of nowhere and she always invites herself to join whatever the reader is doing. And reader doesn’t really mind but still they’re all like ???? Cheryl why (probably because she’s lonely 💔 poor bby)

Summary: The 5 times Cheryl found you and the 1 time you found her

Word Count: 5388 (I went a little overboard oops sorry)

Warnings: Canon attempted suicide

Author’s Note: This was my first ever request and it was such a good one! I got really excited and the thought of doing a 5+1 came immediately and I also just really love Cheryl. I hope you enjoy! I’m pretty proud of this lol. Sorry for any mistakes, requests are open!

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Whatever It Takes: Chapter 11

ACOTAR Figure Skating AU

Summary: Nesta firmly believes that if you want something, you have to work your ass off for it. And she wants a National title attached to her name. But when her coach decides that a change in discipline is what Nesta needs, she’s far from impressed. Now, instead of training as a ladies single skater, she has to switch gears and skate as a pairs skater. And her partner? Someone she can’t stand. Non other than cocky, flirtatious, former Men’s skater Cassian.
Edited by: @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie

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She stood in her starting position, arms above her head as she stared down at the ice. The crowd clapped and cheered all around her, the sound echoing off of the rafters. She let the feeling feed her. She let it seep into her bones, her soul, as the crowd died down and the music started.

She didn’t think as she floated across the ice in time with the music. Her arms moved in the air around her, her blades cutting in deep as her feet did the moves she knew all too well.

She was an unbreakable force, moving with purpose and determination like she always did.

It was what she was born to do - it was her life, her very core.

She pushed herself across the surface, flying and gliding as she went. The ice was hers and hers alone, no one able to touch it but her. And as she breathed in the crisp air, wind beating against her back, she set up her first jump.

She stuck her toepick in the ice and pulled in tight, twirling through the air, her dress spinning around her as she started to come down.

But something wasn’t right. In the moment, she didn’t know what it was. She just knew she wasn’t going to land the jump. She was off centre, her core loose and eyes wide as she was about to reach the ice.

A strong, firm set of hands were suddenly on her hips before grabbing her hands. She couldn’t suppress her gasp as the crowd around her cheered while she pulled her landing position.

She couldn’t breathe as she gazed up into the sparkling hazel eyes before her.

Cassian gave her a lopsided grin, moving behind her as they continued to glide across the ice.

“I got you, sweetheart,” he mumbled, breath hot against her ear. “I always got you.”

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Breathless [II]

Originally posted by squynhty

Genre: Smut [M] 

Pairing: Baekhyun x Reader

Length: 6.5k words

Part i 

In classic Rome, the men who were called coccinati, meaning “ the ones who wear red”, were also known to be few of the most powerful men. Red represented power. It represented the passionate love between two star-crossed lovers. It represented the violence of a heartless cold serial killer. It represented the danger between the fine line of risk and recklessness.

And it was red that I wore today. Bright ruby red on my lips.

My eyes followed the tube of lipstick i traced over my lips in the mirror, which i applied oh so slowly and carefully. I ensured that the bright red pigment which looked like blood was stained on my lips thoroughly, not missing a single spot on my lips for it was red that i felt today. Bright red that flashed before my eyes and was the only thing that was on my mind. Not the typical romance and love in stories that red represented. Neither was it the adventure the color symbolized. It was the anger that it represented.

I was furious.

I was furious at how he had left me in the wee hours of the morning, had left like with only a whisper of trail in his wake. I was furious at how he had turned me into one of his usual one night stands, which I’m sure is quite a frequent thing or rather a daily one. I was furious for letting him torture me to have his fun and I was furious at myself for I should have known better.

I closed the tube of my lipstick with a soft click, and began dabbing at my lips softly.

Byun Baekhyun.

Toxic and dangerous were better names for him, the one to always look out for in the dark and to be kept on guard at all times. He was the one who could easily lure girls with his sweet talk, letting them hear what they want to hear, just so that they would feel loved and perhaps cared for. Girls throw themselves at his feet just for a smile or a second short glance, and worship the ground he walks on as if it was made of pure gold. He whispers in your ears sweet lies and talks of affection, promising to be the one there for you when you’re down, to be there for you in the darkest of times. He promises many nights of fun filled passion whereby he would worship you and make you feel as if you were the only girl in his world. And then, he leaves you begging for more. The only difference is, you’re not the only one wanting and craving for more.

Girls wanted to be the one who was the reason behind his blinding smile, to be able to be the one to hold him in the night. They wanted to be the one who he sought comfort in, to be the one who he came back to craving for more as well. They made the mistake to be the want he sneak kisses on cheeks and lips in the bright daylight, and to be the one who could hold his hand in the cold. They make this crucial mistake, the worst of them all ; to think they could be the one who hold his heart.

And it was this exact reason why so many hearts of the girls he intoxicated were left with broken pieces the following morning.

It was ironic that you always want the things you can’t have, nonetheless how toxic it was or how much it hurt to long for it. Perhaps it was the chase, or perhaps it was that greediness inside that kept screaming to fill it, but you try and try again even though you know that wish of yours would never be fulfilled. You wait for a miracle to happen and everyday you wait, but it never comes back running to you. And just like that, were the girls who wanted Baekhyun but knew that they could never have him. For he was a beautiful rose, whose petals enchanted you and pulled you in. However, if you held on for too long, you would bleed from the thorns he hid secretly.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror, noting how my hair fell nicely on my shoulders the usual way it would, and how it went well with the navy blue pea coat and black turtleneck I wore. It would have been like any other days, had it not been for the silver necklace that I now wore around my neck. A new addition to the family that I rather quite like.  My eyes drifted to the simple, striking , silver initial of a ‘B’ that sat slightly below my neck, a striking gem that would be sure to catch the eyes of others. The light that bounced off its surface and reflected back, gave a little glint in the mirror as I turned to the side, analyzing. It sat there, resting peacefully, its power in a deep sleep, waiting to be returned. And I’m sure, the original owner would want it back too.

I had to admit Baekhyun was brave, courageous even. But, it was in the wrong ways. I have always wondered how a girl had never gone after him, not for the sake of holding his heart but instead, cutting it into two, considering the things he do to them. I am surprised that instead of continuing to lust for him, or to avoid him completely, no one has ever tried to gut him or perhaps, give him a taste of his own medicine. And it was exactly this that perhaps kept him going. But that was his mistake, for thinking that all girls were the same, when we were not. He had to know that though there were those who would allow him to continue on his notorious ways but they were also those who bit back. Hard.

