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Happy Birthday, Stark.

Requested: No, but it’s his birthday sooo.

Summary: Tony throws himself a party but you turn out to be the greatest gift of them all.

Pairing: Tony Stark x fem reader

Warnings: Lots o’ sex, and swearing.

Word count: 2,179

A/N: I know his birthday was the 29th but I have school and finials so its a bit late. Sorry. And I know Tony can be kind of a cocky mf at times but like I feel like he can also get nervous and break down a bit and be soft. Especially with his lady and that’s kinda what I wanted to portray sooo yeah. Also this is my first smut. If it sucks. I’m sorry. (Requests are open!) -Hannah xo

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Everyone around the tower had the day off because Tony was throwing a fancy birthday party to celebrate himself. You loved the man, but it was a very Tony thing to do. What could you say. He just liked to throw parties. 

You walked out of your bathroom after your morning run to be greeted by both Nat and Wanda. The two women looked very excited as you slowly came out of the bathroom. 

“Is everything okay,” you looked at the both of them “you seem very…excited.” your eyes narrowed because you knew something was up. They knew something you didn’t. “Everything is fine, we just came to help you get ready for the party.” Nat smiled as she walked towards you and shuffled you over to your vanity as you plopped down on the little stool. 

Wanda followed over and pulled a garment bag behind her. “Wan, what’s that?” you point to the bag as you raise an eyebrow at her. “Well, Tony said he wanted you to wear this tonight. He got it made especially for you.” 

“What does he have planned…you know or you wouldn’t be this happy helping Tony.” you smirked at the women behind you in the mirror. “Y/N, I swear we know nothing other than to get you ready and to make sure you’re in that dress.” you narrowed your eyes between the women again. “Fine, but I still think you know.” Wanda laughs “Here, let Nat get started on your hair while I pull this out so you can see it.”

Natasha started drying your damp hair and Wanda pulled the dress out of the bag. It was a beautiful ruby red satin gown that was off the shoulders and had a slight sweetheart neckline. You couldn’t wait to put it on just after seeing it for the first time.

Before you knew it Natasha was done with your hair. It was in loose waves that cascaded over your shoulders. It wasn’t anything over the top or not enough. It paired with the dress perfectly. Once Nat finished up with some hairspray Wanda came over and started on your makeup.

You knew it was going well because every time Natasha would look over at you she would smile. Wanda knew how nervous you were really feeling. She knew you were running over all of the reasons he got you a dress and made the girls come help you get ready, but from what she could hear you didn’t think of the real reason he wanted this to be big.

Wanda leaned back to look at you before spraying your face so your makeup wouldn’t run. “All done, and just in time.” You looked at the clock and even thought it was still an hour and a half before the party you knew the two women still had to get ready.

 “Holy shit. Thank you guys so much.” you looked at yourself in the mirror and were very happy with the way everything came out.

 “Get your dress and jewelry on and we’ll be back to get you in about an hour and a half.” Wanda smiled as she walked out the door Nat following close behind. You picked up your phone and opened your texts and sent one to Tony. ‘Will I get to see my love before the big party tonight?’  You set your phone down and clicked on the TV in yours and Tony’s shared room.

Within a couple minutes you get a text back. ‘Are you in your dress yet?’ you rolled your eyes ‘yes, why?’ he sent back a simple ‘no.’

 ‘Well, I’ll see you later then. I love you too.’ you set your phone down pretty upset you hadn’t even seen him all day. You felt your phone buzz and the screen lit up ‘later.’ This made you panic slightly but regardless you had to get ready for the party.

 As you put the dress on it fit in all of the right places. The mermaid style was slimming but flared out towards the bottom and had a small but gorgeous train, the neck line showed off your boobs, and it overall made you feel amazing. Tony truly outdid himself.

 Within the hour both Wanda and Natasha both appeared back in your room and Wanda knew something was off. She looked at you and only saw panic and just a repeat of the texts from Tony. Of course she knew there was nothing to worry about. Tony was only stressed.

