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Finally a take on the girls and a quick one at that. Similar to the first one, I messed around with both the movie and books/graphic novels to get this mess of a scribble. Shh! I hope ya’ll have a good day. Moving on!

Into You (4/?)

Summary- When all the media seems to talk about is Tom’s new girl, and what a perfect couple you are, all you want is to be in his arms again.

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You were trapped.

There was no better word for it. It seemed as though every where you turned there they were, him and his perfect girl. The girl that was once you, but at the same time wasn’t you. Because Tom never flaunted you, he never wanted to be seen out together, you never so much as went for coffee together.

Yet, you longed for him, to be curled up on the sofa watching whatever rubbish horror movie you could find on Netflix, snacking on far too many sweets knowing it would make training a thousand times worse on Monday. The jealousy towards Nina, the blonde who had been draped on his arm, continued to simmer in you, and you could feel it grow bigger with each headline you read, or each photo you saw.

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Story time.

Today after school I went with a friend to the bus stop. Before I reached the bus stop a voice that I didn’t knew screamed “your bag fucking rocks” behind me. First I didn’t get that this person meant me but they screamed it again and I turned around.

A boy, maybe 17-19 years old, walked towards me with the biggest smile. We both saluted at the same time, what was pretty cool. We began to talk about Shingeki no Kyojin and he said “Sie sind das Essen und wir sind die Jäger” in the most adorable British accent.

After a while we began to talk about the live action movie and he said “I won’t watch this rubbish movie. Not after Eren and Mikasa are a thing in this one.”

First I couldn’t really believe what he just said but then he said “Eren x Levi for the win, mate” and - you can imagine - I got REALLY excited.

We, both really excited, talked about the ship and I casually said “well, I have a tumblr blog about them” and he asked me what my URL is. After I told him he said “oh my best friend will kill me. I just met her favorite blog, oh my god!”

We took a selfie together before the bus came. I’m still really excited about this.

Ron’s line in PoA (we all know the one) pisses me off so much because Ron would never say that. Like ever. Yeah, he might come off as insensitive sometimes but he would never do that. There’s a difference between him calling Hermione a know it all and sticking up for Snape using it as an insult against her. When Ron does it, he doesn’t purposely use it to demean her intelligence and overthrow her confidence like Snape does. The way Ron would say it would be with respect and a hint of admiration. When Ron comments on Hermione’s intelligence he usually means it as a compliment. Whereas Snape uses it to belittle her.

Snape uses it to bring out her insecurities whilst Ron uses it to show her she has nothing to be insecure about.