I always wondered when his stream of luck would stop flowing, but it appears I no longer need to wonder anymore.  For his time was finally up.

And at that, I allow my ruby red lips to curl into a small smile.

The harsh cold winds of winter brushed past me quickly as I made my way towards the usual cafe I stopped by every morning, shivering as I rubbed my hands together for additional warmth. As I took a left, the familiar scene of the coffee shop came into my view, from the huge clear windows that had snowflake stickers pasted all around to the recognized mahogany  tables and chairs that were scattered inside.  My feet carried me to the front door, the bell hung above letting out a small ring as I opened the door, indicating my arrival.

The accustomed aroma of freshly ground coffee beans and the usual buzz of the cafe from the chatters of students were greeted me first. Despite having visited this place every morning, the calm and peaceful atmosphere was still something that I never grew bored of, and instead, took joy in basking in. Mahogany tables and chairs were scattered all over the place, mostly taken by students considering it was already breakfast , and vintage posters lined the wall which were rustic and pale in color. Pots of plants lined the window, giving an earthly touch to the cafe, and light bulbs hang from the ceiling which illuminated the area. It was definitely a better sight than the boring fluorescent ones found in lecture halls.  The cafe was cozy, warm, but most importantly, it had drinks and meals that didn’t cause a massive hole rip in my wallet.

My eyes drifted to the menu for the day that was written on the black dusty chalkboard. Upon realizing a favorite was available, I didn’t hesitate making  a beeline to the cashier. The girl behind the counter was chirpy, a bright ball of sunshine, as I listed out my order, preventing myself from smiling at her infectious positivity. Her eyes lit up at the recognition of who I was, perhaps from too many mornings of taking my down my order, and she bobbed her head up and down cheerfully as she keyed in my order. I reckoned she was probably in her first year.

My hands itched for my phone as I walked towards the collection counter, my fingers digging into my bag in search for it. However, a sudden arm wrapping around my shoulder that pulled me into their side, had me jumping out of my own skin. My body was pressed against a warm one that seemed all too familiar considering how many times he had done it to me.

“ I told you countless times never to that to me, asshole.” I grumbled, looking up to see the all too familiar face of Chanyeol that I was already sick of seeing, hovering above me. His lips tipped into a large smile and his eyes crinkled into half crescent moons at my comment. The longer I stared at him, the longer i felt as if my eyes were burning from his blinding pearly whites.

His arm rose from my shoulder, and annoyance spiked in me as I felt him ruffle my hair. “ I can’t help it, it gives me joy seeing you all jumpy. ”

I batted his hands away from my hair, even going to the extent of detaching myself from his side. My eyes narrowed into slits as I glared at him. “ Don’t touch my hair, it was already hard enough to style in the morning.” This time, Chanyeol rasied his eyebrows at that remark.  

“ Looks like someone’s grumpy,” Chanyeol teased, his deep rough voice stretching out, placing much not needed emphasize on the word “ someone’s” . It took a lot to not reach out and give him a well deserved smack when he nudged me in the ribs repeatedly.  Why on earth was I friends with this giant?

“ No i’m not. ” I took a step away from him, crossing my arms against my chest to further support my statement. My face that was mustered into a boredom met his shining smiling one, and it was exactly like comparing to ends of a spectrum. One was a dark cloud contented to brood for however how long it wanted, and the other was the sun, radiating smiles and light from it.

Chanyeol moved his face closer towards mine, his fingers moving to flick my nose sharply. “ What a liar you have become indeed. A shit one unfortunately. ” I hissed at his action, and landed a smack against his chest, hard.

“ Can’t a girl be left alone to brood, even for a little while. ” I murmured, sighing as I turned to face my back to him at the call of my order. My hands wrapped around the hot drink that had already been left waiting for its owner at the marble tabletop. I didn’t bother with a small smile of a thank you at the barista. Not like they cared anyway, judging from how busy there were juggling multiple orders.

I brought my lips to the plastic lid of the cup, allowing myself a small sip of the hot delicious beverage, otherwise known as a Latte. The immediate warmth that flowed into my mouth was welcoming, a better feeling that the feeling of teeth chattering from the cold. My feet carried me towards the door but I was however, pulled into the other direction much to my dismay.

“ Of course you’re allowed to have your own personal time for brooding but that doesn’t mean as your amazing  best friend,” He stopped,  arrogantly pointing to himself with all fingers, “  I can’t help cheer you up when you look like a grumpy old lady from the depths of hell herself.” He placed his arm around my shoulder once again, his front pressed gently against my back as he lead the way. His lips curled into a smirk as his eyes stared down into mine, “ Besides, you also especially need me whenever you’re having the best hangovers of your life.”

And at that, I nudged his chest, hard, with my elbow causing him to crack up with laughter. His loud deep laughter resonated across the cafe like thunder, just as he leads us to a table with faces that were familiar, and two whose back was turned to face us.

Kai’s face and his girlfriend’s, Junmi, lighted up upon realizing Chanyeol and I were nearing and their hands rose to excitedly wave at us. My lips formed a small smile in greeting but as my eyes fluttered to the two who had their backs facing us, I felt my blood immediately run cold, the warmth from my drink rapidly forgotten.  My gaze hardened as it recognized that mess of grey hair that was all too familiar from my memory. And lest i forgot, the owner of that particular mess of grey hair had his lips all over a girl’s neck, who seemed to be enjoying herself way too much considering she was indeed in public.

Chanyeol shoved me forward, and gently pushed me into a seat, having not realized my slowed footsteps at the realization of who exactly sat at the table. I landed in the seat right beside Kai’s, which was directly in front of Baekhyun. How fucking great. Disgust flooded through me the longer I sat in front of them unfortunately, watching.

“ Christ, can the both of you get some space. The day has just started, and I don’t intend on starting it with you sucking on poor Soomi’s neck.” Chanyeol raised his eyebrow at the couple in front of us, placing further emphasis on the you, with his eyes directed at the Baekhyun. He crossed his legs, folding his arms as he watched them pull apart.  The girl who Baekhyun had been attacking, whose name apparently was Soomi, had red spreading across her cheeks as she pulled away. Her eyes darted around, anywhere to look but the four of us in front, as she hastily reached forward for her drink.

As Baekhyun pulled away and shifted himself in his seat, surprise flashed in his eyes as he beheld who exactly was sitting in front of him. Within a quick second however, the surprise that was once there was gone. A smirk was immediately plastered on his smug face as he leaned back against his seat, an arms draped over Soomi’s seat. His eyes flickered from mine to Chanyeol’s.

