drawing #10 - skinnythighs-brokeneyes

you seem kinda sad so I drew a motivational tree

drawing #11 - little-werewolf-tori

I tried to draw a werewolf but I’m not quite sure what happened.

drawing #12 - goodihateyoutoo

you’re pansexual so here’s a sexual pan

drawing #13 - adonistyles

I’m sorry.

drawing #14 - kelview

I can’t even remember why I drew a hand, but it turned into two hands and I’m so terribly sorry at my drawing.

drawing #15 - kind-of-obsessed-but-oh-well

it’s a fan. because you’re a fan of stuff. yeah.

drawing #16 - notimeforschool

Happy flower is happy.

drawing #17 - rubberbandbreaks

oh god, I really cannot draw cats. So this cat hates everything.

drawing #18 - verymaryanna

I don’t even know anymore.