ruby polish


Mineral Lot #24 - Retail price $95

ON SALE for $80 (free shipping in the USA)

This lot includes everything you see in the pictures- a HUGE polished ruby in fuschite point and five tumbled lapis lazuli, five tumbled aqumarine, and ten tumbled green aventurine! This one reminds me of the ocean

If you’re interested in a lot, you send me the lot number and your email address over the instant messenger here on tumblr. If you were the first to claim it, I will let you know! If you live outside the USA, please let me know what country you live in, so I can let you know how much shipping is!

The payment method used is paypal invoice which is sent to your email. You don’t need a paypal account to pay, just a credit or debit card. The invoices will all be sent after all the lots have been posted.

You have until Monday to pay. If you don’t pay, it will go up for grabs again. Please do not claim a lot if you know you can’t/won’t pay. It really adds a lot of stress to this already quick paced sale.

You can claim as many as you want. Good luck! :)

Tag Game

Rules: Tag 9 people you want to know better.

I was tagged by @celstefani​.

How old are you? 30.

What are you talented at? Writing, storytelling, business, organization, some artsy things, prolific cursing, and bringing the funnies. 

What is a big goal you are working toward (or have already achieved)? I published my first book! And that, coupled with my YouTube platform, did well enough for me to become a full-time writer/vlogger! And I’m in the process of publishing my second book :D

What’s your aesthetic? Black nail polish, rubies (<3), NIN, a macbook pro, a bigass crown, cheese pizza, fluffy hair, vanilla scent, and high heels that straddle the line between I’m a classy, feminine lady and I could easily kill you if I wanted to.

Do you collect anything? Souls. 

What’s a topic you always talk about? My books. Other people’s books. The writing industry. Life. Assholes. Not the butt kind - the people kind.

What’s a pet peeve of yours? People who smack while they eat. This ain’t a barn, CLOSE YOUR DAMN MOUTH!

Good advice to give? You only have one life to live. Don’t waste it appeasing everyone but yourself. 

What are three songs you’d recommend? You know, I can’t recommend songs if I don’t know a person’s tastes. I hate it when people just recommend a song because they themselves like it. So what if you like it? What does that have to do with me? Ugh.

I’m just going to list three of my favorite songs and call it a day.

I’m tagging @smitha-ng, @chriskarlyle, @bellarosepope, @skasse, and I can’t think of anyone else. So there.

Large Ruby in Zoisite Polished Point

We brought this towering Ruby in Zoisite recently into the showroom after falling in love with its incredible presence. This piece makes for a beautiful sculpture, boasting patterns of Ruby among a sea of green Zoisite.

“Ruby gives courage and strength to stride forward and take that leap of faith. It encourages one to keep going, stare fear in the face and stand up for what one believes in. It brings out the protective side in one, encouraging one to stand up for children, friends and animals who are threatened. A stone of prosperity. It brings passion, optimism and enthusiasm to its keeper.”

Email for more details.

An unusual early 19th Century gold coloured metal mounted and lapis lazuli scent flask, the mount set with four emeralds and four rubies within engraved borders, and with bayonet pattern loop handle similarly engraved and set with one ruby, the shaped and polished body of slightly fluted form, 2.75ins (70mm) high (metal unmarked but tests as 18 carat gold)

The water's surface broke. || Ron + Harry friendship || PG-13 (language)

The water’s surface broke.

Ripping cold tore through him from his limbs to his heart, as he sank below, holding his breath. He’d spared no time to think, now suddenly encompassed by frozen darkness as he fought his way down.

How could Harry have done it? That bleeding locket.

What had possessed him- no, that wasn’t correct. How had he been so careless? To jump in with the locket round his neck…

Metres down seemed to stretch indefinitely, and the bubbling of Ron’s strangled exhales cleared away long enough to afford him a hazy view of ruby red, polished silver… glinting.

He could finally make out Harry’s dark, closing eyes, as the weight of his own robes fought against his efforts to reach… But he hadn’t had time to remove his clothing. His chest tightened, muscles going rigid against unbelievable cold as he extended his arms, dragging underneath Harry’s, finding the locket’s chain struggling with incredible force to restrict Harry’s ability to breathe or resurface.

Wand clutched, aiming and focusing with all his might, he sliced the chain at the back of Harry’s neck, releasing him from bondage. He held the dead weight of his best mate, the man he’d left. The one who ought to hate him, never forgive him, for what he had done.

Yet nothing mattered but the strength to pull Harry free, away from danger and the icy clutches of a meaningless death.

Stretching one long, lanky arm, his skeletal fingers wrapped round the hilt of the sword of Gryffindor, a final burst of air from his lungs as he pushed off the bottom, squeezing Harry to his chest and the sword to Harry’s.

The water’s newly quiet surface broke again - a shaggy, ginger head emerging; an unshaven, freckled face; jet black hair and a second skull lolling against a heaving chest. Clattering the sword to the frozen edge of the pool, he forced his elbow painfully into thick ice, dragging Harry up with the sword, scrambling in a soaked pile of jumpers, robes, and twisted denim.

Yanking his own body free, he clambered to his feet, watching with glimmering eyes as Harry turned and began to cough, reaching round for his glasses.

Every part of his body was shivering as shock, relief, and the freezing temperature outside made fierce attempts to still his blood, pausing the ability of his frozen lungs to pull in air… puffs of smoke as he desperately panted into the night… the broken chain with the locket still attached dangling from his hand.

And he could see the light in Harry’s eyes. Recognition. Damned if it wasn’t something more. If he wasn’t glad-

Sod it. Harry was alive. Nothing else mattered.

Except the nagging annoyance that grew again as he flashed through the surely inevitable path that would have led his best mate to certain doom, to a watery tomb in stark isolation, a fucking locket choking him to death as the surface of the water stood motionless.

And he shuddered out a breath, shaking his head.

“Are - you - mental?”