“ Sorry, Yeol but you know I can’t help it.” He gave Soomi a wink and reached forward to where his drink sat on the table. He gave his drink a small swirl before he took a small, delicate sip from it. I watched him closely, the small smile that I had one on my lips now gone, and developed into a thin line.

Chanyeol shook his head at Baekhyun’s words, taking another sip of his dark iced coffee. “ Was the girl you banged yesterday not enough? ”

My entire body went as taut as a violin string as I sat there, trying to calm my breathing with Chanyeol’s words replaying in my head. My eyes flashed to Baekhyun’s, but his were already staring into mine. In his eyes, there was nothing but pure amusement and delight. And his eyes seem to shine even brighter as he leaned forward, placing both arms on the table.

“ Surprisingly, she was fucking amazing, one of the few best I’ve ever had,” Baekhyun’s head cocked to the side as he continued watching me, a hint of tease in his voice. “ But it was a shame she had to leave so early. Had she not, I would have spent a couple of hours this morning devouring her slowly.”

His sweet mouth spun cotton candy lies as he sat, his pearly whites showing from the small smile he had on. He was well-composed, prepared to put on another show. What a great liar he was, spilling false stories and made up tales from his bright cherry lips.

His smile seemed to widen further as he placed a hand under his chin. He gazed at me, curiously. “ And what about you (Y/N), did you have fun last night? ”

The delight and amusement that were once in his eyes had transformed into pure mischief, his eyes seeming to sparkle even brighter as he kept his gaze locked with me. His eyes were taunting me, challenging me, as he dared me to say something about what had happened last night. I could see it in his eyes, the way it craved to see me shrink away like a small flower, whose cheeks would blossom like stalks of red roses. How he wanted to see me flustered, speechless as I so desperately try to cover up how bewildered I felt. How he wanted to watch me anxiously avoid everyone’s gaze, as I sputter up an excuse and another lie as to what had happened last night. But oh, how wrong he was.

I leaned back against my seat, mustering the most bored look I could have plastered on my face. My lips formed a thin line and disinterest flooded my features, as I stared down at my nails, bothered. I began to pick at them as I felt everyone’s eyes land on  me.

“ Just a little. The boy was such a disappointment. He was way less experienced that all the others I have had,” I pouted my red ruby lips slightly, expressing my displeasure about the night before. “ How he promised me so many wonderful things, but he turned out to be just like all the others. ”

I shrugged my shoulders, showing my ennui towards the situation. However, pure delight was pouring through my blood as finally I looked up from my fingers, only to see Baekhyun’s eyes shades darker than before. The mischief and amusement that was once there, had disappeared into nothing other than bits of dirt left on the floor. Annoyance and resentment was what became its replacement.

“ I pity whoever that boy is. He must have gone off thinking he had given you the best night of your life,” Chanyeol added, his body shaking with laughter at the thought. His deep thunderous laugh bounced off the walls of the cafe, mirth lacing every inch of it. The constant chatter of the students continued to surround us as he took another sip of his coffee.

The fire that I had lighted with just a single match was burning high and bright, red fiery embers reaching the sky as Baekhyun’s  jaw clenched. The smile that he had on his lips were long gone as he stared at me, eyes as dark as the clouds that would line the sky when a thunderstorm was approaching. How his face still remained neutral, not indicating any emotions, but beneath it was like hellfire had struck. And it was fire that was burning through him, slowly and thoroughly, wicked flames that seemed to lick at his pride and ego.

“ And what’s that on your neck? Is that a new necklace you got? ” Junmi asked, her eyes curious at the new accessory sitting on the base of my neck. She leaned forward, reaching across Kai’s lap just to get a closer look, her mouth forming a small 'o’ in amazement. Kai’s chest vibrated with laughter as he admired his girlfriend, his lips forming into a small shy smile.

I felt my lips tip into a feline smile as I held the small initial 'B’ in between my thumb and finger, analyzing and admiring it as well. The letter B seemed to shine even brighter under the light that it caught, sitting proud and pretty right between my fingertips. I flashed it to Junmi, allowing her to get a better look.

“Yeah, a little thing that caught my eye when I was at one of the jewelry shops nearby. What a beautiful piece of treasure, isnt it? ” I mused, looking down at the small piece of silver in my hands. Junmi bobbed her head up and down excitedly in agreement, before she retreated back to her seat. She took a sip from her drink, grumbling about how she never seem to be able to find pretty treasures like the one that currently sat on my neck whenever she visited jewelry stores. A laugh escaped my lips as I reassured her one day, she would find it.

The two boys that were seated at my sides both murmured under their breath something about “ women and their obsession with fancy jewelry”, one shaking his head while the other merely sighed. The one that sighed received a  deserved hard smack on the thigh from his girlfriend who was shooting ice daggers at him now. However my attention was on neither of them, but the man in front who had never torn his eyes off me.

I leaned forward, lifting the small “B” off my neck. I dangled it right in front of his eyes, my red lips widening into a larger smile. His eyes flickered from mine to the small piece of treasure that I now held suspended in the air.

“ And what about you, Baekhyun,” My eyes were taunting, daring him to come at me, as I cooed sweetly at him like how a loving wife would at her husband, “ do you think it’s beautiful? ”

His eyes hardened at my words, but as if realizing the situation he was in, the frost that once lined his eyes immediately melted into water. He clasped his hands together as he leaned forward, the thin line his lips formed replaced with a smile and his jaw relaxed, no longer clenched and tense as it had been before. Baekhyun smiled a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes as looked at me.

“ Yes, yes it is. ”

To me, there was something fascinating about the fact that when we were in a dimly lit room, with bodies crowding us and the bass of the music vibrating within the room, our bodies and heart tend to take over. We didn’t care who were watching us and we didn’t bother who exactly was around us. All we cared about was how our body moved to the rhythm and beat of the music, how it seemed as if it was our hearts and souls taking over our body. It was freedom for the soul, and ease for the mind, having not matter about the opinions of others. No one cared who you were, no one cared how you moved, and the only thing that was on your mind was letting your body move to the ways it wanted.

The blood in my veins that were intoxicated with alcohol that I had poured down my throat moments ago was thrumming along to the beat of the music playing. The music blaring from the speakers  made the walls vibrate, the floor shake as bodies crowded together in the middle of the room.  The room smelled of cheap air freshener that was sprayed to lighten the smell of the heavy smoke that came from cigarettes and the dim lights of the room gave it a relaxed, dark atmosphere. It was hard to recognize any one from afar under the dim lights, but at the moment, no one actually cared. Bodies that were lined with sweat were busy dancing and grinding against each other, and I was no different.

