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Finally a take on the girls and a quick one at that. Similar to the first one, I messed around with both the movie and books/graphic novels to get this mess of a scribble. Shh! I hope ya’ll have a good day. Moving on!

Into You (4/?)

Summary- When all the media seems to talk about is Tom’s new girl, and what a perfect couple you are, all you want is to be in his arms again.

AN- Sorry this took so long, I just had so much school work, and I’m really busy all next week so hopefully I’ll spam this weekend for you guys


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You were trapped.

There was no better word for it. It seemed as though every where you turned there they were, him and his perfect girl. The girl that was once you, but at the same time wasn’t you. Because Tom never flaunted you, he never wanted to be seen out together, you never so much as went for coffee together.

Yet, you longed for him, to be curled up on the sofa watching whatever rubbish horror movie you could find on Netflix, snacking on far too many sweets knowing it would make training a thousand times worse on Monday. The jealousy towards Nina, the blonde who had been draped on his arm, continued to simmer in you, and you could feel it grow bigger with each headline you read, or each photo you saw.

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Alone and numb // Conor Maynard

Requested by anon - An imagine about Conor’s depression and how he hasn’t phoned his mum in 3 weeks. You encourage him to phone his mum and you take him out on a cute little walk and it makes him feel better.

You’d just got off the phone with a worried Mrs Maynard, she’d been trying to get hold of Conor with no success for a couple of weeks now and she was beyond concerned about him.

You’d managed to convince his mum that he’d just been extremely busy but you knew that was a complete lie. You knew he’d been trying to hide something for a while and it had recently become clear to you that he was struggling with his depression again. Ignoring his mum was simply a comping mechanism.

When Conor goes through a rough patch with his depression he tends to try and hide it. Hiding it from the fans he found easy, he could put on a fake smile and tell a few jokes and to them he looked fine but when it came to close friends and family it was different. To you the cracks in his forced smile and fake facade were all too evident. That’s why he tried to distance himself from you, his family and his friends; he’d simply visit the studio more and socialise less.

You and Jack had been waiting patiently for a couple weeks now for him to speak about it but you were still waiting and you’d come to the conclusion it was time to intervene before he broke.

You made your way to his flat and let yourself in, making your way up to his bedroom where he was bound to be. You spotted him instantly still led in bed and staring into thin air, oblivious to your presence.

“Conor?” you asked softly, trying not to startle him as you sat by his side.

He immediately broke from his trance and a small smile appeared on his lips when he saw you. “Hey beautiful,” he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling your body closer to his and nuzzled his face into your stomach as you ran your fingers through his hair.

“I spoke to your mum earlier,” you stated simply, you felt him push his face further into your stomach but he didn’t give any response so you carried on “She’s worried about you Con and so am I.”

“There’s no need to worry, I’m fine,” you heard him mumble.

“I’m not stupid Conor, I know when you’re trying to hide something and I know when something’s not right with you. You may think that the smile you plaster on your face is convincing but I can see straight through it. Talk to me Con, stop shutting us out.”

You felt him sigh, “You don’t understand.”

“Help me understand then, tell me what’s going on in that head of yours!” You felt his body start to shake slightly and realised that he’d started to cry.

“How can I? I can’t make you understand something that I don’t understand myself,” his voice gave away how vulnerable he was truly feeling. You pried his arms from around your waist and shifted so you could lie next to him and pull him into a proper hug, his face immediately found home in the crook of your neck and you felt his tears making your skin damp.

“I feel so alone all the time despite being surrounded by people and no matter how hard I try I’m constantly disappointing people,” he sobbed into your neck.

“Conor baby you haven’t disappointed anyone,” you told him soothingly while trying to hold back your own tears.

“But I have, why do you think I haven’t spoken to my mum? I know the moment I speak to her she’ll realise what a fuck up I’ve become and-”

“Conor, stop it,” you interrupted before he continued as every word he spoke was breaking your heart even more. “You’re in no way a fuck up. I love you, so does your mum and Jack and everyone, we’re all so proud of everything you do.”

“Really?” he asked quietly.

“Really, now how about we go for a walk or something. It’ll do you good to get out of this dingy room for a bit” you felt him nod his head against your neck. “Come on then,” you kissed the top of his head before slowly getting up and pulling him with you.

You looked at him as he stood in front of you hardly recognising the boy that was usually filled with smiles and laughter. You reached up and gently wiped away the tears that rolled down his cheeks then pulled his head down to kiss him, wrapping your arms around his neck to keep him close. You pulled away and rested your forehead against his, staring into his eyes that didn’t quite sparkle as they used to.

