And we’re the Game Grumps!


earth2kvn This has been going for a good 20 minutes…

i’m fucking losing it man

ross saying, “look.” fucking kills me

lil ross things to appreciate
  • his eyes are the color of,,,, Wow
  • when his hair was slightly longer and had lil flips at the ends
  • the Ross Laugh™
  • he loves holly so much
  • his cheekbones!! holy shit slay me?
  • when he says certain things and his accent shows through
  • early steam train ross being very austrailian
  • very early 2008 ross being Mega Australian™
  • his animations!!!!!
  • his art!!!!!!!!!
  • him!!!
  • hes got gamer hands,, in a good way like damn
  • he is not afraid to speak his mind at all (zero filter and no dignity)
  • how everyone draws him with the :3 face and it’s adorable
  • hes an evil lil gremlin
  • gross but its acceptable he makes up for it with,, everything else
  • how his mouth curls up at the corners hence the :3
  • when he smiles you can see it in his eyes
  • hes totally sadistic and makes it look good
  • HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Dan: From now on, we'll be using codenames. You will address me as 'Eagle One'.
  • Dan: Barry. Codename: 'Been There, Done that'.
  • Dan: Arin is 'Currently Doing That'
  • Dan: Brian is 'It Happened Once In A Dream'
  • Dan: Suzy. Codename: 'If I Had To Pick A Girl'.
  • Dan: Ross is 'Eagle Two'.
  • Ross: Oh thank God.