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Murdoch Mysteries characters + D&D Alignment Charts  #2

(The first one is here)

I must confess this one was much harder to make, mostly because I’d put Emily, Rebecca and Ruby as chaotic good if I could. My argument here is that Ruby, even if a little bit hectic, is a journalist - and always tries to see both sides of the same story.

Jagged Little Pill showed us that Rebecca might be on her way to become a chaotic good, too, but I needed someone to be lawful neutral and since she’s still a student, I decided to keep her as lawful neutral for a while.


Rubyrubyrubyrubyrubyrubyrubyrubyrubyruby 8D

I love it when she shows up! She’s so cheeky and awesome and Sarah Gadon is adorbs. And I may also ship her and George, shhhhhh….  And she ships Julliam too :3

Seriously if she jumps up and makes a sassy plea for True Love Conquers All at “speak now or forever hold your peace” I will totally not be surprised.