In the answer Sapphire predicts that she’ll be poofed and then Rose Quartz will be captured. The thing that changes things is Ruby pushing Sapphire out of the way, which fused them. Everyone stops to stare, Pearl is ready to keep fighting but Rose says “wait this is-… let’s go”. That’s what stopped her being captured.

Look at her first fusion, surrounded by the diamond shaped sparkles and ROSE’S FLOWERS. What does this mean??? Did Rose influence Ruby? Or influence them into fusing? This means something. If Rose manipulated them that would change a lot.

MomSwap AU, except…

I am so tired of MomSwap AU’s where Jasper is Garnet, Lapis is Amethyst, and Peridot is Pearl, blah, blah, blah! They don’t make sense!

None of the gems fit exactly into the other gems’ personalities. They are their own Gems! So, I present to you:

  • Jasper’s undying loyalty to Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz.
  • Jasper having a strong feeling of loyalty to Earth because it’s where she was created.
  • Jasper feeling the loss of Pink Diamond/Rose Quartz more than the others because of how loyal she was to her.
  • Lapis being trapped in the mirror, but Jasper letting her out thousands of years sooner than canon, and then Rose Quartz healing her.
  • Lapis feeling indebted to Rose Quartz because of the aforementioned.
  • Lapis being able to experience Earth for what it is.
  • What is Lapis minus thousands of years trapped in a mirror??
  • A chiller Lapis.
  • Peridot coming to Earth for a scheduled check-up several centuries before Steven is born, and somehow getting stranded and unable to contact Homeworld.
  • Peridot struggling to accept Earth as home, but after Steven is born, she starts seeing things through his optimistic perspective.
  • Peridot’s ‘reveal’. (Which has been done in comics, but still important to mention.)
  • “The Crystal Clods” (or Peridot’s nickname for them when they first meet)
  • A healthy, balanced Malachite
  • “What’s going on, little man?”
  • Jasper playfully picking up Steven.
  • “She always did what she wanted.”
  • Greg and Jasper… probably would get along actually???
  • Greg and Jasper might reach an understanding. Jasper wants her Diamond to be happy.

I have a lot more ideas. But, these are just some that come to mind. I’m still not sure about what Ruby, Sapphire, Pearl and Amethyst might be doing. Because the Momswap raises a lot of questions. Like, why would Pearl not stay with Rose Quartz? And what would have happened to Ruby and Sapphire if they decided not to join Rose’s Rebellion?

There’s just a lot to explore with this AU and I think it’s a lot more complicated than “Jasper = Garnet”, “Lapis = Amethyst”, “Peridot = Pearl”.

This song reminds me so so much of Sam, the wee bean. Like come on, in the song the name Samuel is mentioned, coincidence? I think not. It just reminds me of when Dean only had one year to live after he made a deal to save Sam. Breaks my heart😭

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