ruby and sapphire version

I honestly love how, no matter who you ask, everyone has a favorite pokemon. And they all have their own reasons, like

Onix is your favorite because it was the first Pokemon card you ever owned?

Of course

Mudkip is your favorite because it’s the first starter you ever chose?


Venipede is your favorite because you love bug types?

Heck yeah

Rockruff is your favorite because it’s just so freakin’ cute?


Reblog and put in the tags what your favorite Pokemon is and why!


“Is there anything that’s worth more than peace and love on the planet Earth ?”

This cross-over might already exist somewhere, but it’s too adorable to pass by. (I mean, come on, hovering girlfriends). So I tried my best to deal with those colors and ambiances. @elnawen, thank you again for your advices.

And surprise, discover her own colored version > here < ! :D


I was decorating my secret base in Omega Ruby Version to make it look like Sapphires and I just noticed Ruby’s interesting choice of posters..


And Relicanth.

Seviper being the point of the story where they made the bet and Ruby refusing to help Sapphire fight the Seviper.

Relicanth being the point of the story with the two of them reconciling after breaking the bet and Ruby wanting to help Sapphire fight for Hoenn.

That’s two very important points in their journeys both to do with the 80 day bet. Plus this is the 80th day and a celebration of the two of them completing their goals.

So like wow, Ruby’s actually put some thought into decorating Sapphires cave.Typical Ruby acting all selfish and clueless but still showing he cares through the little things he does.


So i want to start this alternate universe with sapphire and ruby as humans~ sapphire is going to be of course a sheltered rich girl, and ruby as a “delinquent” who never gets taken seriously. Then when they meet sparkss fly and ruby starts to help sapphire come out of her shell and everything~
Well so far this is all a wip, but im going to make sure that i get this done!

Stronger Than You Extended Version
Steven Universe
Stronger Than You Extended Version

Here’s an extended version of Stronger than You :D

I really think they should’ve kept the extra verses, they tell alot more about Ruby and Sapphire than the shortened version, but i guess some stuff had to be cut to fit the time slot.

it's like a shitty version of pokemon ruby/sapphire
it's like a shitty version of pokemon ruby/sapphire

a big part of the u2o2 soundtrack process has been roughly along the lines of, “trawl old geocities pages for janky MIDIs, change the instruments with no rhyme or reason, then click export and pray to jesus”