ruby of arsenic

Realgar on calcite

I have visited this lovely mineral that is also known as ruby sulphur before (see and, but this specimen was so wonderful that I couldn’t resist sharing this lovely Chinese chunknestling on calcite. A sulphide of arsenic, it shouldn’t be licked, and hands should be washed after handling. In addition it disintegrates with prolonged exposure to light, which slowly disaggregates its crystal structure, so prize specimens should always be stored in the dark when not being drooled over.

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  • Taiyang: For the last time, NO! You are not wielding the most deadly and unpredictable weapon in the arsenal!
  • Ruby: But dad!
  • Taiyang: No buts! I'm putting my foot down.
  • Ruby: But.... Dad...
  • Ruby: If I used a scythe to fight the grimm...
  • Taiyang: ....
  • Ruby: I would be a GRIMM REAPER.
  • Taiyang: Holy shit you're right
  • Taiyang: Daughter, here's a high five and your bedtime is never.


Now that the most obvious pun is out of the way, let’s get elbow deep in this fine AsS mineral: Realgar.I didn’t know a whole lot about it, so I decided to correct this egregious oversight and educate myself. I immediately realized I’ve definitely wasted my entire life, and I could have been spending it ‘mirin Realgar. What a fucking failure. But now you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did.Realgar is half sulfur and half arsenic, and it’s sometimes called “Ruby Sulfur” or “Ruby of Arsenic”. Which is hilarious because it would actually make really shitty jewelery, unless Organ Failure is the look you’re going for.As you’re probably aware, Arsenic is the a̶c̶t̶i̶v̶e̶ fun ingredient in Rat Poison. People have been poisoning all kinds of shit with Realgar for thousands of years. Spain even used it to exterminate rats in the Dark Ages. England followed suit in the Renaissance. But the ancient Chinese went a different route and decided to use it in medicine. Bold strategy Cotton. Realgar can be mixed with potassium chlorate to make impact explosives. It was also used to make white flames in fireworks for awhile. Fucking baller.In ancient times Realgar was used as a pigment for paints. It actually produces Reddit’s favorite color: Orangered. Oh Realgar, you silly whore.Unfortunately, this color fades to a less riveting yellow shade over time because of one particular instability in the mineral. When exposed to light, Realgar decays and crumbles into a different mineral called Pararealgar, and then eventually further degenerates into a powder. Museums can’t even display it for extended periods of time.

FUN EDUCATIONAL FACT: Realgar forms in hydrothermal veins and can be found in Volcanic Sublimations and Hot Springs. Go for a soak in a natural Realgar-Infused hot spring to rejuvenate your body and mind. FUN EDUCATIONAL FACT: Realgar used to be utilized by leather tanners to remove hair from pelts because Arsenic makes things bald. You can use this on your pets to reduce unwanted shedding on your furniture. FUN EDUCATIONAL FACT: When you heat Realgar it smells like Garlic. Prepare a meal to impress your friends and family with your knowledge of exotic ingredients. So as you can see, Realgar is basically the super villain of the mineral world. Formed in a volcano. Has to live in darkness. Makes fancy explosions. Stupidly poisonous. Unstable. All of these are traits I really admire. Goddamn tease. [stolen and modified without permission from imgur]