I’ve been enjoying Breath of the Wild and its beautiful imagery and music. Out of all the songs though, this one stood out and I could only image the main characters playing to it so here’s my thanks to all the creators of BoTW. 

Song composer rights goes to Manaka Kataoka
Breath of the Wild belongs to Nintendo, Eiji Aonuma, Shigeru Miyamoto

I own none of this except the animation. Created and illustrated in Flash. Background painted by @power-auer​ 

And for you YouTube folks, here’s the link to that :P

Whoops, a week and 10k+ likes later i forgot to post this on anything other than Twitter “^ ^

I intended on keeping this pic on the DL until i eventually sent it physically to the Grumps, but with Barry’s departure i thought best not let it expire. Game Grumps means so much to me and the love is unconditional, thanks for all you guys have done for me and so many others :)