ruby pendants

A Faberge Gold, Enamel and Ruby Egg made in St. Petersburg between 1899 and 1901. The egg is covered with a salmon pink guilloche enamel. The front is centered with a bezel-set round faceted ruby flanked by two overlapping chased green gold garlands, each set with a small ruby. The detachable gold fitting is marked on the suspension ring with 56 zolotnik standard (14K), with initials of St. Petersburg assay master Yakov Liapunov and workmaster’s initials ’ E K ’ for Erik Kollin.


Dracula (2013/2014) - Katie McGrath as Lucy Westenra wearing an evening dress with red satin corseted bodice and long skirt of red satin, white tulle and organza. Lace elements accent the bodice and the skirt. The accessories include red satin opera gloves, white fabric flowers and ruby jewellery (pendant earrings, brooch and bracelet).

The costumes were designed by Annie Symons.

An Art Nouveau gold, plique-à-jour enamel, pearl and ruby pendant, by Georges Fouquet, circa 1898. The pendant designed as an orchid decorated with plique-à-jour enamel, centring a round faceted ruby, surrounded by four small pearls set to the anthers, mounted in yellow gold, suspended from a gold chain set with gems.

Kitten pt 4

Jokers POV


My phone rings in my pocket right before I pull up to the warehouse where my business meeting was about to take place.

I growl at the annoyance and poor timing of the phone call. “What is it?!” I snap when I answer.

“S-she’s escaped sir! She tricked me and bolted.” the idiot on the other line says.

“She WHAT?!” I yell into the phone.

I’m too pissed to pay any more attention to the blubbering buffoon.

“FROST! Turn around! We’re going back to the house.” I snap at him.

He turns around and speeds back down the road towards my house.

I knock my head against the window in frustration. We arrive a few minutes later and I swing my door open and walk towards the front door that is wide open. I walk inside and shout for my idiot henchmen.

I pull my gun out of my holster.

My men come into the room; every single one of them has a terrified expression on their face.

“Who let her get away?” I ask, looking around the room.

I fire my gun into the ceiling when no one responds.

“I said, Who Let Her Get Away!” I shout.

One man steps forward. “I-It was my fault sir. She tricked me, I sor-“

I shoot him in the head before he finishes.

“Find her.” I growl. “Or you’ll end up like this idiot.”


(Y/N) Pov


“What’s going on?” I ask aloud.

I look around and nothing seems out of place. I walk around my room but something feels off.  I run to my door and try to open it but its locked.

“Oh kitten. I told you to behave didn’t I?” his voice echoes through the cold room. I spin around and there he is, standing right in front of me in only a pair of black dress pants. His glare is intense as his ice blue eyes pierce through you. His cold hand wraps tightly around your throat, you’re too frightened to try to resist.

The world is spinning and my vision is fading.. I’m going to die..


“Daddy!” You scream as you sit up from your nightmare. Bruce rushes in and wraps his arms around your trembling body.

“It’s okay baby. You’re safe. I’m right here.” He soothes as he rubs your back softly. “I’m not going to let anything happen to you. He can’t hurt you baby.”

You cry for a few minutes before you calm down. You notice your dad is dressed up and you tilt your head curiously.

“Get dressed baby, I’m throwing you a welcome home party to get your mind off of things,” he smiles and walks out of the room, closing the door behind him.

You smile softly and walk to your closet; you look through it for something nice to wear. You decide on a long (F/C) floor length dress with a slit up the leg that comes to your upper thigh, the front has (F/C) sequins lining the V neck and lacy shoulders. You put your dress on and sweep on some makeup. You go to your jewelry box and pull out a silver choker with a ruby heart pendant. You slip on a pair of black stilettos to finish and head downstairs. You smile when you see all your friends waiting for you in the great room.

You greet them and start to relax. You have a few glasses of champagne; even though your dad detests you drinking since you’re only nineteen, he let you off the hook for tonight. You talk to your friends abut what happened and let them all know that you’re okay. You talk and dance for about two hours and have a few more drinks.

By now you’re starting to feel the effects of the alcohol so you sneak outside for some fresh air. You sit on a bench in the garden and smile as the cool air whirls around you. You start to replay your time with Joker in your mind.  “He wasn’t actually all that bad..” you say to yourself. Thinking about how gentle he was with you for the most part. ‘What are you saying? He’s a psychopath. But he wasn’t all that bad.. he didn’t really hurt you.. Yes he did! He choked you until you passed out. One time. He stripped you down. Yeah, but he didn’t do anything..” you argue with yourself. You sigh and shake your head. You stand to go back inside when you hear a noise coming from further in the garden, normally you’d ignore it but in your buzzed state you walk towards the noise. You freeze when you see him. He looks at you and smiles as he walks over to you. “Well, what do we have here? My kitten got all dressed up for me.” He grins, not standing right in front of you.

You open your mouth to scream but he places his hand over your mouth. “Now doll, I don’t think that’s a very good idea. You don’t want all of your friends to get hurt do ya?” he smiles. You shake your head as tears begin to well up in your eyes. ‘Nevermind. He’s a terrible person, total jackass.’ You think to yourself.

“W-what do y-you want J-Joker?” you stutter.

“You promised you’d behave. I’m just wanting to know why you lied.” He shrugs.

“I-I wanted to come home. I wanted to see my friends and my dad.” You whisper as he glares at you.

“Okay, well, one more question then.” He pulls you close and presses a cloth over your nose and mouth. You smell something sweet and everything starts fading to black. “Does this smell like chloroform to you?” he picks up your limp body and laughs wildly.