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-hugs tight- I'm sorry you've been through shit in the medical field :( I can't imagine things being that bad for me, and I'm SO glad your surgery went well <3 I hope you recover well and that things continue going well.

Thank you.  Truly.  Thank you.  I’m very angry, probably always will be, have every right to be, and am really offended by the idea that I should have to pay for their mistakes by keeping quiet about being hurt. The idea that I should have to pretend not to be scared to make sure that they don’t mistreat me is monstrous, frankly, and I am not here for it at all.

As for the recovery, I’m bouncing like a rubber ball.  Some minor discomfort, but can I just say that Dr. Rachel Gibbs in Tulsa is amazing, her nurse Jenn Kinsler is amazing, and my Da Vinci LAVH (transvaginal) hysterectomy is amazing.  I feel amazing.  Just amazing.

Like, without painkillers, and with the exception of if I hold off on going to the bathroom too long, my pain hasn’t been above a 2.

They took my cervix and everything north of it, and I have not been in real pain.

Is that unbelievable or what?  I got SCIENCED by wonderful people, hospital staff were astonishingly compassionate, and I came out of it with more trust than I went in, which is really nice.

So I truly do appreciate doctors and nurses and the wonderful shit they do.  I … honestly struggle to express how much some have helped me.

But I also know alllllll the fuck about other shit they do, and I’ve been treated badly as often as I’ve been treated well, so I don’t get to go into most appointments without having to think about every time I’ve been kicked in the teeth.

The really bad shit creeps up on me and drools on my neck just about every day (less, recently), but boy do docs not like to hear about it even once.


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Spinning the tops, as the tables they turn.
Made some mistakes but I still couldn’t learn;
covered my tracks – thought I was fine.
No self control now I’m back here in line.
All I’ve got is nothing but, a little bit of love.
Gonna give it to people to the people,
then they’ll see…
they’ll see!