ruben wyatt

 Ruben needs a new home…

Since I so brutally killed of Ruben in my story, he needs a new place to live! I was going to put him up for public download, but I’m still extremely attached to him. So I figured I would give him to people who actually want him in their game! So, if you want Ruben, message me and I’ll send you a link to his download.

  • Please only message me if you really want him in your game… I want to actually see him used in your game.
  • I’ll only give him to the first 10 people to start with, just because I’m clinging and weird and blah blah blah.

Ruben had been moaning over breakfast about the sea sand and beaches, they are everywhere he looks on this island, he can’t escape them and he really misses the countryside.  The novelty of living on a small island surounded by beautiful beaches has quickly worn off.

Storm grabs Rubens hand and tells him they are going out … if he wants the countryside then he’s going to get it.

“What’s this?”  Ruben says looking a little confused as they jump out of the taxi.

“You said you wanted to see a bit of countryside … so here we are!” Storm waved his hand around at the small patch of land that has just a few trees, bushes and flower on it.

“This is just a patch of grass - look I can still see the sand and the sea, it’s everywhere I look!!”

“Lie down.”  Storm says as he pushes him gently down onto the grass  “Now look around, all you can see is the grass, the trees and the flowers!”

“It’s not the same and you know it”  Ruben starts laughing at Storm’s feeble attempt at trying to sell him this patch of grass as the countryside!

“Well this is as close as you are ever going to get to the countryside on this island, so you’ll just have to pretend!!”


Jaq hadn’t felt settled enough to even think about drawing in months. The apartment hadn’t felt like home until Jonah had told Atlas and Jaq to stay there for as long as they wanted. “If it gets you out of my house, I’m happy,” were his exact words. Jaq broke out his sketch books and spent most of the afternoon just drawing what ever popped into his head.

“So you’re drawing again,” Ruben commented, appearing out of nowhere.

“Fuck,”Jaq jumped, drawing a hard line clean across his sketch. “Can’t you knock or something?”

“Knock knock,”Ruben smiled.

“Cute," Jaq frowned, desperately trying to erase the line across the page. "What do you want?”

“I’m bored,”Ruben pouted. “We should go and do something fun!" 

"You’re dead. You don’t get to do fun.”

“I’m not dead to you!” Ruben shuffled closer, before reaching out and taking the pencil right from Jaq’s hand. “Come on! I’m bored being stuck here with you all the time…”

“Why are you here with me?" Jaq looked up and met Ruben’s eyes. "I don’t get it. Am I a psychic or something?”

“Nope,”Ruben shook his head. “You’re just crazy." 

"Right…" Jaq nodded. "So I’ve just willed you into existence, is that what you’re telling me?”

“It wouldn’t be the first time." 


Rubens settling into his new home, which I’m still building around him at the moment - tommorrow he’ll be getting a handful of housemates so he can chose his own play mate

He’s spent all night in the swimming pool i put in the basement for him because he loves to swim - the poor baby was scared of the slide which made me laugh seeing as he has the brave trait.  

I think that pool might get more of his attention than his housemates will.


So here are the boys.


Chad Ocean -

Brave - Flirty - Over Emotional - Neat - Virtuoso

Chad used to be a blue genie that came out of a lamp I rubbed once. I used him in my “Ugly Wishes” wishacy.  He was a cute teenager but when the game aged him up it was cruel to him and gave him a horrid trait that clashed with his others and he became a horrible sim - which disappointed me so I changed his blue skin, removed the genie and changed his horrible traits to make him nice Chad again.

Storm Orchid -

Rebellious - Good Kisser - Virtuoso - Brave - Loves to Swim

Storm used to be purple (even though I’ve left the purple hair and eyes that he was born with).  Storm is a born in game sim from my “Through Colourblind Eyes” rainbowacy.  I will always feel guilty because when he was a teenager I killed him off in the story (hides under a chair).  Anyone who reads TCE might be surprised to find out In game he also chose the gay gender preference.

Jon Fitz -

Genius - Family Oriented - Great Kisser - Athletic - Artistic

Is a NCP housemate that the game generated for me - he tried to jump on Marty - lol - so I evicted him but saved him to my bin because I thought he was cute for an NCP.  I did make him a boyfriend but I was never really happy with him.

Colton Ugli

Flirty - Genius - Perfectionist - Hopeless Romantic - Athletic

(rolls eyes) as if you don’t see enough of him already I can hear you thinking!! - but he needs a boyfriend so throwing him in here was killing two birds with one stone.

Adam Lambert

Supernatural fan - Star Quality - Dramatic - Party Animal - Virtuoso

Adam is a little different from the rest of the sims - you might recognize his name - he was kindly made for me by Whitewavedlc because of my obssession with the real life Adam Lambert :D

Ruben's Almost Bachelor Challenge

Ruben and Storm are back outside watching the stars again.

While Colton and Jon are at it again inside

ALL NIGHT Ruben and Storm stay outside messing about - I got quite bored of watching it wishing they would hurry up and do something.

Colton is up and trying his luck with Chad while Jon is still sleeping.

I get very distracted by those two - wandering again why I’m so stupid I should never have put those two in here together - Colton’s Dad has already been there and there is NO WAY Chad is going with Colton into the same house as Mallow and Cello again!!!

So what do I do - miss what’s going on with Ruben and Storm!!

I just hear THAT Music going off again.

They have gotten romantic while I wasn’t looking!!

Yes Jon - they did!!

Colton and Jon decide to end this with a bang - lmao!!

So that’s it …….

Ruben and Storm

before I even get to the first day of having to evict anyone!!


so yeah - it was ALMOST a bachelor challenge!!!!

but Ruben does now have a boyfriend to play with.

Ruben's Almost Bachelor Challange

Ruben and Storm are swimming happily together in the pool when Chad comes along and decides to do some skinny dipping.

This has both Ruben and Storm diving out of the pool - they both didn’t react too well to the skinny dipper.

Colton comes along who never misses a chance to get naked and decides to join in.

Adam is pretty amused with Chad and Colton so he also decides to join in.

While Storm just stands looking at the wall - Ruben creases me up - he’s sat comfortably on the lounger watching the skinny dippers ….

is that a smile on his face?

Ruben decides to give Storm a massage.

I notice Colton is walking around in a towel -

Drat!!!! I missed seeing who pinched his clothes - but I suspect it might have been Jon or Adam, they are the only ones around now that could have done it - Storm and Ruben are busy with each other.

I did say they were busy with each other didn’t I!!

More pillow fighting

Ruben and Storm are suddenly joined at the hip!! They haven’t been apart since the salad.


Ruben's Almost Bachelor Challenge

Me thinks it’s game over already!!

While I’m watching Ruben and Storm outside …

I hear THAT music

Well that’s a surprize!!  

but I suspected Colton would probably be one of the culprits the moment I heard the woohoo music going off!!

Oh man - Storm and Ruben even go to the toilet together!!!

While Ruben is in the toilet - Colton walks in and tries flirting with Storm - after he’s just x__x with Jon in the hot tub.   He’s off - yes Colton is definitely a whore just like his Dad!!

Ruben comes out of the toilet and Jon comes in after Colton


Chads asleep in bed and poor Adam is talking to his only friend …

the duck!!