 “Well, I think we all look great so shall we head down.” Nat said with a large smile. You looked at the both of them with a little nod as you headed down the hallway to the large living space. As you walked in the usual place was completely transformed and you were in awe. Tony outdid himself once again.

 There was music playing but the balance of talk and music was perfect. As you were caught looking around at all the decorations you didn’t notice the several eyes that turned to gape at you as you walked into the room.

 You searched for Tony but only to feel a hand slide around your waist seconds after. “And you said that I don’t have a sense of fashion.” Tony spoke into your ear. You turned to face him with a smirk “When have I ever said that?”

 “Well, you don’t. I just assume it’s implied.” You laughed and immediately felt better after the blunt texts you received. You leaned in to place a short kiss on his lips, “Happy Birthday, Stark.” you smiled before receiving another kiss from him.   

 The two of you moved into the party talking amongst your coworkers and various guests. It was getting pretty late and people were just about as tipsy or drunk as they could be, but what surprised you was that Tony didn’t touch a drink all night.

 You sat at the bar to order your first when you hear Tony’s voice come from the microphone on a small stage area off to the side of the room. He usually made announcements at this point in the party so it wasn’t really anything that surprised you.

 “So, uh. Before I start I want to call my lovely lady over.” you were shocked to say the least. Tony loves to show you off but this was new. You soon found yourself standing next to him in front of the room filled with people.

 “This birthday has been a great one, I’m surrounded by people I enjoy, we’re all having a good time, or I hope we are, and my lady looks absolutely killer.” You felt a blush rise to your cheeks as the room was filled with applause. “But.” he pauses ‘there’s one thing that would top my day off.”

 You were looking around the crowd and didn’t realize Tony drop down onto one knee. “Y/N.” You looked over at him and stumbled back. “You have made my life so much brighter and there isn’t a second I don’t ever want that to end. So please, make it forever. Will you marry me?”

 Applause filled the room and at this point you’re in tears and you could only shake your head yes. He stood up and spun you around before placing a passionate kiss to your lips only to back away to slide the gorgeously large ring on your finger. The size shocked you but for Tony it was only the best for you.

 “Well, to end on a good note. We’re heading out but feel free to stay and enjoy whatever else you’d like.” Tony grabbed your hand and the two of you headed out down the hallway back to your room.

 Halfway down the hall Tony stops and picks you bridal style and carries you down the hall to your room. “Good god, I knew that dress was a good choice.”

 When you got into your shared room he tossed you on the bed and the fabric from the dress surrounded you.

 “Look at you, you don’t even mean to look this good, and here you are.” the dark look in his eyes wasn’t new but it was something that would always do certain things to you. You sat up on your elbows. “Well, what are you waiting for?” You smirked as he pulled you closer to the bottom of the bed and pulled you into an aggressive kiss. Your hands were roaming all over each other and before you knew it you had pulled off his suit jacket and his shirt leaving them in a small heap on the other side of the bedroom.

Pushing you back to the bed his hands slid down your back unzipping your dress as he did. His lips connected with your neck as you ran your hand through his hair with a soft moan. You definitely knew that there would be marks all over your neck in the morning but you didn’t mind. You were just happy to be his. He kissed down your neck and started sliding the dress down with it, throwing it across the room into the small heap with his suit on the floor. He stood up and looked at you.

“You know what?” he said slightly angry. You shook your head lightly no before he leaned into your ear “only naughty girls don’t wear anything under their clothes.” Your exhale was slow and shaky as he leaned down to your chest, pressing kisses all the way down to your nipple. His facial hair moved against your skin leaving goosebumps all across your body. You could feel his tongue tracing around it and sucking gently playing with the other using his opposite hand. Your hand tangled itself in his hair and within seconds he was hovering above you with your hands pressed above your head. “Those stay there, or you’re going to regret it.” You gasped softly, finally letting him take full control. Without hesitation he made his way down to where you wanted him most. His hands separated your thighs and you bit your lip as the cool air reaches your pussy. “Fuck, baby. I’ve barely laid a hand on you and you’re already soaked.” He groaned before trailing a finger up your slit. You leaned back into the pillows whimpering at the touch.  

