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Dedicated to: perceptivewise, my fellow nerdlet and writer extraordinaire^^ 

Pairing: Yato/Hiyori

Rating: K+ 

Title: Wish

Yato was one hundred percent sure that Hiyori was hiding something from him.

It all started when they went to Tenjin’s shrine to collect payment for a job he had once again delegated to Yato. Hiyori pulled Tenjin aside, claiming that she wanted to ask him a very important question about school. But when she went to catch up with them moments later, her face was a deep shade of red. Tenjin himself looked vaguely amused and as he walked them back to the gate, he looked at Hiyori and said, “Go on Thursdays. He’s usually not as busy by then.”

Yato pestered her about who “he” was the whole walk home but she would only respond to his questions with evasive replies or annoyed declarations about how nosy he was. He finally gave up, figuring that she had asked Tenjin for help in finding a tutor and he had given her a referral. She was probably just too proud to admit that she was struggling hard enough in a subject to need extra help.

That wasn’t the end of her mysterious behavior. Since then, she began to act very strangely around him, often becoming flustered over the littlest things he would say. She also became distracted; her eyes having that far-away look that often came to people when they were consumed with a problem. That worried him greatly. He didn’t ever want her to feel troubled or upset and if she was, he wanted to do everything he could to help. He told her this many times but she would merely smile at him and re-assure him  that she was fine and that what concerned her was something that she could deal with on her own.

She became secretive too. Once, she locked herself in her room and wouldn’t let him or Yukine in, no matter how hard pleaded. She claimed that she had a very important test coming up and she didn’t want to be disturbed. But when he went to peek at her from the window, he could see her bent over her desk, completely absorbed in writing something. He tried to stealthily sneak in to see what it was but she noticed him before he could and wasted no time in slamming her foot against his chest.

She also kept trying to avoid him. Once, when he invited her to have snacks with him and Yukine, she refused saying that she had an important family dinner to attend and she needed to prepare. He immediately became suspicious—it was impossible for Hiyori’s parents to schedule an outing that day. It was a Friday and her father worked long hours and generally had little time to spare outside the hospital. Yato decided to skip snacks in favor of following Hiyori around, curious to see what her real plan was. He got about as far as two train stops before Hiyori spotted him and tackled him into a German Suplex.

Then, there was that other time when Hiyori gave him a job request. One of her friends needed help sewing her costume up for a school play and Hiyori had recommended him. The job wasn’t too difficult, given his background in loom-weaving and he and Yukine managed to finish it in record time. Hiyori however, wasn’t too happy to see them.

“Done already?” she said, looking dismayed as Yato picked through her refrigerator.

“Yeah!” he brightly said. He grabbed one of her father’s beers and popped it open. “She was going to play a caterpillar so the only hard part was getting the mask right—and wait. Hiyori? Were you about to go somewhere?”

His brows pinched together as he took stock of what she was wearing. Her hair was up in a ponytail and she was wearing a loose shirt and some rubber shoes. Clearly, she planned on going somewhere that involved long travel.

She nervously looked away and said, “Ahh, no. Not really. I was just planning on hanging out with Ami and Yama today.”

“Ooookay,” he said, scrutinizing her.  Her fingers were protectively curled around what looked like a small, flat piece of rectangular wood and he noticed that her eyes kept darting towards it. He raised a brow and said, “Hey, what’s that?”

She quickly hid whatever she was holding behind her back. She mumbled, “N-Nothing.”

He opened his mouth to ask her more but before he could, Yukine spoke up, asking if he could have those books she had promised him a week ago. Hiyori looked relieved and eagerly agreed to get them, prompting Yato to loudly groan and glare at Yukine for the interruption.

It wasn’t even long before she was at it again. This time, she didn’t even bother to try to distract Yato or come up with excuses to not meet up with him. The moment school ended, she immediately switched her phone off and rushed to the train station, occasionally shooting furtive glances at her sides and back. But by then, Yato’s curiosity had already been piqued and he would not rest until he knew where she kept wanting to go and what she was adamantly keeping from him. He quietly followed her, careful not to alert her of his presence.

It didn’t take long for her to find out and she responded swiftly, grabbing him by the elbow and flinging him into a nearby trash bin. That didn’t deter him from poking his head out of the bin and obnoxiously asking her where she was going. He never got the answer he wanted, but he did manage to get a nice afternoon, alone with her. The two of them ended up getting off the train and exploring a part of the city that Hiyori had never been to before.

Still, Yato could not bring himself to relax until he knew for certain who she was planning to meet up with. And why she was so resolute with him not finding out about it.

“Why won’t she just tell me where she’s going?” he whined as he rolled on his futon, wailing and clutching his Capyper stuffed toy.

Yukine gave an irritated sigh and turned away from the Math problem he was trying to solve. He said, “Maybe because it’s none of your business! Quit bothering her about it. It’s annoying.”

“But I wanna know who she’s seeing! And why she doesn’t wanna tell me!”

Yukine shrugged. “Maybe it’s because she’s meeting up with someone for a date and she doesn’t want to upset you or something.”

