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Sterek Summer/Vacation [Member Creations]

The Sterek Support Network’s July challenge for its members was to create fanfic or fanart based on the theme “Sterek summer, beach or vacation.” Here’s what we came up with!


competitive beach volleyball || obriensnipples

alarmingstatue recommended “competitive beach volleyball” as one of my sterek summer-themed fics, and i just had to

Hotter than the Sun || stilesbansheequeen

Stiles sees super hot lifeguard!Derek on the beach, and is determined to talk to him, even if it involves a terrible, rom-com-worthy plan.

Oh, Mamma || kilaem

So… originally I was just going to do this for stereksupportnetworks prompt of beach/summer/vacation and not write anything but… A couple of days ago I was talking to some people for funsies about imagining a mamma mia au with no intention of writing it, but then i realised how compatible it actually was because HEY, THEY’RE ON AN ISLAND. THATS SURROUNDED BY A BEACH, RIGHT. uhh, also I used their last name from the movie because I’m lazy and I like Stiles’ initials as S.S too much to change it

pool AU || stilinskiandthewolf

Prompt: A has a big lush pool and B overheard they were going out of town for the weekend, so B uses the pool but A comes home early.

summer fling || halekingsourwolf

post s.2: Stiles doesn’t want just any summer fling. He wants Derek. And Lydia is determined to help Stiles get him.

derek punches a shark || halekingsourwolf


This was just crack-tastic enough for me to be able to throw something together for before falling asleep, so thank you!!

Find Your Own Legacy || SourWolfSymphony (dontgostakinmyheart)

Stiles goes to Derek for help putting on aloe after getting sun burnt at a pack beach outing. Feelings are discovered and the occasional sexy times ensue. (All sexy times are marked and skippable.) Stiles tries to help Derek deal with the loss of his family and the memories that came with it, and learn to love the beach again. It’s mostly a light/fluffy summer read with a few moments of overcoming loss and dealing with sadness. (And getting Derek’s grumpy a** to smile once in a while.) The first few chapters will just be Derek and Stiles. I will probably bring in some of the pack further into the story. Rating it M to be safe.

This was inspired by my recent bout of sunburn and wishing I had a nursemaid boyfriend to take care of me :P On a more serious note, a lot of the grief aspects in it come from me (still) dealing with watching my Grandpa die of lung cancer after two years. Maybe it’ll help someone else? Basically I just really wanted to show Derek working through his grief, since it wasn’t really explored in the show all that much, but set in a cheerier location to contrast the sadness and give it a sense of fun and fluff as well. This started out as what was supposed to be a short one shot, but the ideas just kept coming and took on a life of their own. So it is a wip, but I’ll be updating at least weekly.


beach sterek || elenaparadox

Stiles and Derek at the beach, done for the member prompt from the sterek support network. First time doing any kind of fanart so i think it turned up not so bad

sunset sterek || dontgostakinmyheart

This is a companion piece to my fanfic Find Your Own Legacy. I’m rubbish at drawing the ocean, but I did my best. 

beach kiss || kilaem

this months stereksupportnetwork prompt/theme was the beach/summer/vacation so HAVE SOME STEREK MAKING OUT ON THE BEACH hell yeah i’m super proud of this i didn’t think it would turn out so well

Portraits of Summer || hoechlinslapsdylansbutt

The first Summer Stiles and Derek spend together, they had to stay in Beacon Hills and fight harpias of all other things. To say that Stiles wasn’t happy is an understanding.

To make Stiles shut up about it Derek promised him that they would travel next summer to any place he wanted, and every other summer Stiles wanted to be with him.

Waking up next to Stiles in Punta Mita in the next year made Derek realize that he didn’t wanted spend any other summer away from him. Ever.


Beach clean up at Milnerton lagoon, a conservation area, with Kayla and my sister. In just under two hours us three managed to collect eight bags of litter. We also came across a dead African penguin (an endangered animal) caught in fishing net. The state of the beach and conservation area is disgusting, even with picking up eight bags of rubbish the beach looks exactly the same as when we arrived, still covered in litter and nets

please do not litter