“Tony…” you pleaded as he teased your pussy. “What?” he said slightly aggravated. “Please, skip the foreplay, and just fuck me. Please.” Tony clicked his tongue before leaning back over you “you’re lucky, if you didn’t look that fuckable all night I would still be teasing you.” You sat up on the edge of the bed undoing the buckle and button on his pants before he pulled them down. You could see the outline of his member in his boxers as he pulled off his pants. It was a sight that always found to excite you. “Staring is impolite haven’t you ever been taught manners.” He said with a infectious smirk. You blushed before he pressed you back down onto the mattress taking his boxers off without you even noticing. You felt the tip of his dick slide between your folds pressing up against where you wanted, no, needed him most.  “Holy fuck Tony just fu-” you were cut off by his cock slipping into you in a quick fast paced motion. You felt his every move as you moaned in pleasure. He reached his hand down and started rubbing your clit and you felt the small knot growing in your stomach as his movements became quicker and stronger.

 The grunts and groans coming from the both of you only increased as both your orgasams grew near. “Shit. Y/N. I’m gonna cum.” At this point you could only muster small whimpers and nods, but regardless, he could feel you were close. You arched your back as you came, feeling yourself come undone around him as he came with his last couple thrusts. He laid his forehead against yours as you both were breathing heavily. “Holy shit, I love you.” he said as he placed a kiss on your lips. “And it’s not because you’re great in bed, although that has some part to do with it.” you laughed as he pulled away from you to fall down next to you. You sighed softly. “I love you too.”

He sat up and walked into the bathroom coming back with a washcloth as he helped your clean yourself up from the sweaty mess the two of you just made. After he was done you laid beside him with your head tucked in his shoulder and your hand on his chest. It was silent before a while before either of you said anything just enjoying each other’s company. “I love you future Mrs. Stark.” you smiled feeling the words vibrate in his chest. “I love you too, already Mr. Stark.” He chuckled and placed a kiss on your forehead before the two of you fell asleep together knowing that when you wake up the other will always be there. 

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Heya are you ok with fanfic request right now? If not it's okay. Can I have leo fanfic with mc who never show her anger and always act so calm suddenly get so frustrated and scary when she's angry?

Hi there, Anon! I absolutely love writing requests so of course I’ll write one for you ❤️

Leo X MC

Leo heard a soft knock on his study door. “Come on in.” His eyes never left the page as they devoured each and every bit of information the book had to offer.

“Leo, what do you think of me?”

“I’m sorry?” Leo looked up. 

The Princess Elect sat in the chair across the table. She smiled, looking as calm and collected as ever. “What do you think of me?” 

Leo adjusted the glasses perched on his nose and replied, “I think you’re very beautiful and intelligent, Princess. You’re very charming, which helps with negotiations and alliances. You can be clumsy at times, but I promise it’s endearing. You’re gentle and kind but put your foot down when necessary.”

“I see.” She fiddled with a bracelet that adorned her wrist, a gift from some foreign nation as a sign of peace. Her smile slowly inched its way back onto her face. “You’re very helpful, Leo.” She stood up and turned to leave.

“What brought this on?” Leo asked, causing her to freeze. “If you don’t mind me asking.”

The young Princess looked over her shoulder and sent a dazzling grin his way. “I just needed a morale boost. You certainly rose to the challenge.”

“Complimenting you isn’t a challenge, Princess.” 

“Before I forget.” The Princess turned around completely. “Are you planing on attending the upcoming gala?”