My hips swayed side to side to the beat playing, my hair in a wild mess having been run over again and again through my fingers. I had my eyes closed as I moved to the music playing, allowing all the stress and tension locked up in my body over the past few days to be released. It was a small escape for me, to be able to forget who I was in that moment , all responsibilities I had long gone and it was just me, my body and the music. I was no one, not the girl who always had her walls up in fear that she would hurt the people she love, not the girl who pushed others away cause she didn’t want others to shoulder the troubles, and certainly not the girl who placed a confident front everyday when in fact, she could be hurt with only a few harsh words. I was just an average girl, who was enjoying life to the fullest in that room.

The feeling of eyes watching me were familiar, it was something that I always felt frequently, but  never had i let myself shy away from it, let it be a reason for me to stop. No, because all I was listening to was my very own body that craved more, that longed to be one with the music that played, that didn’t want to be trapped in its very own cage. The voice of my body, my heart and my soul empowered the stares of the people around, and that was enough reason to keep me going. Because in life at times, you got to listen to yourself for once, not the voices of  others.

But that night, there was an unfamiliar feeling of some watching my every move. It was different, new, and instead of making me feel as if I should shy away from their eyes, that unfamiliar stare only made me even more confident to continue dancing. It urged me to continue letting my body move, it made me feel as if I was the only girl in the room , and it made me feel confident of myself. I basked in its feeling, let myself dance and soak in it, for I had never ever felt that way before. And between me and whoever it was watching, there was a fine thread attached between us.

And that distance between us grew shorter and shorter, as I finally  felt whoever it was that had been watching me for hours, wrap their arms around me.

The strong aromatic fragrance of musk, wood and citrus filled my senses and I smiled at the familiar scent. There was only one person who wore that scent, only one person who smelt like that. And the familiar grip of their arms on me, the way of their touch, the way their muscles felt holding me. It all belonged to one person, and one person only.

“ I always knew you wouldn’t be able to stay away from me, Byun Baekhyun.”

The low chuckle that sounded from beside me only confirmed my suspicions, and I smiled as I felt him press his body against mine, letting my hips sway against his. I felt his hot breath against my ear, and oh, how it made my insides curl in excitement. I could feel his lips tipped into a smile as he spoke.

“ And how lovely you looked dancing like that in the middle of the room with my necklace wrapped around your neck from the that night we had spent together,” He murmured softly, his voice sounding like a lover’s warm caress in the middle of the night. His hips pressed against mine as his body rolled, still keeping his grip on me.

I leaned my head back against his chest, smiling as I grinded my ass against his groin. “Just admit it Baek, I’m the best girl you’ve ever fucked. I made you feel like no other girls have, and you want more.”

A soft laughter left his mouth, and I could feel the vibrations of it as I leaned myself against his chest. “How confident you are, but are you exactly sure that you’re the best girl I’ve ever fucked? ”

The tip of his tongue left a feeling of warmth on my earlobe and I felt my back arch against him in response. His presence against me only made my body crave for his, want it, long it. It was singing a melody of more, more, more as he sucked on my earlobe softly. “ Why not you and i spend the night together, and then we can think of multiple ways to determine whether or not you’re the best girl i’ve fucked.”

I turned myself in his arms, and the crackling embers that was inside me immediately ignited into flames as his eyes met mine. Even under the dim light, I could make out his familiar grey hair, his beautiful eyes, and the curve of his sweet cherry lips. My arms found their way around his neck, and I pulled him closer to me, my smile turning feline. “ And why exactly would I do that?”

Pure lust were lit in his eyes as he leaned forward, closing the distance between us. His forehead leaned against mine, and his eyes never left mine as I felt his hands began to move away from my waist and wander up. “Because you want me to always come back,longing for you, wanting you in my bed. Because you want to have the title of the girl who was able to give Byun Baekhyun the best night of his life, and made him feel like how no other man have ever felt. You want other girls to envy you, you savor it in fact, a little greedy thing.”

My breath hitched as I felt his fingers move closer to my breast, trailing, wondering. My teeth sunk into my lip as I watched him under lust- filled eyes, completely ignoring our surroundings. It was no longer about the people around us, or the music that was playing in the background. Right then and there, it was just him and I only, just the both of us and the craving for each other’s bodies.  

“ And it’s also because, no matter how matter times you deny it, I’m still the best man that’s ever fucked your tight little cunt. You might have denied it the other day in the cafe, oh but I know better. ” His fingers rubbed against the satin material that was covering me, his touch meeting my bare skin underneath, instead of the usual cushion that was found. His smile transformed into a smirk as he realized that I was not wearing a bra for tonight.

“ I know how this body craves for my touch, how it wants me to fuck its pretty pink pussy and how its been longing for me every since that night,” The air around me was burning up, warm and heated as his long wicked fingers pinched my aroused nipple right between his fingertips through that thin satin fabric of mine. “ You want me as much as I want you, dont try to lie to me, baby. Though your words may say no, your body is telling me otherwise. ”

It was as if my heart had stopped beating as the both of us stood there in the middle of the room, not giving a single fuck about the people surrounding us anymore. Because we were so lost deep inside our feelings, drowning in our lust and longing that none of our surroundings mattered.  I leaned closer, biting his lip and dragging it out before I released it, hard.

“ Then why the fuck are we still here? Why not we head upstairs, and start on the many ways we can decide whether or not i’m the best girl you’ve ever fucked?”

Baekhyun’s eyes were feral, dark with promises of pleasure and lust as the smirk that was painted on his face widened.

“ I never once said no, baby. ”

Our bodies were a heated passionate mess as our lips fought against each other for dominance with lust and craving fueling the flames between us, causing it to burn higher and brighter. I felt Baekhyun’s hands all over me, caressing and stroking gently, as I slammed the door of the small room that we had found upstairs shut with my heels.  Our tongues stroked each other, seeming to dance together to a perfect heated melody as I used all the force I had within my intoxicated self to push Baekhyun on the plush, comfortable bed that sat in the middle of the room.

He laid on the bed, spread out wide for me to devour, as I settled myself on top of his lap, my legs straddling his hips. His fingers ran through my wild untamed hair over and over again, as I leaned forward, pulling his hands together. My grip on both of his wrists remained tight, strong, as my ruby red lips kissed his. Once, twice, I planted a soft, gentle kiss on his mouth.

