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I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.


I am now a professional freelance storyboard/concept artist for an actual video production company.

I owe it all to unbadgr for believing in me.


And just like that an uncomfortable scene is fixed.

I have a new phone

It is customized. With a very specific goal in mind.

Google’s Moto X. Some people have expressed trepidation at what sort of personal information its voice recognizing virtual assistant might upload to Google’s database.

I figured if I am going to have an Evil AI Lady in my phone, I want to have The Best Evil AI Lady in my phone.

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Today I was subbing at a Montessori school in a class with kids aged 2.5-6ish (they group together kids of a broader range of ages and abilities than traditional schools). One of the older girls was a little separate on the playground, crying because her friend wanted to play with another girl instead of her. A younger boy in her class cheerily approached, told her to “let all the sads out” into his cupped hand so he could get rid of them. She told him to go away and hid her face further into her knees. The little boy said “well I’m gonna do it anyway.”  He then put his hands above her head, made a “shooop” sound, turned as if holding an invisible ball and tossed his hands away with a triumphant yell, commanding the sads to not come back.

She resumed playing with some other kids a short time later. The faith healing psychotherapy was a success.

Today, sitting on my doorstep in a priority mail tracked and insured cardboard box was a frog kickball.

I do not know who sent me this frog kickball, or why.

There was no note inside its box. Nobody had given me any indication that I should have been expecting a package.

However, it is a fine frog kickball. In fact it is without a doubt the best frog kickball I have ever seen.

If you are reading this, dear sender of frog kickball, thank you for blessing me with this lovely gift. It satisfies all my frog and kickball related needs, and my life is richer for it.

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My favorite thing about this piece is the horror music accompaniment.