“I love you,” he whispered breaking the silence.

“I love you too,” you whispered in response, giving him one last kiss before letting him go so he could go and change.

As you walked out of the building together you saw Conor cringe at the cold wind and you pulled his body closer to yours to share warmth.

Now out in the light you could see him clearly, he was exhausted and stressed, showing how his insomnia and the work he’d been putting into his album had hit him hard recently. His clothes that once fitted his figure perfectly now hung with a looseness that suggested he hadn’t eaten as much as he should’ve recently. You cursed yourself for not doing something sooner to try and ease the emptiness in his eyes which reflected how he felt inside.

You spent a long time walking around the streets, just talking about pointless things, until you ended up at the park. You pulled Conor over to the bench with you and sat down. This time when you looked at him you saw a small amount of the real Conor back, it wasn’t much but it was still an improvement and anything you could do to ease even a tiny portion of his pain was important to you. Even if you had to walk with him for hours and tell him about every single thing that had happened recently in your life it was worth it to you.

“people don’t understand,” Conor said suddenly, interrupting the silence.

“Understand what?” you asked confused.

“Depression, there’s this preconceived thought that when you’re depressed you’re sad all the time but that’s not it. At least if I felt sad I would feel something but I don’t, it’s just this big empty feeling that can’t be shifted no matter how hard I try to fill it. I feel alone even though I have you and so many people who love me. I feel as if I’m a constant disappointment regardless of how many people praise my work.”

You kept quiet as he spoke worried that he’d stop if you interrupted, Conor was never one to spill his feelings like this so for him to be speaking this openly with you was amazing.

Once he’d finished talking you simply kissed his cheek knowing that he’d hate if he thought you pitied him. You returned to the silence you were sat in but it wasn’t tense or awkward, it was comfortable and relaxing.

“I’m glad you’re opening up to me.”

“I’m sorry that I started to shut you out,” he told you honestly and you once again responded with a kiss on the cheeks.

You’d been back at his apartment for a few hours now and were cuddled together in his bed watching some rubbish movie that neither of you were really interested in.

You placed your hand on his thigh and squeezed it gently gaining his attention. “You should talk to your mum Con,” you told him gently with a reassuring smile.

The small smile that you’d worked hard to earn over the last few hours quickly dropped from his face and a worried expression appeared “But Y/N, what if she is disappointed in me? What if she suddenly realises I’m not the person she thought I am and decides she doesn’t love me anymore?”

“It’s your mum, she’s not going to hate you for something you can’t control Conor. Your whole family knows about your depression and it doesn’t change the way they think of you, they still love you as much as they did before.”

“Thank you,” he told you with a soft smile, he leaned in and gave you a lingering kiss before pulling away and wrapping his arm around your shoulder to pull you closer than you were before.

“I was just telling the truth Con”

“No I mean for today, thank you for making me feel something after spending these last few weeks alone and numb.”

It was then you were sure he’d get through this, sure it wouldn’t be easy but he was stronger than anyone you’d ever met and as long as he had you and people to support him this wasn’t going to beat him.


Movie night - Kyungsoo (18+)

You plop down into the large seat with a soft sigh, looking over at the two others couples as you scrunch your nose, having just realised you chose the wrong seating area, having decided the best place was right at the back. You sigh again but just shrug, unable to do anything now as you prop your feet up on the seat in front of you, turning when your best friend makes his appearance. 

‘Right so I got the popcorn and threw all the chocolates in there.’ He grins and hands the box over, making you grin right back as you pat his head. He gives you a disgruntled look and pushes you back, making you laugh and turn to face the screen.

You don’t realise that he’s caught sight of the other pairs, his eyebrow raising at the blatant PDA they’re showing as he glances over at you, leaning closer to whisper.

‘I didn’t realise we paid to watch porn.’ You snort and throw popcorn into his mouth, forcing him to munch on it as you give him a look.

‘You pay for that channel anyway Kyungie~’ You sing song, giggling lightly in accomplishment at the sight of his shocked face, blinking cautiously when you see him quickly recover and move closer to you.

‘I don’t remember you complaining when we used it the other night to fuck each other.’ He whispers brazenly, winking at you when your mouth drops open, taking the chance to grab some of the popcorn and shove it in your own mouth. He chuckles under his breath and turns to focus when the movie starts, happily ignoring your splutter. 

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Dracula (Van Helsing) - Weirdly Attractive Villains #2

Next up in the WAV series is Richard Roxburgh as Dracula. 

