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“Is there anything that’s worth more than peace and love on the planet Earth ?”

This cross-over might already exist somewhere, but it’s too adorable to pass by. (I mean, come on, hovering girlfriends). So I tried my best to deal with those colors and ambiances. @elnawen, thank you again for your advices.

And surprise, discover her own colored version > here < ! :D


I was decorating my secret base in Omega Ruby Version to make it look like Sapphires and I just noticed Ruby’s interesting choice of posters..


And Relicanth.

Seviper being the point of the story where they made the bet and Ruby refusing to help Sapphire fight the Seviper.

Relicanth being the point of the story with the two of them reconciling after breaking the bet and Ruby wanting to help Sapphire fight for Hoenn.

That’s two very important points in their journeys both to do with the 80 day bet. Plus this is the 80th day and a celebration of the two of them completing their goals.

So like wow, Ruby’s actually put some thought into decorating Sapphires cave.Typical Ruby acting all selfish and clueless but still showing he cares through the little things he does.


So i want to start this alternate universe with sapphire and ruby as humans~ sapphire is going to be of course a sheltered rich girl, and ruby as a “delinquent” who never gets taken seriously. Then when they meet sparkss fly and ruby starts to help sapphire come out of her shell and everything~
Well so far this is all a wip, but im going to make sure that i get this done!


A lot of people have given Garnet grief for some perceived hypocrisy in the above screenshots.  Sure, Garnet says this now that she’s being lusted after by some creepy mailman, but back when Ruby and Sapphire first met all it took was chasing a frog and two minutes of singing for it to be twu wuv foreva.  And let’s not forget that Greg fell head over heels in love with Rose within five minutes of meeting her.

But Rose and Greg, in that respect, were redeemed in “We Need to Talk”.  That episode showed clearly that, while Greg and Rose may have become infatuated when they first met, it took real work and a lot of talking before they were able to form a proper relationship.  “The Answer” featured none of that, and a lot of viewers seemed to feel cheated.

I think that’s a bit unfair.  Partly because I think it was pretty clear that the events in “The Answer” took place over some time, maybe days, maybe weeks, but considering the lifespan of Gems it could easily have been months or years before Ruby and Sapphire decided to fuse again.  In addition, after “The Answer”, Ruby and Sapphire had five thousand fucking years to get to know each other and build a relationship.  And most of all, because Ruby and Sapphire did get their own version of “We Need to Talk”, and it was called “Keystone Motel”.

Okay, right off the bat, this is my favourite episode of “Steven Universe” so far, hands down.  Because I’ve seen some kids’ media handle similar themes as “We Need to Talk” (”Beauty and the Beast” is a great example); the themes of realising someone isn’t who you think they are, and that you’re falling in love with them.  Sometimes the characters start out infatuated, sometimes they start out hating or fearing each other, but by the end they’re in love.  It’s not an uncommon story.  But I don’t think I’ve seen any such stories touching on what we see in “Keystone Motel”.  

“Keystone Motel” is exactly what Garnet was talking about in the first two images; it’s about how a relationship takes fucking work.  

Ruby and Sapphire are an established couple.  They are committed, devoted, and deeply in love.  And they are fucking pissed at each other.  Ruby feels that her feelings are being ignored and devalued.  And Sapphire feels that she must put her own pain aside for the greater good, and can’t understand why Ruby can’t do the same.  Neither of them is wrong, but neither of them is right either. Their inability to reconcile these emotions are what leads to Garnet un-fusing.  So yes, the couple literally has a fight so furious that they separate.  And they both talk about how infuriating the other can be, and how useless it is to talk to them sometimes.  

But they work it out.

They talk.  Sapphire realises she’s been ignoring Ruby’s feelings, treating her anger as though it wasn’t legitimate.  Ruby realises that she’s been letting her rage and pain carry her away, forgetting that Sapphire has her own way of expressing her emotions.  They realise that they’ve both made mistakes, are both expressing their feelings of hurt and betrayal in their own way, and that there’s nothing wrong with that.  And through it all, despite being angry, and irritated, and in pain…they still love each other.  

A couple does not have to be sunshine and rainbows and lovey-snuggle-bunnies 24/7.  You can be angry with someone, hurt by their behaviour, find them annoying as all fuck…but still love them.  And you can still work out your problems, if you’re willing to communicate and put in the effort.  

How many times do we see that in any show or movie, let alone one for kids? And how valuable, how powerful is this lesson?  How important is it to teach that sometimes relationships take work, and sometimes that work comes hand in hand with pain.  But if you love each other, if you listen, if you respect your partner for who they are…then you can come through it all the stronger.  

I fucking love Garnet. Because Garnet represents one of the very, very few examples in popular culture of a healthy relationship.  And that is so fucking important that I do not have words to express it.

The gems playing sims
  • Steven: Makes sims versions of his family except his household has the maximum number of pets allowed.
  • Pearl: Everyone has a job and everyone goes to bed on time. She names all of the babies "Steven". May or may not have made her and Rose.
  • Amethyst: Sets her sims on fire then gets bored.
  • Garnet: Makes sim versions of Ruby and Sapphire, plays their lives out and when they die she makes new versions and starts again.
  • Peridot: Makes really detailed houses but can't get through a single day playing with people.
  • Lapis: Uses cheats and deletes NPCs who annoy her.