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frankentitty  asked:

ive been listening to blur lately and i really love girls & boys as well as some songs on The Magic Whip... do you have suggestions for other Blur songs?

13: Tender, No Distance Left To Run, Coffee and TV, Far Out (Beagle 2 version)

Blur (AKA Self titled): Beetlebum, Song 2, You’re So Great, Country Sad Ballad Man

The Great Escape: The Universal, Country House, Mr Robinson’s Quango

Leisure: She’s So High, There’s No Other Way, Sing, Inertia, Bang

Modern Life is Rubbish: Popscene, For Tomorrow, Advert, Chemical World, Oily Water

Parklife: Parklife, Tracy Jacks, London Loves, Clover Over Dover, To The End, End of a Century

Think Tank: Out of Time, Good Song

Good luck with your mission, bud! If you need more Blur help, ask @glowinginahuddle, @strobelite, @beetlebum1997, @beetlebun, @blurgasm, @parknife, @saturnz-barz, @pferd-gesicht @blueblurjeans

PS: Songs are based on my opinion. Sorry if it’s kinda biased

How to pick yourself up

So I realized last night that I have this down to a science.

Too busy to shower and feel gross, don’t feel good and it shows outwardly, been cramped inside and no reason to look nice so you put no effort into anything? Same.

1.) Wash and exfoliate your face. Cold water.
2.) Moisturize.
3.) Drink a big glass of water and/or tea.
4.) Put on a few coats of mascara and sparkly earrings if you do that.
5.) Put on a new shirt and leggings or nicer pants instead of sweatpants.
6.) Pull your hair up so you’re not being reminded of its state.
7.) If you can, step outside and breathe deeply. Five seconds in, five seconds out.

8.) Realize that it’s just an episode and your life doesn’t suck. And you’re beautiful or handsome or absolutely rad. Chin up.

different titles ➙ p.j.m ➙ one

pairing: Jimin x Reader

genre: angst | fluff | smut | au 

warnings: language

summary: who would’ve thought Park Jimin, one of the richest kids in the world, would fall in love with a homeless one?


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