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🍪 - Steven

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🔥 - Ruby

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🌹 - Rose

🍇 - Amethyst

😭 - Blue Diamond

😠 -  Yellow Diamond

🍊 - Jasper

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Steven Universe: Ruby [ESTP]

OFFICIAL TYPING BY: mysterylover123

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Ruby pretty much lives in the moment, consumed by what’s passing before her eyes. She leaps into action to save Sapphire, regardless of the consequences; she seethes in anger over Pearl’s betrayal, this spilling over into physical action such as destroying the table in the restaurant. She’s quick to get lost in having fun or enjoying what’s happening; she’s generally the less responsible or grounded of the Ruby-Sapphire duo, instead bringing the rashness and reactive abilities that Sapphire lacks.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Ruby needs time to think out a logical plan for any given situation. She stumbles at coming up with an excuse to divert the other Rubies in “Hit the Diamond”, because without time to internally process the logistics of the situation, she doesn’t have an internal system of facts to work with. She points out the facts of the situation during her fight with Sapphire, lost in the internal truths of the problem like Ti-users can get when they have nothing but those truths swirling around their minds.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Ruby wears her feelings for all to see and doesn’t bother trying to reign them in. She’s highly expressive, twitchy and unable to conceal her bouts of anger, fear, worry or unbridled joy. She senses Sapphire’s emotions and intentions without having to hear them out loud; she takes on a caretaker-like role to Sapp easily when things start going awry. She gets nervous in social situations and is often over conscious of her own behavior.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): Ruby’s not good at thinking outside the box or regarding what could happen in the future. She’s mad at Pearl now, what does it matter about the long-term stability of the group? She’s enjoying flirting with Sapphire, what does it matter that this could give them away? She rarely thinks of consequences to her actions; she’s not particularly creative or imaginative. When she does have a clear goal though, she does try to stick to it and follow it through to the end.

Note: This is for Ruby-of-Ruby & Sapphire-Ruby. The others may have different types. 

list of gems that deserved to be written better

(meaning as better people (less manipulative, for example), or just Written In General)

  • garnet
  • amethyst
  • bismuth
  • sugilite
  • lapis
  • peridot
  • pearl
  • rubies
  • jasper
  • blue diamond
  • malachite
  • sardonyx
  • rose
  • steven
  • just. all of them
  • write them all better
  • blease

Okay, so the newest episode of Steven Universe made me re-evaluate Navy’s character a LOT, particularly her behaviour in Hit the Diamond. Originally I thought she was just flighty and oblivious, but like…

I think it was an act here, too. I think she knew DAMN well our Ruby didn’t belong with the rest of them and something was up, but she smugly pretended otherwise because…Idk, she thought they’d gain more information by playing along? Or maybe she’s a true Agent of Chaos and she just wanted to see how things would play out? I’m not sure, and I’ll def rewatch that other Rubies episode to see how I feel about that, but man I just don’t buy this lady at all anymore. “What a turn of events!” no longer sounds like like anything other than SARCASM to me. What do y'all think?

I find it amazing how diamonds aren’t heartless and cold and powerful like we originally thought. We thought they were independent and strong. But we’ve learned that they feel and show emotion like the rest of us, going so far as to show their weaknesses in front of their “lowly” pearls.

 Disappointment and anger, fear

 Grief and heartbreak

 And love

Even the strongest can feel hurt.

Ok, so interesting stuff I gathered from the new su episodes:

-the gems from Amethyst’s kindergarden are the most amazing thing ever

-apparently the beta gems are miscoloured?

-jasper was the only one who made it a) off earth or b) off zoo duty

-blue diamond is easily persuaded holy shit

-the guard gem (i can’t remember her name) just had her whole life turned around and is probably gonna have an existential crisis over a pearl telling her off

-blue diamond is a grieving mess but that doesn’t excuse KIDNAPPING PEOPLE AND SHATTERING GEMS BECAUSE THEY’VE FUSED ARE YOU KIDDING ME

-yellow diamond doesn’t know how grief works and she’s gonna have a breakdown

- i really liked the beta gem they showed us (was it another jasper, a carneol maybe?)


-ruby holds sapphire’s hand to keep her from freezing herself

-ruby is NOT dumb

-garnet is scared af of blue diamond (understandably)


-blue pearl is indeed a shy little thing and apparently dancing with yellow pearl is nice ™

-blue Diamond’s voice makes me cry

-like, I thought she was gonna be some stone cold calculating ice rock but she just cries all the time (although we did get a glimpse of how terrifying she can be as soon as there’s subjects around)


-yellow diamond admits that they all love pink diamond

-the lyrics got me (There’s no use in feeling [pause] blue)

-like, was i the only one who went ‘damn, that’s a double meaning if I’ve ever seen one’ 1) There’s no use in feeling, Blue or 2) There’s no use in feeling blue (feeling blue = feeling sad)

-the humans in the zoo do not handle rejection well

-i wonder if their earrings tell them how to procreate too?


-the zoo is creepy

-the guard gem played herself

-She has her gem on the back of her head - we’ve never seen that before, so that’s interesting

-i’m dead

-like, I legit died watching this



Baby Pokémon -  are Pokémon at the lowest stage of Pokémon Evolution that cannot themselves breed. The concept was introduced in Generation II, along with breeding.