I lowered my voice into a hushed, seductive tone as my lust-lit eyes met his dark clouded ones. “ Baekhyun, do you remember the night when we first fucked? How you held me in place when you tortured me with your wicked, wicked tongue?” I trailed my longer, slender finger down his chest slowly. “ I think its only right if I too re-payed that wonderful  favor.”

I watched from the side of my eyes as Baekhyun’s lips parted at the sight of me straightening my back , before moving to remove the flimsy piece of lace that I wore underneath my thin satin dress. The black material was teasing him, taunting him, as I slowly ripped it apart with my fingers. I bent down once again, letting my hard nipples push against the cool satin material, as I leaned forward to tie Baekhyun’s hands together tight with the racy piece of material in my hands. My fingers tied a knot, once , twice, ensuring it was tight.

Once I was done, I leaned back, only to admire my beautiful masterpiece that I had created. Byun Baekhyun tied up, at a girl’s disposal. Oh, how girls would crave and give anything that they had to end up in a situation like that.

“ Do you remember our first night together, Baekhyun?” My eyelashes were lowered as I looked at him through lustful eyes,  my fingers slowly trailing up to where my breasts were. “ Do you remember how you punished my breasts and nipples with your torturous fingers, making me feel all kinds of things?”

I bit down on my red lip hard, as I pinched my sensitive, aroused nipples right between my thumb and forefinger together. I threw my head back at the pleasurable sensation that followed, the loud moans that escaped my mouth filling the silence of the room. Baekhyun’s eyes were wild, as he growled, pushing against the piece of fabric that kept his hands in place. But not once, did the knot I tied came undone.

I spread my legs wide, allowing my wet folds to rub against his chest as I grounded myself against him. The immediate satisfaction of the feeling of my walls that were covered in my sweet arousal rubbing against him, had the both of us moaning. How he had turned me into a hot, burning mess, how drenched and wet I was for him only within these few moments. All these he could feel as I grinded my hips.

“ Fuck, baby I can feel how wet you are for me.” Baekhyun whispered, throwing his head back in pure ecstasy.

My voice was hoarse, rough even as I continued.

“ Or do you remember when you ate me out as if you had never eaten in days, punishing me with you merciless tongue?” My tongue licked against my red lips as I turned around, not hesitating to begin crawling to the very obvious bulge that his dark skinny jeans oh so desperately tried to hide. I felt my blood thrum with excitement and dominance as I bent my back, allowing my dress to slip down from my thighs to my waist. The sounds of hard laboured breathing was my only response though I doubt Baekhyun eye’s were having a fantastic view.

My fingers immediately began working on the button that held him in place and as it came undone, my smile turned into a smirk as I realized he was bare underneath. Oh,how prepared he was indeed.

As I pushed his jeans further down his lean legs and finally threw it to the floor, I was met with his thick, long length slapped against his abdomen. He was red and hard. A string of curses left Baekhyun’s mouth as finally I lowered myself, planting a small kiss on his tip. I could feel Baekhyun struggling  underneath me as I gave him kitten licks, once , twice, thrice.  I tucked a strand of my hair underneath my ear, before at last, I took his entire length into my mouth.

“ Holy fucking shit,” I heard Baekhyun groaned, as he continued struggling underneath me. His hard and laboured breaths were the only sounds that filled the room as I sucked on him, hard. Baekhyun’s groans as I swirled my tongue and flicked it against his tip was near feral as I continued. How I made him feel, how he was so vulnerable underneath me, the sounds that were escaping his filthy mouth. It all made wetness pool at my core.

“ Fuck, baby, you better fucking untie me right now so I can exactly show you how I would like to fuck you into the next fucking month to bad girls like you,” Baekhyun moaned, his lip biting down hard on his lip till it was close to drawing blood. And at that, I released him with a loud pop.

My lips were curled into seductive smile, my lips wet with his arousal as I turned around, crawling my way back up to him. I planted a hand right beside his head, as I looked down, facing him. Mischief and satisfaction flooded my eyes as I pretended to consider his words.

“ No.”

The burning flames that were alive within Baekhyun’s eyes turned bright blue at my response, his jaw immediately tensing as he continued to struggle.

“ You see Baekhyun,” My voice was laced with confidence, pure satisfaction as I continued, “ the moment you decided to fuck me that night and leave the following morning, you made one crucial mistake. And that was thinking I was one of those girls who you could call at your disposal. But you’re wrong, darling. So wrong. Because what you failed to realize is that I too bite back.”

My heated gaze never left his, as I lowered myself so that our lips were touching. My teeth bit on his plump red lower lip hard, before I pulled, dragging it between my teeth.

“You’ve started a war between us and let me tell you something, Baek” My voice was hush, soft, like the cold wicked breeze.  

“ What i’ve learnt over these past few years is that sometimes you have to leave before you get left, and remember in a game of two, there can only be one winner. And, I never lose. ”

And as I left the room that night, still completely bare underneath my thin satin dress that covered me, the only thing that I could feel thrumming underneath my skin was ;

Pure, sweet, satisfaction at my revenge.

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I’m Not Scared of You

Prompt: “I’m not scared of you.”

AN: I’m getting this up with 6 minutes to spare. Damian won by one vote over Jason. I went with something a bit different today. Hopefully you guys enjoy it!

Words: 935

You take in a deep breath, and steel your nerves. Your hands are tied above your head, and your shoes have been taken from you, making running across the glass shattered on the floor much more difficult. Damian’s words ring in your ears, show no fear. He feeds on fear, it’s what he wants more than anything. He derives pleasure from it.

Your hands are going numb when he comes back in. His green hair is slicked back, and those ruby red lips are in that twisted smile. It takes everything you have to meet his gaze and hold it. He never looks away, and your breathing hitches as he presses his nose into your neck. “Where’s your pretty bird, little girl.”

You’re sad to say your voice shakes a bit, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He takes a step back and his voice rises “The latest boy wonder, a bit taller than me, wears a mask? You know who I’m talking about right?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

He lets out this long, dramatic sigh, “Last month, I blew up a mall. Chained twenty people down, and gave the boy wonder time to save only one person. I fully expected him to save the kid. Instead he saves you. Then his disappears with you. Doesn’t take you to a hospital or anything. Just vanishes with you. It got me thinking.”

You know exactly what he’s talking about. It had been a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You’d been picking up Damian’s Christmas present, when the store you had been in had come under siege. You’d been one of twenty people taken hostage. While batman and the others had been busy on the other side of town, Damian had been left to make the toughest decision of his life. He had chosen to save you over the other nineteen people.