Leo smirked and replied, “That depends. Are you asking me to escort you?”

“That depends. Are you going to say yes?” She bit her lip and looked at the blond bureaucrat expectantly. 

“I’d be honored to escort you.”

A soft knock on the door stole the Princess’ attention from her reflection. “Come in,” she called, hastily clipping her bracelet around her wrist.

Leo opened the door and stepped inside. He took in the Princess, her flowing ruby red gown, her beautifully curled hair, and her perfectly painted face. “You look exquisite tonight, Your Highness,” he complimented, offering her his arm.

The Princess checked herself in the mirror for the final time before linking her arm with Leo’s and smiling. “You look quite dashing tonight,” she replied. 

The pair made their way into the ballroom, where all eyes immediately shifted to them and the whispering began. He heard the woman beside him murmur, “Ignore it,” almost too herself. She made her way down the steps, Leo walking beside her every step of the way. 

“Princess!” A noblewoman walked over to where the pair was standing. “You look lovely tonight. I must say I was surprised by your invitation. I had feared that my husband-”

“The past is in the past,” the Princess responded with a sweet smile. “He wasn’t himself that night.”

Leo glanced around the room and soon spotted Alyn watching over the entire room. When Alyn finally met his twin’s eyes, Leo winked at him and chuckled when the knight scowled and looked away. 

“The Princess looks quite lovely tonight.”

“For a commoner, maybe.” 

Leo’s attention was quickly ripped away from his twin to the two sneering noblewomen. “Really now,” he sighed. “How hard is it to keep rude comments-”

“Ignore them, Leo.” The Princess placed a reassuring hand on his arm. “The nobles can never hold their tongues.” 

“That doesn’t give them the right to say things like that.”

“They can think and say whatever they like.” 

For the rest of the evening, Leo couldn’t help noticing anytime the word ‘commoner’ was said. 

“She seems to know what she’s doing.”

“You can’t be serious. She’s a commoner. There’s no way she’ll be able to fully embrace her role as Princess.” 

“I’ve heard our relations with Stein are improving thanks to our Princess.”

“That commoner? Please. It was most likely the chamberlain who organized negotiations with Stein.”

“I’m sick of this,” Leo muttered.

Once again, he felt a gentle hand on his arm. “They’re not worth getting upset over.”

A nobleman came to a stop in front of the pair. “Evening, Princess.”

The Princess curtsied. “Good evening. Are you enjoying the party?”

The nobleman nodded and slowly looked the Princess up and down. “You look beautiful tonight. Are you still searching for a prince consort?”

“I am.” The Princess nodded and linked her arm with Leo’s again. 

“Why not consider me, Your Highness?” 

Leo could feel the Princess getting tense beside him. “You’re too kind, My Lord, but aren’t you seeing someone?” 

“Maybe we could kindle a romance on the side?”

“Prince Consort is not a title you can hide.” 

“Who else have you got to consider? No one besides me would ever consider you as someone desirable.”

“And why is that?” There was a slight angry tone in her voices, paired with a small spark in her eyes that Leo had never seen before. She was always so calm and collected, but Leo could see that persona slowly cracking under the pressure the nobleman was putting on her.

“Isn’t it obvious?”

“Enlighten me.” The Princess’ voice was flat and cold. The spark had turned into a flame.

“You’re a commoner. No noble would ever look at you as anything other than a commoner. You’d be lucky to even get me, Princess.” 

The Princess beckoned a server holding champagne over. “Thank you,” she murmured as she took a glass. “Would you mind standing with us for just a moment?” 

“Of course, Your Highness.” 

The Princess drank the contents of the glass and promptly smashed it against the serving tray. She held the broken glass in her hands and pointed it at the man in front of her. “You are a despicable pig. So what if I’m a commoner? I have more experience with the townspeople than you’ll ever have! It doesn’t matter what you think of me because I am the new Princess, commoner and all!” With each word, she was getting closer and closer to the nobleman and making jabs at him. 

