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the amount of ppl who tell lesbians and bi women to calm down and not get upset about straight women posting pictures kissing other straight women frustrates me so much

lesbian and bi women agonize over pda with their gfs and i remember dating my own girlfriend for over a year and still having overwhelming fear and anxiety over posting a picture standing next to her worried my peers would think i was rubbing it in their faces but straight people can kiss each other without worrying about homophobic backlash

all of high school popular straight girls would post pictures kissing their straight girl friends because they thought it would make them look hot yet those were the same girls who I heard calling lesbians dykes and proclaiming to the whole gym locker room that there better not be any lesbians there

a helpful guide to use when u see a cat on the street u want to pet, tried and tested by yours truly

things not to do:

- raise your voice
- run up to it
- lean over it with both hands out
- chase or walk towards it when it runs or backs away
- try and pick it up (this is an animal that doesnt know you and may not like being picked up anyway)

things to do:

- stop where you are or near the cat if it isnt frightened
- crouch down (youre a lot bigger than it, its gonna be nervous of you.)
- talk gently and soothingly (the way you would to a baby when youre trying to get it to sleep)
- stay still and try not to make sudden movements, extend and arm or hand out towards it but dont lean forward (leaning forward has never worked, let it come to you)
- if it decides to come over, let it sniff you before trying to pet.

result: a new friend !!!!


- when petting dont cover the cats eyes or ears or touch its belly, its outside with a stranger so it needs its faculties. if you do this it will leave.

- good places to scratch (gently): back of the head, along the top next to the tail

- if the cat decides not to come up to you or leaves, leave it alone. im serious. dont bug this animal just because you want to pet it, leave it alone.

and thats all folks hope u enjoyed this helpful guide