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I thought Big Mouth is pretty Not Bad.

The jokes are hit or miss but I really wish I had seen a show like it when I was a kid going through puberty, fascinated and scared of the world of sex, terrified and disgusted by her own sexuality. It would have been nice to see that other people go through the same things, even kids, even girls. And I liked that it didn’t put off addressing things that kids have to face before we’d like them to, like being leered at by adults, or being coerced into inappropriate situations by other kids, or learning how to say No, or learning how to accept No for an answer.

I really hope tumblr ragging on it for being ugly or whatever won’t discourage kids from benefiting from its messages. The humor’s not for everyone but as far as “teen sex comedies” go, it is possibly the only example I’ve ever seen that had any resemblance at all to the mundane, unsexy, frequently humiliating puberty years I knew.


I don’t know if it means anything to many folks but I just wanted to say I miss you, tumblr people. Though maybe since I have had a post going up every day for the last few hundreds of days, my absence hasn’t been noticed. I have been working on getting myself out of a bad spot that is entirely my own fault. But I think I am past the part where I feel hopeless and drowning. Those of you who are counting on me for things, don’t give up on me. I am not giving up on me and I intend to make it up to you. Thank you and I look forward to my return to having a social life.

I am convinced that the reason why tumblr has removed the ability to reply to posts is because it does not want us to have our own communities within the larger whole. Your dashboard is not a social network; it is not a place for bonds to form and friendships to develop. Those things can still happen but that is incidental to the main goal of the site: to produce content. 

That post you made four years ago of a picture of a collapsed wine display in your local grocery aisle–the one that still gets hundreds of thousands of notes now and then, drowning out every other note you get in response to your dog dying or your engagement announcement, the one that continues to haunt you without the help of a third party extension that tumblr won’t officially endorse or condone, the one your friends and oldest followers know never to reblog again because you’ve begged them to not make it worse–that’s the sort of content tumblr wants to see. Tumblr doesn’t want you to say “my grades are failing, I’m worried I’m going to lose my scholarship to UMass and I’m terrified to face my parents.” Tumblr wants you to say “mom: how’s school? me: (insert jpg of a turtle covered in spaghetti).”

Tumblr does not want you to make posts meant to be heard at or below the volume of your followers list. Your personal posts are just crowding the memes. 

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I enjoyed the new Captain America movie quite a bit. But I knew its soundtrack was missing something.

Tumblr Social Justice Shooting Itself in the Foot Again
  • Do not doxx people for disagreeing with you
  • Do not try to get strangers fired for disagreeing with you
  • Do not threaten, harass, and attempt to silence people who disagree with you

It is massively embarrassing to learn that infamous “anti-sjw” comic artist plebcomics has been doxxed and fired for her political cartoons. To plebdox and all the people who called up her place of business/sent them emails, I don’t know what disagreement inspired you. Odds are I disagree with the same things, was pissed off at the same comics. But your behavior, the behavior of all doxxers and harassers, sabotages the entire point of social justice blogging. It is supposed to be an outlet for the oppressed to tell their stories from their perspective. It is supposed to be a means for any voice to be heard, no matter how marginalized, no matter how unpopular. It is supposed to begin conversations that need to happen. What your goal is, what your actions aim to do, is shut conversation down. That is a double edged sword that runs us all through.

Not only does doxxing beget more doxxing, it delegitimizes important issues that deserve to be discussed. It delegitimizes people that deserve to be heard. It justifies people ignoring us.

You cannot punish people into agreeing with you. You cannot punish the world into no longer hurting you. The best any of us can do is try to show the world reason. And this act was entirely unreasonable.

I disagree with Plebcomics on loads of issues. I frequently don’t like her approach to debates. I’ve been offended by her comics, I’ve blown up at her more than once. But to her credit she has debated back. When I’ve talked to her with respect, she’s talked to me with respect. The only times I have seen anybody change their mind on the internet, they were approached with thoughtful, civil debate. But when you attack people, you justify them attacking you. Try to shut opponents up and you justify them shutting you up. You can’t change every mind on the internet, but you can move on to the ones you can change. Plebcomics has no power you yourself don’t have.

In nearly every comic she’s made there is the same theme, the same core criticism, and regardless of her other opinions that point rings true: there are too many immature people who cannot rationally deal with dissent. Doxxers, the screamy strawman SJW characters in her comics came to life, and they are you.

Just saw The Lego Movie, and it was fantastic! Easily one of the most visually creative animated movies in recent years; I’d like to see it again just to better appreciate all the clever details. One of the animation directors is Chris McKay, who directed Robot Chicken, Titan Maximum, and Morel Orel. It was written and directed by Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who did Clone High. Their sense of humor really shines through and once I got into the movie I was smiling throughout. Surprisingly, the movie had a lot of heart and a great message. There is a reason why it is one of the most positively reviewed movies in theaters right now. I definitely recommend it.

I have a new phone

It is customized. With a very specific goal in mind.

Google’s Moto X. Some people have expressed trepidation at what sort of personal information its voice recognizing virtual assistant might upload to Google’s database.

I figured if I am going to have an Evil AI Lady in my phone, I want to have The Best Evil AI Lady in my phone.

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True story:

Recently I substitute taught for a first grade class and they were making slideshows about a field trip they had taken to the zoo, adding captions to photos they had taken. A little girl showed me her photograph of a toucan sitting in its nest and asked me “how d’you spell ‘a cute bed’?”

“A-c-u-t-e-b-e-d,” I told her.

She wrote it down then looked at me strangely. “But, how d'you spell ‘bed’?” she asked.

“That’s ‘b-e-d,’” I repeated.

“No, I mean, ‘behhhhd.’’

Uh. “That’s spelled ‘B’-’beh’-’E’-’eh’-’D’-’deh.’ ‘Bed.’”

“Nooo,” she said, “I’m from Austr-ah-lia.”

“OH!” I laughed. “B-i-r-d.”