rubbish quality


Hannah age 7-9 *click for full view*

She was happy when she played by herself, with her nanny or with her brother, she hated the formal parties her Dad would host and prefered to be outside barefoot laying in an apple tree they had in the front garden in the summer.
Her first Teddy was a rabbit which she simply named White rabit, it was handmade by her Mum. She still has it to this day

Yeaahhh again with bad quality ughhh least I’ll be home tomorrow night
Well theres a Once-ler blog… or Rather a Once-ler’s father blog that I’ve stated talking to and I find the blog to be pretty cool so I doodled them then decided to upload it

go follow ask-therd-or-thred-oncies-dad, they’re friendly… well Thred is when he’s in a good mood.

Anyone else see Hannah watching them from behind the wall? I do that with all the blogs I follow XD I don’t talk to them… I just hide and watch them