When Donovan woke up this morning he knew instantly what he was doing today. The usual morning routine was done and today he didn’t wear the ring that made his legs human. If anything, he was too much in a rush to remember about it. Donovan was out of the apartment in a flurry, clad in a loose flannel button up, dark grey crew neck, and shorts. 

 It was like clockwork for him. Every Sunday he would go straight to the post office before he did anything else. His hooves clopped against the sidewalk as he hurried his ass there. The workers all knew him from how frequent he came every week, and just like the last few months, he arrived right as the doors opened. Donovan normally kept up some small talk, but he rarely did that when he was in this place. There was too much anticipation in him to say anything other than the standard ‘good morning’ and ‘thank you’ before he was out of there with his package.

Last week he went a cafe and the week before that he just went right back home, but as he got back onto the street he passed by the Sideway and went inside out of impulse. He was impatient from the second he walked in and it slipped his mind to thank the waiter after he was seated. God, did he feel uptight. If there was any indication of just how anxious and stressed he felt it all pointed to his lower half. More specifically- his leg. His hoof was hitting the tiled floor repeatedly and the sound of it was just background noise to him. All of his attention was poured on the package that was put before him, and with any sort of hesitation he started to open it. The only time he was interrupted was when someone came to get his order and he briefly mumbled for a house salad and lemonade.

 After that he continued with opening the parcel. Now both of his legs were jittering as he dumped out the contents onto the table. There were letters, trinkets and even some cash. The last of them all were unneeded, but it still brought a smile to his face regardless. Donovan had been too absorbed with organizing everything from the package to notice that someone had come up to the table side again.