To everyone on the outside it had appeared as though Robin had simply been too late. It had been designed as a personal torment for Damian. To know that he couldn’t save everyone. His nightmares had been times worse than yours. More than once you had curled around him, and lured him back to sleep after he had woken screaming.

It had only been in the past month that Damian had started returning to himself. The two of you had done your best to put it behind you. Neither of you had thought that Joker would pick up on the fact that Damian had taken you straight home. You had underestimated him.

You bite the inside of your cheek to keep from saying anything. The Joker just growls and says “Fine, don’t say anything. We’ll have a little bit of fun until bird brain gets here.”

You hurt. Your entire body is in pain. For the past two hours Joker’s minions had been beating the crap out of you. You’d cried all the tears you had. But you refused to give in. “Poor little kitten.” You steel yourself. You take a deep breath, and grit your teeth. Joker’s white hand comes and pushes some hair behind your head “It’s as though you’ve been declawed. Why be so faithful to the little superhero?”

You refuse to say anything. He just shrugs, “Fine don’t say anything, I expect the boy wonder will show up soon enough. In the meantime, I’ll watch you shake in fear for a bit longer.”

That draws out a snarl and you look up and meet those cold fish like eyes “I’m not scared of you.”

He just grins, and says, “Looks like the kitten found her claws.” Just as his hand begins reaching for you there’s a clash of glass as Damian burst through. Joker grins, as several more windows break, and the rest of Damian’s family comes through.

You expect him to go straight for Joker. Instead he comes for you. He immediately cuts you down, and you collapse into his arms. That’s the last thing you remember before you pass out.

You wake up in your room. You’re in your bed, and Damian is curled carefully around you. There’s the faint sound of beeping, and you can’t help but wonder where they got hospital equipment. You keep your eyes closed a bit longer and listen to Damian murmur to you in Arabic. You catch the word Beloved more than once, and he ends each statement with a kiss to your temple.

You open your eyes and give a small tired smile. “Hey you.”

He doesn’t jolt like most people would, he simply brings his face more into view, “Take it easy. You have a broken leg, three cracked ribs, and some deep bruising. Lee said you’ll make a full recovery, though.”

You smile, but the tear begins seeping out. You look him in the eye and say, “I didn’t show fear Damian. I made sure that I didn’t show fear.”

He presses his forehead against you “I know, you’re so strong sweetheart. I’ll make sure he never touches you again.” You sniffle a bit, and he kisses your forehead.

The pain killers start to drag you back under but you hang on long enough to say two things “This wasn’t your fault Damian. I can see the guilt in your eyes, and it’s not your fault.”


“No, no self-loathing. Promise me.” He just nods. You give him a small smile, “I love you Damian Wayne.”

He smiles and give you a gentle kiss “I love you too, Y/F/N Y/L/N. I love you so much, my brave little Hell Cat.”

Picture Perfect

“I don’t need a date, I’m perfectly fine attending on my own.” Betty Cooper sighed, wiggling her freshly painted nude fingernails and smiling at her stylist in the mirror as she curled and prodded her hair to perfection.

“Of course you don’t Neeeed a date but the fact of the matter is that you have one, what you choose to do with him is entirely up to you.” Cheryl Blossom, Betty’s agent and childhood friend tapped on her cellphone, not even bothering to look up at the annoyed Oscar nominated actress.

Betty Cooper was one of the most talked about up and coming actresses of the year, after having won two emmys for her role on the Hit Tv Show “Break Away Baby” she was currently nominated for best supporting actress starring in the Romantic Drama “Never Let Me Die”. Betty had played the role of the broken hearted second choice who fell in love with her first lovers best friend, reviews had idolized her, she was a shoe in for the Oscar, everyone knew it.

“I understand that it’s good to get people talking but I don’t want to be known as the girl dating the actor.” The beautiful blonde chewed nervously on her lip, Cheryl glanced up, swatting her friends arm

“You’re going to ruin your lipstick. It’s just a date, Jughead Jones is a hit with the teen girls, they love the moody mysterious bad boy thing that he has going for him. You’re much more popular with the older audience and of course with teen boys. That Victoria’s Secret fashion show you guest walked kind of cemented your place as every boys wet dream. But none the less we want everyone to love you. It’s one Red Carpet and then you never have to see his devishly handsome face again.” Cheryl moved to grab Betty’s custom Valentino, gold beaded gown from the rack.

“Is he really good looking?” The young actress quirked a curious brow, stepping out of her robe as Cheryl smirked and helped her step into the dress.

“You know I don’t swing that way but girl, he is something fine for sure.”

Betty giggled as three men zipped her into the stunning gown and she stepped into her heels. She sure hoped this Jughead Jones was tall because she defiantly had her legs on display tonight.

“We have very different tastes Cheryl.” Betty turned away from the mirror and made her way to the door, her entire crew following close behind.

“You’re about to find out, he’s waiting downstairs. Alright gang, let’s go win us an Oscar.” Cheryl lifted her arms over head and the entire room erupted in cheers and “goodlucks!”

Betty blushed Scarlet as she said her Thankyou’s and made her way into the elevator.

“They’re all gonna be so disappointed if I don’t win this.” She sighed, fingers nails tapping on her palms. As the elevator doors opened.

Cheryl flung her long red hair behind her shoulders and rolled her eyes.

“You are gonna win this. Stop doubting yourself. You look beautiful, you’ve worked so hard and you’re going to knock them all dead. Now get out there say hi to James Dean.”

Betty took a deep breath as she stood by the closed doors of her hotel building, the paparazzi and reporters were surrounding the streets, screaming fans were littering the crosswalks spilling out and holding up traffic.

Just another day in the life of Betty Cooper.

Walking outside with her head held high, She smiled, perfectly straight, shiny white teeth on full display. She loved her fans, loved that the paparazzi loved her but still it could be overwhelming. Today was one of those days, but then she saw him.

Jughead Jones was leaning against the slick black limousine, perfectly tailored Armani suit fitting just right, his jet black waves were styled purposely messy and his stormy grey eyes were staring wide at her, his mouth set in a crooked dazed smile as she approached him. He was gorgeous and the way he was looking at her was like something out of a movie.

“Hello Jughead Jones.” She smiled, standing before him with shaky hands.

