ruby of arsenic

  • Taiyang: For the last time, NO! You are not wielding the most deadly and unpredictable weapon in the arsenal!
  • Ruby: But dad!
  • Taiyang: No buts! I'm putting my foot down.
  • Ruby: But.... Dad...
  • Ruby: If I used a scythe to fight the grimm...
  • Taiyang: ....
  • Ruby: I would be a GRIMM REAPER.
  • Taiyang: Holy shit you're right
  • Taiyang: Daughter, here's a high five and your bedtime is never.
Kait’s 5k celebration!

Blog Rates!

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I decided to do these as my celebration, because they look like tons of fun, and lets me see follower’s blogs who I haven’t seen yet! So let’s see how this goes!


      ♥ mbf me
send me one thing that you like about my blog,
       about Supernatural, or about yourself in an ask!
      ♥ you can send on anon, but please don’t forget to include your url.
      ♥ blacklist ‘kaits5kcelebration’ if you don’t want to see these.
i will be taking these until midnight, May 23rd.


Weapon (URL): | shotgun | knife | ruby’s knife | impala arsenal | angel blade
♥ Ride (Icon): | foot | motorcycle | demon teleportation | angel wings | impala
♥ Species (Theme):
| wendigo | vamp | demon | human | angel
♥ Location (Posts): | hell | in the woods | bobby’s place | heaven | the bunker
♥ Rank (Overall): | bad hunter | decent hunter | good hunter | wow amazing hunter | you’re the hunter on the demon bathroom walls |


       ♥ I am going to pick two of my favorite blogs, out of all the ones that are sent to me, and write a fic based on the request of their choice. It could be smut, angst, fluff anything, but only TFW (because I can’t write anyone else very well.)
You will also get a follow from me, if I’m not following you already.

If mutuals and non mutuals would reblog this, I would be forever grateful. Please, everyone send in their urls and I look forward to celebrating with you!

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