The nobleman held his hands up. “So about being considered as your Prince Consort?”

“I can’t believe you could be so crude!”

Leo gently took the champagne glass from her hand and returned it to the tray. The server scurried away. “She’s not interested in making you her Prince Consort,” Leo said, pulling the young woman towards him. “She already has a Prince Consort.” The Princess glanced up at him in confusion. Leo smiled reassuringly and returned his gaze to the arrogant nobleman as he said, “Me.”

colors [marinath / nathanette]

this has got to be my favorite fanfic ever. i love it, and i love my bittersweet children. god, why do i always end up rooting for the guy who’ll never get the girl? anyway, i hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed writing it!

theme: marinath (marinette x nathanael) [march 15]

type: fluff / extra: angst

point of view: third person / nathanael

summary: Nathanaël recalls seven events that surrounded his feelings for Marinette; each one was painted in a specific color.

word count: 2278

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8 Designers Tell Us What It’s Like to Dress First Lady Michelle Obama

No matter where your political views fall, one thing’s undeniable: Michelle Obama has certainly had a fashionable run during the past eight years.

“Women of great style always have a true understanding of who they are,” says J. Mendel creative director Gilles Mendel, who outfitted Mrs. Obama most notably for the 2013 BET Honors awards show. “She knows what works for her and what doesn’t. And she is confident and smart, which has always shined through in her clothing choices.”

Yet from official state dinners to photo ops with royalty, a First Lady can’t get by on fashion instinct alone. Over the past two terms, Mrs. Obama has had the best designers in the world creating custom looks for her at every turn. Everyone from Mendel to Jason Wu to Brandon Maxwell (also Lady Gaga’s stylist, natch) has contributed to the fashion legacy that she has left. And it’s not one that will be easily forgotten once the Obamas officially move out of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

VIDEO: Michelle Obama Brings Elegance and Grace to the Final State Dinner

As we prepare to bid adieu to the ultimate FLOTUS fashion plate, we asked the designers of some of her most memorable looks to share what it was really like to dress her. Keep scrolling to hear from eight of them.

Naeem Khan

“Designing for the First Lady was a dream,” says Khan of the beaded gown that Mrs. Obama chose for a White House State Dinner in 2011. “Briefings are kept very short and much is left up to you, so you have the full liberty to carry out your vision. For this look, it was important to me that the style leaned towards classic with a modern twist. Clear, geometric beading added subtle shine without being overpowering. And the shape was made to flatter her figure, yet still be easy to wear. Mrs. Obama is a symbol of style for our country. Her values as a wife and mother are inspiring and so is everything she has done for the underprivileged. It meant the world to me to design for her.”

Source: InStyle

J. Mendel’s Gilles Mendel

“Dressing Mrs. Obama was truly one of the highlights of my career,” say Mendel. “We had met once before when I received the Cooper Hewitt National Design Award and attended a function at the White House. She was exactly the type of woman I love to dress–smart, elegant, charming and making a difference in our world. Since this look was for the BET Honors awards show and not a state dinner, I wanted her to look contemporary and cool. The silhouette was classic, but the one-shoulder neckline with layered detailing gave the gown an edge.”

Source: InStyle

Michelle Obama in Brandon Maxwell

At a White House Dinner in 2016, the FLOTUS stunned in this sponge crepe dress custom made for her by Brandon Maxwell. “It was an incredible honor for me and my team to create this dress for the First Lady,” says Maxwell. “Strong and elegant, she is the embodiment of the woman who inspires me to create and a role model for women all over the world.”

Source: InStyle

Jason Wu

For the inaugural balls in 2009 and 2013 (above), Obama turned to designer Jason Wu. “I feel very honored to have dressed her for both inaugurations,” says Wu. “The ruby red gown was a powerful statement for this truly remarkable First Lady. I think that she has brought such a unique voice and point of view to Washington. Her influence has truly inspired many women in politics to embrace their femininity.”

