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Blur fandom: A Summary

• 13 is the best album.
• Think Tank makes part of the dark past for them. (Sometimes like to pretend it doesn’t even exits).
• Hair is very important.
• Alex hair banging in synch with music is VERY IMPORTANT.
• The fandom’s religion is Graham’s drunk interview with Brandy Wine in 1995.
• Most of them call Alex by his first name, Steve.
• Song 2 is the best song for memes and it’s not really hated.
• Alex is a diva. They all are okay with that.
• No Distance Left To Run *gives them war flashbacks*
• “Hard to be a fan of a band who their peak was in the 90s”
• The only pair they ship is Gramon. (Which is 100% acceptable, they even write songs about each other, so…)
• Experts of getting rare pictures of them.
• Their usernames are mostly a songs/one of the members name/or is also a gorillaz blog.
• “Love that woohoo song”.
• They either love Oasis too or just ignore them.
• They legitimately cried with all the Think Tank confessions.
• The interviews for them are VITAL.
• Big supporters of the solo works.
• They don’t hate the singles/overplayed songs (which is something really rare)
• Nobody, literally… NOBODY talks bad about Graham, NOBODY.
• They silently appreciate ALL the albums (even Leisure, who think it deserved better)
• The only problematic™ member is Damon.

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how do you edit your photos? is there a certain way you do it or does it change a lot?? thank you!!

my editing is simply a blend of tutorials i have picked up along the way, namely @cupidjuice​, @ghardenia​, @foxbie​, @eefahsims​ and several others. i have an action but due to it being mostly other peoples ideas, i think i’m gonna keep it to myself. i am happy to show you what i do though and if anyone is uncomfortable with me sharing this i will take it down!

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does this make sense? | 08 (m)

pairing: min yoongi x reader / park jimin x reader, college! yoongi, college! jimin
genre/warnings: smut, angst
words: 9,282
summary: You meet the mysterious Yoongi at a house party and no matter how uninterested you tell yourself that you are, you can’t say no to him. Can you end up changing his playboy ways, or will you just end up getting hurt?

» playlist | 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11 | + | ✓

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hiyaharry  asked:

do you have any advice for someone who wants to get into roleplay but has extremely bad self esteem?

(( OOC: I talked a little bit about confidence here, but to re-iterate my main point - confidence has to be something fuelled by your own self-worth. This is important in the context of roleplay/cosplay, as it can be easy to leverage all of your self-worth on the opinions of other people, or how many followers you have, or the number of notes a post gets.

Have confidence not just in your own abilities, but your ability to learn and improve. No one starts out an expert at this stuff. Allow yourself to not be very good, because the more rubbish stuff you do, the better you will get. Be motivated to roleplay because it’s fun, and because you enjoy being a part of this community. Not because you want attention. All that produces is a false sense of confidence that is very easily shattered and will do nothing for your self-esteem.

Roleplaying is not within the comfort zone of many people - it definitely wasn’t for me when I first started. But pushing your own limits and watching yourself improve at something is one of the most organic ways to improve self-esteem, because it’s something you achieved. And even if you find that it’s not for you, you still made that step to try something new. So now you can try something else. ))

Anton Walbrook, on stage in the early 1930s. 

I don’t know them well, that’s the truth but all below is just what I feel seeing them growing together.

I just got into G7 months ago and still haven’t dug much into their past so I don’t remember the dates well so again basically this just based on my observation and feelings (already told)

The picture above makes my heart warm and blessed reallyyy. They grow with each other so well.

Bam and Gyeom has been together since they were trainees or ever since they were teens (or maybe tween?). I admire their friendship for lasting that long. You may say that’s because they’re in a group so being together is a must but being together is totally different from being closed with each other. There are so many members that have the same age in a group but they still get closed with the others but not their friends right?

I accidentally saw Bam and Gyeom when I was watching WIN but at that time, I didn’t pay attention to them, which was one of my greatest regrets. I really didn’t think much about their chemistry even when I was totally into G7. Whenever people said about YugBam I just thought that ‘they’re just being the same age, nothing more, but how can people ship them that much’. now that I explore more and I must say that don’t ship them like lovers, they are just best friends. friendship. that is. that’s so precious to be any other things else.

what do you expect from your best friend?

being loyal

if you watch their shows much enough (correct grammar? lol), you will know that actually Bam and Gyeom just got each other’s back well. once when Gyeom was pranked with the broken glass bottle. the members kept making the situation worse and blamed all on Gyeom. but know what, except for a person, that was Bam. actually he didn’t say anything, he just cleaned the floor :)) although he said that Gyeom needed something like this to become maturer but through all the process he didn’t act like others. and Gyeom? definitely tha loyalest friend I’ve ever seen. he knows what can be revealed and not about his friend Bam.

be there whenever you’re on edge

Bam is a foreigner and needless to say, homesick happens time after time. that’s when he goes to Gyeom seeking for comfort. and the same goes to Gyeom. whenever he feels sad, he comes to Bam and they share thoughts with each other. both Bam and Gyeom agree on this issue like it’s just normal for friends to help each other when in need. that is. it’s simple but so precious to me. I’m not the type of people who can pour out my heart well and find a suitable buddy to talk about my problem, so seeing them like this makes me feel so happy that in the harsh industry world, they have friends protecting and standing side by side with each other.

stick with each other

 I mean being together during hard times is a must for best friends but sticking with each other is also a thing for best friends to have. actually I sometimes rewatch some of their vids and capture so many times when Bam and Gyeom being clingy to each other (New Yang Nam Show, Hard Carry ep 3, ok it’s alot but I can’t remember :<)

know you too well (to be shutted up sometimes)

during the latest episode of Jackson’s show, Jackson told them to reveal what they would say the other should change, or diss each other basically. Both of them did tell about what they didn’t like but Bam said they refused to talk about their weak points of the other cause they both have the same things so actually if he dissed Gyeom then it turned out that he dissed himself. I find this really cute how their relationship going though the years they’ve been growing together. like they know each other like the back of their hands. even when they were on Got2day during Hard Carry promotion, they said they didn’t know what to talk then cause they see each other everyday and know what the other do and everything. but somehow they ended up retalking about ther trainee days and other rubbish stuffs haha so cute.

In a nutshell, Bam and Gyeom, their precious friendship is what I both admire and long for. Thanks for growing well together you two :) wish that you guys will forever be the same even when you cannot stand on stage together. and on the picture above Bam is getting taller right? or is that because of his shoes insoles are thicker =)) but anyways he does transform a lot since debut huh..

it’s getting long already and english is not my official language so I feel some discomfort when writing like this. but this time it’s somehow okey, writing in another language sometimes gives off a different and fresh aura to me. 

.pic credit on pic.

To the anon who's ask I accidentally deleted...

…first of all I’m sorry I’m just rubbish at phones and stuff. Also to answer your question I ship all the Harry Potter ships. All of them. Gay, straight… All. Of. Them. Except anything to do with Snape. But then again that Snape x Voldy ship ain’t bad. Anyway I just ship everything. Even stupid ships like Dobby x The Sorting Hat (yes that is a real ship).

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