ruben arte


Ruben Pang (Singaporean, b. 1990, Singapore) - 1: Forecast from Petrichor exhibition, 2016, Oil, Alkyd, Retouching Varnish on Canvas  2: Light Entertainment, 2012, Oil, Alkyd on Aluminum Panel  3: Stargazers, 2012, Oil, Alkyd on Aluminum  4: The Full Measures Club, 2015, Oil, Alkyd on Canvas  5: No One Is Innocent (After Glenn Brown, Nausea), 2010, Oil, Alkyd on Canvas 

Are you willing to die… for him?

Holy hell this took a solid 2 hours(mostly because i get super distracted) and started off as a very simple doodle, but as i said, i can’t ever just doodle, anyway have you seen my sons? Listen i have so many good ideas but i dont wanna spoil anything, so here!

Virus, Ruben and Donovan belong to me, while Khalid belongs to @roqerwilco