<3 Ruberman Rodriguez

I just want to tell you all that you should take a look at his website and tumblr. I’ve been following him for a while now. Obviously he’s stunning, but his background, personally, makes me want to believe that whatever happens in your life, there always has to be a way to get through it. His art is inspiring and different, I dare to say simply amazingly perfect.

unnoticed appreciation, much.

Picture from Farrah’s instagram! with @rubeitalloverme !

“ Ahhhh #throwbackthursday to being a teenage heart throb with my legendary brother @ruberman ! 😂 life was simple then. We just recently caught up and wanna reunite soon. 💖 Love you rube “

Here is my Lion King inspired photo! Decided to dedicate this self portrait for one of my all time favorite movies… The Lion King! I always loved that movie as a little kid, and it always taught me a valuable lessons. The movie will always be a part of me and my childhood. And people always tell me I have lion hair, so I thought it would be the perfect excuse to create an image like this haha. I might do a Scar version soon, similar to this one, and have them both side by side.

©Ruberman Rodriguez