rubik's cube cake


Michael’s birthday cake!

They’re all birthday cakes it’s ridiculous I haven’t made a film event cake in aaaaages I need to sort that out. I was gonna make a cap2 cake but then I went to see that with the fam so I might have to make a httyd2 cake? idk

ANYWAY. This is also from right at the beginning of May and is one I can’t take full credit for as my dad did the actual baking when I was at work because I have a job and that, but we figured rubik’s cube because my brother is a nerd, as in maths, and what’s more of a nerdy stereotype that you can make a cake out of? It’s my standard basic sponge cake, using Wilton paste colours, and a vanilla buttercream in between the cubes. The outside is covered in dark chocolate ganache, and a combination of some store-bought and some homemade fondant - we just used the excess we had in the house. He seemed to enjoy it :)

Hope you like it!