He couldn’t tear his gaze away from her, eyes scanning her entire body from the gold sequined dress to the slit showing off her long, tan legs. He stared at her smooth 1950s starlet curls, one side of her long neck completely exposed, eventually he brought his eyes to her face, her ruby red painted lips and sparkling green eyes. After what felt like an hour but was more likely five seconds of his eyes locked on hers He seemed to snap out of it, a lazy smile grazing his lips.

“Hi, I’m guessing your Betty Cooper. I’m your date, Jughead Jones.”

Betty smiled softly
“I know I already said Hello, I think I used your name actually.” She giggled.

Jughead shook his head quickly, a blush forming on his cheeks
“Yeah, no i mean uh.. ya know.” His hand flew to the back of his neck to rub nervously.

“We should probably get going!” Betty shouted over the screaming fans “I think people are getting a little impatient.” She motioned towards the crowds rushing towards them.

Jughead was quick to lead her into the limousine, his hand burning the small of her back with his touch. When they were finally seated, squished together Jughead turned to Betty leaning over her to lock her window

“Just in case” he mumbled before turning to face her. “Congrats on the Oscar by the way, in case I forget to tell you.” He smiled, Betty’s heart nearly stopped when she caught a peek of his dimples.

“I haven’t won it yet. Lord knows I might not, I’m up against so much talent, Jennifer Lawrence is in my category, I’m kind of the low guy on the totem pole.” She giggled nervously, fingernails digging into the soft flesh of her palms.

It didn’t take longer than three minutes for Jughead to notice, his own hands shooting out to grip hers.

“Nervous tick?” He questioned, massaging the sore marks on her hands.

“How did you..?” Betty started before she was cut off by Jughead digging in his pockets and pulling out a handful of tooth picks

“I prefer to smoke cigarettes when I’m Nervous but I found out that they don’t typically let you smoke them on Red Carpets. Let’s just say I won’t be attending next years Kids Choice Awards.” He rolled his eyes playfully.

Betty snorted, smacking a hand to her mouth as she laughed at the insane boy beside her.

Jugheads grin grew even wider at her laugh

“Anyway, i chew these bad boys to keep me from sticking a cigarette between my lips. They even wrote the habit into my character “Cole”.

Betty nodded understandingly taking the toothpick he held out to her and rolling it between her palms.

“I heard you pretty much swept the Teen Choice Awards this year. I wish that I got the chance to watch atleast a little of your show before… ya know.” She motioned between the two of them.

Jughead laughed out loud, swinging an arm over her the back of the seat.

“Before we were forced into co coupling awards ceremony dating. I couldn’t even believe it when my publicist said you were gonna be my date. I mean you said it yourself. I’m Teen Choice Awards and you’re… well you’re The Oscars.”

Betty turned her body closer towards his

“Are you crazy? Everywhere I turn I see your name on some new magazine, "Jughead Jones- Heart Throb of the summer.” “Jughead Jones- top five Disney actors.” You’re kind of a big deal Jones.“ She playfully nudged him, a bump in the road nearly sending her flying into his lap, his hands clutching her waist.

"Whoa there.” He whispered, foreheads brushing, almost in slow motion both of the teen actors leaned forward.

Suddenly the window was being rolled down and Cheryl poked her head through.

“Alright you two! Who’s ready to walk the carpet as the worlds most adorable new couple?” Without another world Cheryl rolled the dividing window back up and Betty slowly pulled away, gnawing on her lip and staring nervously out the window.

She turned back around when Jughead laced his fingers through hers.

“We got this.” He smiled reassuringly, fingers squeezing hers.

Taking a deep breath Betty smiled weakly

“Ready to enter the belly of the beast?” She questioned

“You got it Betts.” He smiled back.

All Is Well: Elorcan

TOG/ACOTAR Christmas Fic

Summary: Lorcan has a Christmas surprise for Elide. MODERN AU.

Note: I’m going to start off by saying thank you. Thank you to all the amazingly talented writers - @paperbacktrash @sjmaas @sparkleywonderful @wingsofanillyrian @catastrophicallyinlovewithbooks @throne-of-ashes-and-beauty @tacmc @feysandsmut @queen-archeron @aelin-and-feyre @ilikebigbooks-and-icannotlie - for agreeing to join me on this series. You are all beyond wonderful people, I’ll never be able to thank you enough for doing this with me. It has been such a pleasure and an honour. But also, thank you to all the readers for all the love and support! It’s because of you guys that this series happened! So thank you, I hope each and every one of you has the most amazing holiday. You deserve it. Love you all to the moon and back again, XXX

Previous Chapter


Lorcan couldn’t hold back his sigh of relief. The sound flew past his lips, shoulders falling, as he followed Elide into the dark apartment, flicking on the lights.

“Thank god that’s over,” he mumbled, kicking off his dress shoes.

They had been at Aelin’s annual Christmas Eve party, and it was anything but a small gathering of friends. Aelin did what she did best: went above and beyond to host a spectacular event. To say that Lorcan was less than enthused to go would be an understatement. He wasn’t fond of parties and overly joyous crowds to being with. But when one adds the nerves he’d been feeling the whole night only to not even ask-

“Oh please, you had fun and you know it,” Elide mused, hanging her coat on the hook by the door. She turned around, looking up at him with those dark eyes framed with ebony leashes. Her long hair had been done in dark ringlets, falling over her shoulder with a smile on her ruby red lips. Lorcan’s heart leaped at the sight. God she was beautiful.

“Besides,” Elide’s tone turned sultry. She took two slow steps toward him, fiddling with his jacket as she looked up at him through her lashes. “You like sexy in a suit.”

A growl of approval sounded from the back of Lorcan’s throat, his hands gripping her waist and pulling her flush against him.

This woman was going to be the death of him.

“And you look exquisite.” His voice was a deep rumble in his throat, eye roaming over her tight red dress.

“I bet I’ll look even more so once this dress comes off.” Elide stepped back, eyes shining. She slowly started to make her way down the hallway, glancing over her shoulder. “You coming?”

God did he ever want to. Desire was already pooling in his stomach, heat coursing through his veins, his mind wheeling with all the ways he could worship that glorious body of hers. No other woman before Elide ever made him feel such a way.

Yet, he fought against the urge. There was something he had to do. Therefore he clamped down on his feelings, forcing the words out of his mouth.

“You go on. I’ll join you in a moment.”

Elide watched him for a second before a sweet smile graced her lips. With a nod of her head, she made her way down the hall and into their bedroom, closing the door behind her.