If you aren’t familiar with Van Helsing, please allow me to break it down for you: 

Gabriel Van Helsing (played by Hugh Jackman) is like a supernatural assassin/monster catcher for the Vatican. He’s a holy dude, ostracized by the people of the world who don’t understand his work or know about his affiliation with the church and see him as a killer of the monsters, whom they all knew as average people. The Vatican sends him after Dracula, whose life-work it is to take out the last of the Valerious family blood line and bring life to his undead children through Victor Frankenstein’s work and the use of his Monster.*

He literally spends half the movie banging his brides and trying to bring his kids to life. 

(Non-Twilight-y) vampires are sexy; I just had to include an incarnation of Dracula in this series. And I think lots of people will agree that there are dozens of ways I could have gone as far as picking a weirdly attractive Dracula. 

Full disclosure: Van Helsing is one of my favorites. I was OB-SESSED with this movie when I was about 14. I know every line by heart and I’m notorious for it; no one in my family will watch Van Helsing with me anymore. So it suffices to say that Dracula was one of my weird crushes as a kid. 

Judge me, I dare you. 

(And I know that this is going to irritate somebody, whether it be an avid Lugosi fan or anyone else that thought this movie was rubbish, but Van Helsing  took a good spin and I enjoyed it.)

That said, let’s get started, shall we? 

With tons of Draculas to choose from, you’re probably wondering why on earth I picked Richard Roxburgh. 

He’s a sexual being, okay?

The whole movie is centered on the fact that he’s got three vampire brides and is trying to bring their thousands of undead babies to life. Thousands. 


Maybe I’m reaching too far into some high-falutin Freudian shit, but part of me thinks that there’s a subconscious thing on my part. As a lady, there maybe might kind of be a level of desire for that father-type; I mean, Dracula wants to be a father…right?  

Or maybe I just like that he almost immediately tries to turn Kate Beckinsale into his new slam piece. 

Aside from being a sexual fellow, I think he genuinely cares for his brides. For fuck’s sake, when his first bride dies SPOILER ALERT he lunges out of his icy tomb and wails. (Plus, Ritz actually married one of his brides in real life; look it up.) 

And he’s snarky as fuck. He promises his nemesis-turned-werewolf eternal suffering and then he waltzes with himself. 

Finally: He’s fucking Dracula. The ultimate vampire, a powerful vampire. And his voice is hot**; I’m secure enough to admit that I don’t need much more than that.

Ladies and gentlemen, Count Vladislaus Dracula. 

*Fun fact: I’ve met Schuler Hensley, who played the Monster when I saw Young Frankenstein the musical. He was very nice, and when I told him how much I loved Van Helsing he was tickled pink by it. 

**Richard Roxburgh is really skilled at changing his voice for films. It took me two years to figure out that he was also the Duke in Moulin Rouge.

Prompt: Magnolia.

It was a regular occurrence for Harry to end up in her bed, though not always in the way he’d hoped.

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Story time.

Today after school I went with a friend to the bus stop. Before I reached the bus stop a voice that I didn’t knew screamed “your bag fucking rocks” behind me. First I didn’t get that this person meant me but they screamed it again and I turned around.

A boy, maybe 17-19 years old, walked towards me with the biggest smile. We both saluted at the same time, what was pretty cool. We began to talk about Shingeki no Kyojin and he said “Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger” in the most adorable British accent.

After a while we began to talk about the live action movie and he said “I won’t watch this rubbish movie. Not after Eren and Mikasa are a thing in this one.”

First I couldn’t really believe what he just said but then he said “Eren x Levi for the win, mate” and - you can imagine - I got REALLY excited.

We, both really excited, talked about the ship and I casually said “well, I have a tumblr blog about them” and he asked me what my URL is. After I told him he said “oh my best friend will kill me. I just met her favorite blog, oh my god!”

We took a selfie together before the bus came. I’m still really excited about this.

Still Sleepless in Star City

Part two of Sleepless in Star City.  You can find part one here

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Disclaimer: Unfortunately I don’t own Arrow or any of the characters; they all belong to the CW & DC.

A/N: Thank you to the wonderful honorthedeadbyfighting for volunteering to be my beta.

My muse wouldn’t leave me alone…again…and forced me to write a follow up to Sleepless in Star City. Feel free to blame my muse for all the weirdness below.

Still Sleepless in Star City

Oliver couldn’t sleep. He’d been tossing and turning since Felicity went downstairs to get her food from Barry. He turned on his side for the fourth time and let out a sigh.

Their king size bed felt cold and empty without her lying beside him, even though she’d been keeping him up lately with her endless babbling, which he loved no matter the time of day or night. 

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