“WHAT?” Yato exploded, sitting up. Yukine just rolled his eyes and returned to his worksheet, ignoring Yato’s increasingly disgruntled blabbering.

The idea certainly wasn’t impossible and the whole thing did start when Hiyori had that conversation with Tenjin. Perhaps the “he” the two of them were talking about was not a tutor for Hiyori, but rather a suitor. He scowled into his pillow, beyond annoyed. If that was truly the case then he would be having words with Tenjin. But in the meantime, he just needed to pay closer attention to Hiyori.

The fourth time she tried to sneak away from him, she was more successful. Her parents were out and she invited him over to her house to watch his favorite show. He immediately accepted, dragging Yukine along. Kofuku monopolized the TV and Daikoku would always threatened him if he so much as suggested that they changed the channel, so he wasn’t about to let the opportunity of watching his favorite drama go to waste.

It wasn’t until he was halfway through the show that he realized that Hiyori had sneaked off. Before Yukine could say anything, Yato grabbed him by the wrist and rushed out the door. Tracking her wasn’t too difficult. He remembered the line she got on the last time so all he really had to do was teleport himself to the train.

This time, he made sure to keep a good distance away from her (since she had an uncanny ability to detect his presence) and be as discreet as possible. It was a little difficult given Yukine’s constant scolding and complaining but they did manage to follow her undetected as she got off the train and moved across the streets. She turned left to a corner that wasn’t as busy, ducking past people and moving towards a bridge that lead to a—

“A shrine?” Yukine said.

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  • Remus gets a job at the local convenience store his senior year of high school. It’s ridiculously tedious, the costumers suck, and he has a ton of homework to finish when his shift ends. He’s making money though, so he doesn’t quit.
  • Sirius is still living with his shitty family, but the second he gets to college he’ll barely have to deal with them anymore, so he spends a lot of time with James and Peter and pretends everything is okay even though it’s not.
  • Finally, the year begins to end. Prom is coming up and ridiculous promposals are popping up everywhere.
  • James’ takes the cake though. There was no way it wouldnt’ve given that it included multiple puppies, flowers, spray paint, glitter, and chocolate. It was absolutely ridiculous, but she said yes.
  • Sirius, on the other hand, is more excited for the senior prank than anything.
  • Everything is planned: James is ready to charm various teachers and subsequently distract them from Peter and Sirius setting things up.
  • This was going to be amazing.
  • There’s just one tiny problem though, Phase 3 part 5 requires balloons, and according to Peter his cat had just mysteriously destroyed them. So, Sirius heads out to the convenience store. He isn’t too pissed, he needed to pick up food coloring for Phase 5 part 9 anyways.
  • He’s grabbed both items when James texts him.
  • wtf prongs did she even tell you why.”
  • “ASAP”
  • Yeah ok wtvr ill grab them. you owe me tho.
  • Remus is trying not to fall asleep at the counter, it’s been a long day and he hasn’t gotten enough sleep lately. When his phone vibrates, he checks to make sure his supervisor is otherwise occupied before looking at his text from Lily.
  • Lily! he isn’t supposed to know about the prank you know that!
  • fine”
  • He’s about to go grab them when a boy walks up to the counter, holding a ridiculous combination of balloons, food coloring and rubber bands. rubber bands.
  • Remus thinks he knows this boy vaguely? It’s pretty likely he’s a high school student. BUt then again, Remus would have noticed someone this attractive long before know.
  • That doesn’t matter though. He has 10 packs of rubber bands and he most definitely isn’t James Potter. He would know, despite the fact that Lily dragged him away with her anytime she saw him, it would usually be accompanied by a rant on “Stupid Potter, with his stupid hair, and his stupid glasses and his stupid…”
  • So this is definitely not Potter. But he’s buying exactly 14 packs of rubber bands and there is no way this is a coincidence.
  • “Uh, sorry, awkward question, but why exactly do you have 14 packs of rubber bands?”
  • “Why wouldn’t I?”
  • “because normally people don’t buy exactly amount of rubber bands I was planning on grabbing after my shift because my friend needs them.”
  • “goddamit. James doesn’t even trust me. I’m hurt.” (lbr we all know sirius is a giant drama queen)
  • Remus has no idea how to respond?
  • This guy is probably friends with James and is grabbing the rubber bands for him.
  • (that doesn’t explain the food coloring or balloons though)
  • So Sirius leaves, with the rubber bands
  • Remus puts it all out of his head because the next day is going to be utter chaos and he needs to be prepared.
  • Remus can’t say he’s surprised when the first floor hallway ceiling is lined with balloons the next day.
  • He is rather impressed that they all pop simultaneously though. The shower of food coloring is rather less impressive.
  • But he’s not too upset, the prank he ditched third period for has been a success and each class is now currently locked in to their classrooms by a clever contraption involving rubber bands and pencils.
  • Sirius’ class is the first to break out and he goes to find that cute boy from the store immediately.
  • And it theyre dating within a week, well, that’s nobody’s business, reallly.