rubbish weather

1st October 2017

I woke up around 1030. Going to bed at 0200 was a great idea until I realised how tired I felt when I got up. Steve is still unwell, he’s got a blocked nose, a bad headache that doesn’t go away and a chesty cough. A case of the Man Flu.

I started work at 1600 so I had the majority of the day. I wanted to go and lay by the pool and do my lengths but the weather looked rubbish. It was so grey and cloudy. I decided to stay in the room. I got on with my blogs, got showered and doodled about. I had my Weetabix for breakfast and a cup off coffee.

Steve laid in bed, playing on his phone. He was hungry and had the hump as we had no food. To be fair, we literally have no food. We haven’t been able to do a food shop since before everyone left the hostel. It must’ve been 3-4 weeks ago at least. We’re down to Weetabix, bread and a few tins of lentils and tuna. That’s pretty much it.
We haven’t been able to go because the van would cost us too much to split between us two. Luckily, the Brighton boys have returned from their holiday to Bali so they need to do a shop. We’re hoping to go Tuesday because tomorrow is Bank Holiday - WOO! Actually, there is no woo about it. I’m working 1400-2300… And, it’s not even time and half.

I told Steve that he had a tin of Corned Beef left and that he should make a sandwich. We were going to try and make corned beef hash but we never got round to buying potatoes.
He opened the tin which took about 10 minutes with that little annoying key and he made two sandwiches. He said it was alright but it was much softer than at home. It wasn’t the same taste either. The heat obviously is a massive factor to any shape here. It’ll melt and/or expand. Which, by the way, is my excuse for putting on weight. Everything expands in the heat…

I got dressed for work and left around 1545. I wanted my Dad to wake up so that I could wish him Happy Birthday but it was still early doors at home. I text him to say that I’d call him after work.
There’s a big NFL game on today - The Grand Final. It’s rugby, I think. The Queensland team Cowboy’s are in it so I reckon work is going to be ridiculously busy. Hey ho, here’s to a busy night.

Lexi was in at 1100 so she’s finishing at 1800. I had Francis until 2000 though so I was pleased about that. The two busses that come between 1600-1700 were pretty empty so there was no rush at all. It was a pretty east day so far.

Lexi left, Francis was doing the toilets and bins. It was bin day but she managed to get them out on her own. I was stuck inside serving constantly. It wasn’t busy but it was constant. There was always at least 1 person somewhere. You go to start another job about 10 times before you actually get to do it.

I completed the cleaning by 1930. I started the floors which is actually very early to do floors. This was the calm before the storm… The kick off was at 1830 I think so we weren’t going to be busy until later on, especially because we are right next to the pub. As soon as they’re finished celebrating, they’ll be in for fish and chips.

I got on with what needed doing. It was so quiet so I was able to finish fairly early. Brandon, who’s the nights guy said he would let me out when the pub closes or midnight. Whatever comes first. It’s a massive shame really because I would’ve been done by 2100/2200 if there was no football on.

I helped Brandon out with some of his jobs to pass the time. He said that I could go at 2300 because it was abnormally quiet. The Cowboys lost so I’m guessing everyone went home to sulk. Never mind then!

I text Steve and said that I would be done by 2300 and he came to meet me. I was absolutely starving. The past few days all I’ve had is Weetabix for breakfast and that’s all.
By the time I get home, it’s too late.

We got in, watched the rest of the film on the TV and then FaceTimed Dad to say Happy Birthday. Ange, Nan and Gramps were round so I got to say hi to them too. My brother and Mum have treated themselves to a week away in Lanzarote which should be nice.

Steve and I cannot wait for a holiday. I know that we are in Australia and it’s a year away from home but we’re exhausted from it. It’s so tiring. Plus, the smallest things have become a luxury to us whereas they’re normal in day to day life back home. Like, having a clean towel for the shower. Finding beef stock cubes the other day was like finding gold.  

Steve is missing home a lot now, he can’t wait to go back. I think the main reason is because the new Fifa 18 is out… I know, don’t ask. He is in the middle of nowhere, with nobody around including me. I’m at work and he just sits in bed so he must be homesick. We’ve got a few months left and they’re gonna be good ones! Fingers crossed.