Men’s Pocket Square Inspiration #1

I recently bought my new pair of elevator shoes which makes me feel taller and more confident!

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Sensação de perda, de esquecimento, de que deixei algo na cabeceira da cama. Aquela sensação louca de quem esquece o celular na casa do amigo, de quem deixa uma panela no fogo e sai de casa. Todos reconhecem essa sensação: é aquela em que você sente que algo importante foi deixado pra trás. Estou sentindo isso agora e não esqueci nada na minha cabeceira, meu celular está no meu bolso e não têm panelas no fogo. O ruim de quando tudo está o.k, é que nada está o.k, porque se não são objetos, são pessoas. E quando a sensação se dá por pessoas deixadas para trás, prefira deixar a panela no fogo.
—  Tickets of Cassie.

Dearly Beloved, from Kingdom Hearts Re:Coded. Is this your favourite version of this song?

I’m going to single out a duo that is single-handedly elevating the show around them: Leo Fitz and Jemma Simmons on Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. Two nerdy scientists so compatible they’re often just referred to as “FitzSimmons,” their relationship started as Fitz’s one-sided crush and grew into something more heartbreaking and complex over the next two seasons. Though many people are understandably annoyed by how frequently male/female friendships become romantic on TV, it’s honestly a trope I can’t get enough of, particularly when it’s acted by standouts like Iain De Caestecker and Elizabeth Henstridge. Their mixture of comfort with and commitment to one another is incredibly appealing to me and those British accents don’t hurt either. At this point FitzSimmons accounts for a good 80 percent of my investment in S.H.I.E.L.D., and if Marvel ever wants to spin them off into their own big screen rom-com I am totally there.
—  Caroline Siede, Who do you ship? . AVQ&A [x]
Empyrean Suite draft
  • Empyrean Suite draft
  • songofsunset
  • Well here's a thing

I made a draft of my interpretation of the Empyrean Suite- most versions I’ve dug up don’t have nearly enough twiddly stuff for my tastes, though that may just be because I’m a flute player ;P

Idk if I’ll ever get to bulking this up and rounding it out, so have what I’ve got for now…