rubber origami


Adventures with gckaf!

Last but not least, Mommy and friend gckaf made me a few paper turtle friends during our visit with gckaf on the Fourth of July. They were very nice, but I kept getting distracted by a particularly dig-worthy section of gckaf’s wall. Next thing I knew, there was a quacking, flashing duck yelling at me to stop!


Adventures with gckaf!

My indoor adventures at friend gckaf’s weren’t limited to just cute Captain America and Tsum Tsum plushies. Friend gckaf also showed me her collection of beautiful handmade origami boxes. I fit in almost all of them!

Next, gckaf showed us her big shiny sword and awesome sword letter opener! In a nod to Shark Week, gckaf’s roly poly tiny shark plushie came out to say hello as well.