For just a moment, Lorcan allowed the nerves to settle in. He drew in an unsteady breath, running a shaking hand through his hair. He never felt like this before in his life. Never let himself feel such emotions. He was cold, distinct, emotionless. But this moment was the biggest moment of his life. He never thought he would get to this point. To find someone he loved with all his heart and soul, and who loved him just as much in return. Lorcan never thought he would have that.

So he allowed himself to feel the nerves, the doubt, but just for a moment. Time was getting away from him, he had to get to work.

Collecting himself, Lorcan started getting everything ready. He walked into the kitchen and pour two glasses of the best wine they had, grabbing a tray of Christmas cookies and placing it all on the coffee table before the couch. After that, he set to work lighting the Christmas tree and the fireplace, turning off the main lights so the living room was cast in a golden glow.

He stood for a moment, making sure everything was perfect. Because if there was a moment in his life he needed to be perfect, it was the moment he asked Elide Lochan to marry him.

He was going to do it at the party, in front of all their friends. It was the only thing he thought about all night, the ring burning through his pants pocket. He’d spot her across the room, chatting with Aelin or laughing with Manon, and his heart would start racing in his chest.

But in the end, deep down, he knew it wasn’t right, doing it at the party. It wasn’t him. He didn’t want everyone there, watching their special moment. He wanted it to be just him and her. He didn’t want everyone to crowd around him and Elide seconds after it happened - if she said yes.

Of course she’s going to say yes, Lorcan told himself, through the slightest bit of doubt still lingered.

Three years of dating and he didn’t think he’d ever fully feel like he deserved someone as good as Elide.

So he decided to wait until after the party when it was just the two of them at home. Just him and his love.

Drawing in a breath, Lorcan pulled off his tie. He shrugged out of the jacket of his suit before placing it on a chair in the kitchen. He could feel the nerves starting to push forward again as he smoothed down his white dress shirt, undoing the top buttons. He could feel the ring weigh down his pocket but tried not to think much of it.

He shouldn’t be nervous, had no need to be as Rowan told him. But after all the years they’d been together, Elide still brought out sides of him even Lorcan himself didn’t know he had. And after having her light up his world for the past three years, he finally felt it was time.

Lorcan walked back into the dimly lit living room once more, making his way towards the couch just as Elide came around the corner.

She was dressed in her Christmas PJs - red and white striped thermal leggings and the matching top. Her hair was still in long curls but now in a ponytail on top of her head, with all makeup washed away.

To Lorcan, she looked just as beautiful now as she did all dressed up. Even more so, in fact.

“You didn’t come in,” Elide said. “So you missed your change and I got undressed without you.”

Lorcan chuckled, the sound a deep rumble, as he sat down on the couch. His mind was wheeling, millions of thoughts forming one after the other and he couldn’t think about what to say other than, “Come sit with me.”

Elide didn’t hesitant. She walked over to the couch and joined him in front of the fire. There was no talking, the moment didn’t call for it. Lorcan simply picked up the two glasses of wine, handing one to Elide before sipping from his own.

Sitting there in the science, by the light of the Christmas tree and heat of the fire, Elide cuddled into his side and wrapped in his arms, Lorcan never felt so close to peace.

But the ring cutting into his thigh was a pleasant yet nerve-wracking reminder of what he was about to do.

“You’re quiet tonight.”

Lorcan looked down at Elide, meeting her gaze. The firelight cast half her in a shadow, but her eyes still shimmered as she munched on a Christmas cookie. “More so than usual.”

Lorcan managed to give her a small smile, placing a loving kiss on her forehead. “I’ve had a lot on my mind lately, that’s all.”

“Yeah?” Elide spoke softly. “Anything I can help with?”

“Possible.” Lorcan carefully sat down his wine. He could feel his heart thumping against his ribcage, a sensation taking over him that he never experienced before in his life as he glanced back at Elide. “I’d like to give you your gift if you don’t mind.”

Elide blinked once, then twice, before an enormous grin broke out on her face.

“Of course!” She pushed herself up so she was facing him, kneeling on the couch, all but bouncing with excitement.

Lorcan knew how much Elide loved presents and surprises. And as he watched the excited, tiny, perfect human before him, dark shadows highlighting the plans of her face, fire flickering in her dark gaze, he knew for a fact it was time.

There would never be such a perfect moment.

Gently taking the wine glass out of her hands, Lorcan pulled Elide to her feet. Her giant, curious eyes held his and Lorcan swallowed down the bundle of nerves racing through every inch of his body.

With a shaking hand, Elide’s gaze burning into his very soul, watching his every move, Lorcan reached into his pocket. He pulled out the small black box, heart pounding, Elide’s intake of breath filling the quiet room.

“Lorcan…” She breathed.

“I’m not one for words.” Lorcan slowly dropped to one knee, meeting Elide’s wide and glossy gaze. “I don’t know what good I’ve done in my life, but somehow it’s brought me you. And I’m not sure about the future, but I am sure about you. I’m sure I love you, Elide Lochan, I’d follow you anywhere and everywhere.” Lorcan paused, watching a tear run down Elide’s cheek, heart in his throat. “Will you marry me?”

There was a beat of silence, the crackling fire the only sound in the whole room, and it was the longest moment of Lorcan’s life. His mind started working a mile a minute. Maybe he had been wrong. Maybe she didn’t actually want to marry him. Maybe-

“Yes.” Elide breathed, tears in her eyes

“Yes?” Lorcan never heard a more beautiful word in his life.

Elide smiled and laughed, the most joyous sound, as she nodded her head. “Yes Lorcan, I will marry you.”

The relief and love that flooded through Lorcan were unlike anything he ever felt before. He stood up and scooped Elide into his arms, placing a passionate kiss on her lips, smiling the whole while. He only pulled back to place the ring - a simple diamond sitting on a silver band - on Elide’s finger.

She stared down at the ring before lifting her gaze, nothing but love shining through. The sight only warmed Lorcan’s dark heart even more.

Gently, she took his face in between her hands, pulling him to her level.

“I love you, Lorcan Salvaterre,” She breathed, her lips brushing his as she spoke.

“And I love you, Elide Lochan,” Lorcan said just as softly before capture her lips with his once more.

He was overcome with so many emotions, unable to believe that such a strong, beautiful, amazing woman such as Elide had actually agreed to be his wife, to be by his side forever. And all he wanted to do in that moment was hold her, love her, and never let go.

Carefully, Lorcan lifted Elide and lowered them both onto the couch. Never once did he take his lips off hers, and there, in the light of the Christmas tree and fire, he showed his fiance just how grand his love for her was, worshipping her well into Christmas morning.