Quarter pounders and soda
  • Quarter pounders and soda

Soooooooo just a little experiment heheh~ Might’ve had a little binge this morning of a couple of quarter pounders, large fries and large drink, so afterwards I decided I might try out a little advice from a friend and record it~! Nooooot the best quality and certainly not as “active” as I might’ve hoped, b-but hey, it’s your first glimpse into the belly of the beast huh~? <3 (Also I’ve never uploaded an audio file, so this submission might be a little iffy until I figure it all out!)

Please let me know if this is something yall would want me to dabble with more often!

Are SU Villains Evil?

I’ll be building on probably one of the more subtle critiques of the show, and one of my favorite posts by Clockie.

Evil is a concept in fiction tends to be an opposite force for Good (or less evil if you like grimdark stuff), and for Evil to work as a concept, it needs to be stopped for good- whether by death/destruction or conversion (via removing evil that has taken control of a person in the form of possession, drugging, etc.). But in SU, what is good- and what is evil? What is at odds?

Whether the imperialistic, totalitarian nature of Homeworld is cultural or caused by the famine (we’ll call it, as it’s the closest word I can think of), one has to consider the other side’s process. And generally, many work’s answers to the problem of “how can an entire empire follow one thought process”, it’s “well the ruler is evil who has power with technology, magic, influence, or just being super strong”. But it’s not exactly that simple.

Peridot felt helpless to fight her imperialist culture, so her first reaction is to bargain with it. This is fed by either willing or ignorant misinformation spread that she couldn’t possess any abilities and that she herself was useless if she wasn’t of any use to YD. Ruby and Sapphire never got the choice in the first place to challenge Homeworld, but were faced with conforming (which meant Ruby’s death) or else (both dying). The crowd around them has a similar choice: fight (and possibly die), or stay neutral (staying safe). Rose only rebelled after seeing first-hand what it does to other sentients, where her world-view couldn’t compete with reality.

But that’s how these things happen. They’re all taught the Diamond Authority is Law, and challenging that is usually greeted with harsh reprisals. Yellow Diamond learned how to be who she is by either forming that opinion herself (if she is part of the first ever generation of gems), or from those around her as she interacted with the existing culture. With no threat to her authority or otherwise, she has no reason to change. Indifference, fear, and/or ignorance allows Yellow Diamond to remain largely unquestioned. An affluent gem has little reason to change things, as they directly benefit from everything (like Yellow Diamond). “Weak” gems and lower-caste gems fear the very real consequences of even so much as ticking off someone of a higher caste. And all classes are inundated with ignorance that keeps them from seeing alternatives. Thus a social structure as rigid as this is maintained. 

Bringing this to Earth?

Kevin largely gets his kicks from others’ pain- and there will always be someone willing to indulge him in his little superiority game. As long as his world-view is only challenged now and then, he’s still able to tell himself he’s the best, and test it against others by goading them into anger.

With travel and communication tech as it is, Marty will almost always be able to find another sucker. Marty is (seemingly) rich because he throws a bazillion schemes, and eventually one of them works. He measures his success by his wealth and pleasure. Even if temporary, he’ll find what he wants because someone will give it to him. And to his credit, he is rather crafty.

Lars has only seen the light of his ways after hitting rock bottom. It won’t be a sudden change, but he’s willing to be less of a jerk now.

Peridot had to lose every other way to survive to team up with the Crystal Gems even as a temporary alliance. Until then, she held a worldview that was wrong. But through education, she was able to see worth in Earth. Maybe not in the same way others do, but that’s okay- even if you disagree with her, she wants what’s best for everyone now, and is (still) learning how to respect others when she deliberates on how to move towards that goal.

Do I feel a shred of sympathy for Kevin, Marty, or Yellow Diamond? Hell no.

However, they aren’t evil themselves (even if they are jerks and a despot). In real life, and in this show, if evil does exist in a single person, it is very rare. Evil is nebulous, and while ever-present, is generally intangible. It’s giving in to fear and allowing others to be harmed. It’s benefiting from the suffering of others, having the ability to change but never doing so. It’s systems that encourage and endorse ignorance, creating narratives that not only tote the company line; but make sure that there’s if there is an alternative at all, that it’s so thoroughly horrible that no one would choose it.

And that’s why there’s always hope. The ignorant can be educated. The fearful can become empowered. Unjust power structures can be dismantled and yet be shown that lives can go on and still be happy if you give what you can to those that truly need. 

We never have to like (except as well-written characters, which I certainly do) Yellow Diamond or other villains (I think they’re bad people/gems, personally- which means the show is doing its job), but even they don’t have to have to impaled by a Brigantine, tail lit on fire, dying in a forest fire, hanged on jungle vines, dragged to a Voodoo underworld, dragged into a (deeper than the one anyone can go to) Greek pantheon underworld, infected with bearded magicians, stabbed in the heart with a sword, locked in a chest, dying in a fire you created yourself, or falling to your death from Big Ben, a cliff, a French castle, Notre Dame, or what have you to change. They are always capable of change- even if they never do. Though they might have to be hit with something to change. Something hard, preferably. Especially Ronaldo.

<3 Ami



I’m crying happy/sad tears. This is amazing! It’s awesome seeing how far the characters have come. Please watch it, you won’t regret it.

Countdown: Only 5 Days Left Until VOCAMERICA Kickstarter is Finished

5 days left for this Kickstarter to fund the first engloid concert in North America.This Kickstarter will end Thursday, July 28th at 4:15PST. Sonika is less than $400 away from being included in the concert!

The following stretch tiers have already been unlocked thanks to the generosity of other Vocaloid fans:

  • Merchandise Upgrade ($7,000)
  • Avanna Performance ($8,000)
  • Oliver Performance ($10,000)
  • Yohioloid Performance ($12,000)

However, if enough money is raised, (14K for Sonika), there can be additional performers for the show along with more keychains. After Sonika, the next stretch goal is to have an equipment upgrade at 35K. 

“We will have the funds we need to buy a higher grade of projector then our current model. This means our performers will be brighter, and the hologram will appear more realistic.”

Finally, anyone who pledges $15 or more will receive an Avanna keychain and an Oliver keychain. This has been confirmed by Empath-P herself, making this the first and only chance to get an official Elf Avanna and official Oliver keychain.

You can read more coverage about the reward tiers at Vocaloid News Network.

(There will be a new post every day until this Kickstarter is over)