Source: InStyle

Peter Soronen

“It’s fun to design for Mrs. Obama,” says Soronen, who made the sequined silk chiffon dress for her first formal White House dinner in 2009. “The inspiration was to do something different for her and the White House. And her choices are never boring. I was able to do my favorite fitted silhouette, which looked great on her. Making her dress is by far the best feather in my cap.”

Source: InStyle

Michael Kors

“It’s always an honor when someone who is constantly in the public eye chooses our designs,” says Kors. “Mrs. Obama has worn Michael Kors on numerous occasions, for both major events and for simply living her life. She trusts us to make her feel confident and comfortable, and that means I’m doing my job right. I especially love when she chooses something unexpected, like this black paillette fishtail skirt, and makes it look effortlessly chic.”

Source: InStyle

Marchesa’s Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig

“We admire the First Lady for always dressing appropriately while maintaining a fashion-forward edge,” says Chapman of Obama in a custom emerald silk chiffon Marchesa creation at the Kennedy Center Honors event in 2013. Adds Craig: “We felt incredibly honored to dress her. She is a strong, beautiful woman that radiates grace and elegance–that is always the ultimate goal for us as designers.”

Source: InStyle

Tracy Reese

At the 2012 Democratic National Convention, the FLOTUS opted for Tracy Reese’s fit and flare silk jacquard dress. “Dressing our nation’s First Lady, whom I respect and admire profoundly, has definitely been the high point of my career,” says Reese. “I always love playing with scalloping and bordering. The deep contrast border on this dress added dimension and interest. It was not a textbook or cliche choice. It spoke to her own unique sense of style: feminine yet strong!”

Source: InStyle

Spatial Shock [Rouge/Ashwin]

“Your eyes are breathtakingly beautiful behind that mask!”

Rouge felt her cheeks blush with new warmth, the rosy tint to her cheeks accenting the soft pink of her lips. She let the mask drop, revealing porcelain skin and a flattered, stunning smile. “I think you’re a little bias,” she told him. 

Ash grinned at her, “not at all, I think you’re being far too modest,” he assured her.  “I’d even go as far to say that so many guys have had their eyes on you, I almost feel compelled to take up all the slots on your dance card.” He faltered, a little unsure of himself, do events like these even have dance cards? This was the first masquerade ball he’d bothered to attend and he’d already lost his mask. Well not lost, misplaced.

He fidgeted nervously not realising how close he was standing to one of the displays, and almost knocked it over. He heard a few horrified gasps from people standing nearby, but turning quickly he caught it before it hit the ground. Nice move, Sevani, he hoped he hoped his embarrassment hadn’t shown on his face.  Not quite able to look Rouge in the eyes after his attempt at being smooth had fallen flat, he glanced over her shoulder at his brother, Hari, leaning against the wall and giving him an obviously sarcastic thumbs up.  

Ash sighed, he had only come because he heard Rouge was going to be there and he was already messing up.  “And after my shocking display of lack of spatial awareness, I completely understand if you want to dance with someone else,” he tried to joke.

Rouge giggled, the sound accenting the violin music that filled the ballroom, bouncing off the walls for an echoing acoustic. She ventured a step closer to Ashwin, the skirts of her ruby red gown swaying at her heels. The corset squeezed her waist, hugged every curve, and showed off a subtle glance at the curve of her breasts. Skin snow white, hairy of dark ebony, berry red lips; she was a waking fairytale, and this night was a moment of magic. She covered her lips with her free hand, trying to stifle the sound of her laughter. Rouge could be a klutz herself, but watching Ashwin calmed her nerves. 

“Actually, it makes me want to spend the night with you even more.” Her eyes dazzled, another hot blush on her cheeks when she heard her own words. “Dancing, I mean.” There was no one else’s company she wanted, anyway; after all, she’d come to see him.