rubbish and ramblings

Hola guapa! she texts
What’re you up to this evening?
I glance at my greenbean dinner and piles of books
   the harsh sound of spokenword poetry beside me
   the hum of the kitchen fan behind me
What to say to this vibrant, Maybe-Friend of mine?
guapa she called me.
I smile.

The hands of a massage therapist.

My hands unravel the story of your body.
They tease out the secrets.
My hands straighten and unfurl the strands of your muscles.
They kneed and stroke and dig for the burried treasure.
My hands lay softly on your skin.
Feeling the pulse of your heart.
The breath in your lungs.
Breathe in.
Breathe out.
My hands settle in to the rhythm.
The pressure deepens.
The tension eases.

anonymous asked:

do you think that exo members are trying to hide kaisoo's relationship? they always try to prevent kaisoo from happening (like what Lay did- cockblocking them) or is it just me who feel like that- whenever I see other members in between kaisoo I feel like they are trying to seperate them-

no no no definitely not just you, bc i also think like that, and i know there are others who think the same thing like we do

the way they treat/react to kaisoo does look suspicious dont you think? again like always, hey mabye we’re just delulu trash that over-analyze shit but honestly deep down we feel: “i know im not seeing crazy shit”

in honesty i see/feel that there’s an unspoken rule (or maybe already being spoken idk) between some members - a rule that at least one of them need to be stand between kaisoo bc if those two will be glued to each other 

i notice that ksoo often stands beside-kind-of-behind jongin, like he is hiding ¼ of his body behind jongin’s shoulder?  and then proceed to latch his body on jongin’s arm? idk just like you anon, i feel “is this just me?” and i remember that ksoo said he has stage fright (idk this is mentioned in super idol chart show, where a list of some shy idols being mentioned - and ksoo was one of them), so does he do this bc he feels secure behind jongin bc he’s not that comfortable on stage (especially during predebut)? idk maybe i’m just speaking nonsense here (and please do tell me if ksoo does this thing w/ others too since i only know he does this to jongin only) 

anyway yixing, suho, and chanyeol seem have sworn to do the duty of mr.cockblockers imo (usually the rest just who see the moments would do nothing and grin or put a kind of face that you would make if something happens but you need to keep your face straight)

for yixing he seems to prefer the preventing, like he needs to be in the middle of them first before they start doing something, suho seems to be the same w/ yixing tho imo, when yixing was away suho took his place as the kaisoo’s middle pillar and when something unexpected things happen he would duck his head and hold his smile (he did this when yixing peck ksoo’s cheek, but he didnt smile, yet when jongin stood up and pointing soo bc soo is his fav member not baek, suho ducked his head and veiled his smile with his fist), 

while chanyeol seems to prefer to attack right away as soon as he sees it happens, he often comes in between kaisoo idk why this guy does this, like when kaisoo whispering he just needs to be there, to be included, and he enjoys teasing ksoo too and publicly announce it, and mentioning ksoo this and that often, he annoys him often (idk i see him as that guy who loves to annoy his crush bc he wants to create a reason to touch his crush lol)

theres somehting strange about chanyeol’s cockblocking style, this guy still doing the cockblocking even in the dorm, yeah? i’ve heard before the room is shared for chansookai, it was originally kaisoo? but then why chanyeol came a long and wanted to join kaisoo’s room then?

dont listen to me anon i’m a crazy trash run before you get yourself in too deep that you can’t come out and sorry no gifs just boring words i’m sleepy rn (hope this my answer makes sense) and too lazy to search for the proper gifs about them boys reaction too kaisoo anyway have a good night/day