ruby heart necklace

♡Valentines Day Drabble♡

Akashi Seijuro x Reader (Valentines Day Surprise)


Patiently outside your house you waited for the arrival of your boyfriend, Akashi Seijuro. After weeks of being apart tonight, Valentines Day, you were finally going to reunite with your love. 

Finally, after what seemed like forever, a beautiful, shiny limo pulled up in front of your house.   

“_____ _____,” the driver spoke as he exited the car and opened the car door for you. “Master Seijuro has requested me to pick you up and drive you to his manor for dinner.” 

“Thank you,” you smiled as you entered the large car. 


Arriving at the manor, you gave the driver one last thank you and entered the large place. 

Everything was beautifully set up for the night. Candles wee lit, rose petals covered the flooring, and love could truly be felt through the air down every hall. You found yourself following the sound of a violin playing, your feet gliding through the air at each note. Finally finding the room with the source of the music, opening the door you were greeted by your loving boyfriend. 

“_____,” he smiled as he placed his violin down. He walked over to you and kissed your hand. “You’ve finally arrived.”

“I’ve missed you so much, Seijuro,” you whispered as you felt yourself being locked in his strong arms after the kiss. 

“I’ve missed too,” he whispered back with a smile. “I have something for you. Stay right here.” 

Breaking the hug, he quickly made his to the table in the back of the room where he grabbed a small box. Making his way back to you with a smile he held the box carefully, as if the most valuable thing was placed inside of it. Finally once he reached you, he handed you the box. 

“Oh Seijuro,” you gasped as you opened the box and pulled out a red ruby heart necklace. “It’s gorgeous. Thank you so much!”

“It was my mother’s.”

“I’ll treasure it forever,” you began putting it on until you felt Akashi’s hands stp your actions. You gave him a confused look as he told you not to wear it yet. 

“I know a better time I’d rather you wear it.”

“Where might that be?”

“Well you see my mother wore that her wedding day. Both her and I would love if you did the same. So, ______,” he smiled going down on one knee while you let out a small shocked gasped. “Will you marry me?”