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what’s in my pencil case?

hello again! the new school year for us starts on the 1st of february, so i decided i’d show you all what i’ll be taking with me every day. last year i carried two pencil cases around so i had my mildliners and every colour of muji pen with me in every class, but i never needed them so i’ve decided just to bring the essentials this year.

picture one
• two 2B grey leads and four pilot frixion highlighters in pink, yellow, purple, and blue from officeworks
• two black, one blue, and one red gel ink pens from muji

picture two
• page tabs that match my pilot frixion markers from the newsagency down the road
• two sets of sticky notes from officeworks
• rubber bands and paper clips from officeworks

picture three
• a 30cm ruler, scissors, glue stick, whiteboard marker, and sharpie from officeworks
• a TI-nspire CAS calculator bought through my school
• a pen from a five pack from kikki k

picture four
• clear sticky tape from kmart
• a sharpener, 16gb usb stick, stapler and spare staples, and whiteout tape from officeworks

not shown
• an erasor from officeworks

College Cleaning List & Guide

So I made this cause I think a lot of people have trouble finding a groove when cleaning their apartment or dorm room. It’s super important to do cause dirty dorm rooms are why everyone has to get their meningitis shot before school. Here is what I recommend doing. At most it takes 45 minutes but usually it will take me around 25 minutes to do all of this in a standard sized double, so there’s really no reason not to.

You are doing both yourself and your roommate a disservice when you don’t clean your room. Also! No one wants to be the homie with the stinky room, so below I’ve added a list of cleaning supplies and a step by step guide on how you can keep your room inhabitable and reduce your risk of getting sick during the year.

-Lysol All-Purpose Disinfecting Wipes

-Clorox Bleach in a Spray Bottle*

-Glade Plug-In

-Dust Pan & Broom

-Stick Vacuum


-Dish Soap

-Paper Towels

-Toilet Scrubber (You can find a cheap one at a dollar store)*

-Swiffer Wet Jet/Dirt Devil Wet Spray Mop

-Fabuloso if you get the Dirt Devil (Green Apple scent is my personal favorite)

-MicroFiber cloth or a Swiffer Duster

-Febreeze Fabric Freshener

-Rubber Gloves (Optional)

-Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner in a bottle (Optional)*

*if you have a bathroom

So heres the dealio kiddos!

Step 1: Make your bed! Shake out any blankets or throws and let any debris on them fall to the ground. Put any dirty plates or cutlery to the side and out of the way, or stick them in your sink if you have one.

Step 2: Start with your microfiber cloth/duster or wipes and start wiping down every surface. If you have crumbs on a desk or chair feel free to wipe them onto the ground we will get them next.

Step 3: Grab your Vacuum and/or Broom and dustpan and start getting all of that debris off your floor. You will be surprised how much dust, crumbs and miscellaneous items there are. Sometimes I vacuum and then sweep just to make sure I get any grains of sand or dirt stuck in corners out, cause I don’t like the feeling of it sticking to my feet, or getting in my bed, cause then it’s gritty.

Step 4: Grab your mop and start wet mopping all over the place. This will make the place smell so nice and get any sort of thing stuck to the ground that you missed. The nice thing about the Dirt Devil spray mop is you can add any cleaner you want and just stick the pad in the washing machine when you need to clean it as opposed to the wet jet, where you need to buy pads and cleaner cartridges.

Step 5: Febreeze over your bed, febreeze over your roommates bed (make sure they aren’t allergic to febreeze), febreeze your chair if it has fabric. Basically Febreeze any fabric in the room.

Now! You’re basically done. If you have a bathroom, repeat the steps above and additionally:

Cleaning your Shower: Remove any items from your shower. Get gloves, paper towels, and clorox bleach spray. Spray the Clorox Bleach on the plastic part of your shower curtain and then wipe down with paper towels. Spray all over the inside of the shower and wait 2 minutes. Turn the shower on and let it rinse off anything it can reach. Turn off the shower and wipe down anything it didn’t reach.

Cleaning your Toilet: Lift the seats of the toilet. Get the toilet bowl cleaner or spray bleach, toilet scrubber, rubber gloves, and paper towels/disinfectant wipes. Use the toilet bowl cleaner, or the spray bleach to coat the inside of the toilet with cleaner. Grab your scrubber and give it a good scrub. Flush! Now you can use the disinfectant wipes or the spray bleach and paper towels to wipe down the seats, back and handle of the toilet.

Cleaning your dishes: Get your sponge, rubber gloves, and dish soap. Let your plates and cutlery soak in hot water for 2 minutes, if you don’t have a stopper you can let the hot water run over them. Put dish soap on your sponge and start scrubbing those dishes under warm water. When you’re done with cleaning an item, wipe them dry with a paper towel or regular towel and put them to the side. You can also set up some paper towels on a surface and lay them on there to dry while you continue washing. When you’re done washing the dishes, lift every item off the sink and use the same sponge to wash down the sink and rinse it with water. Now you’ve also cleaned your sink!

Things people forget to clean: microwave, mini fridge, desk surface, door handles, windows.

Other helpful tips:

Once you’ve cleaned it fully(I do this every week or every other week) you can mop your floor quickly every day or every other day to keep it grit free. If you see dirt or feel it, just sweep or mop it up; it’ll make the next big clean easier.

Change/Wash your sheets every 1-2 weeks, especially if you have sensitive skin! Dirty shams can give you acne.

When using bleach be careful! A) it can ruin your clothes and B) it is an irritant so avoid getting it on your skin. If you do, wash it off as soon as possible.

Good Luck!

Superhero AUs #10

Anti-hero and Anti-villain Edition

From my understanding, an anti-hero is a protagonist with poor morals e.g. writing from a villain’s POV, and an anti-villain is a law-abiding citizen with decent morals that is opposing the protagonist. I’ve scattered examples of both through these (I hope) but feel free to correct me if I’m wrong!

- ‘Some might think of me as an antihero, a true protector of the masses. A silent but deadly watchman’ AU

- ‘And the rest of us know exactly what you are: a total dick’ AU

- ‘Wait, are you telling me that the League are paying you to save lives?’ AU

- ‘Yeah, pretty much. I also accept tips, and since I just saved your life…I take wire transfers’ AU

- 'The media may frame me as a villain, but I’m the only hero my people have’ AU

- 'Okay, I get that you’re protecting the people you love, and I get that a lot of people want to hurt them, but could you please stop blowing up public monuments because it’s really not helping your case’ AU

- 'If I don’t steal this virus, a lot of people are going to die so could you stop trying to arrest me long enough for me to get it out of here I’d be really bloody grateful’ AU

- 'The law is there for a reason, and due process is what saves people’s lives, so no, I will not let you steal this’ AU

- 'I’m going to take down the corrupt, dangerous league of heroes with six rubber bands and a paper clip if it kills me’ AU

- 'I just got inducted into the hero’s league and assigned to take you out, but despite thwarting you at every turn I’m starting to think you’re right about the heroes’ AU

- ‘I steal valuable items and sell them on the black market, then donate the proceeds to children’s hospitals in memory of my childhood best friend. You’re a cop and I think you’ve figured out my secret…well there goes all my street cred’ AU
- ‘Aw man, now I don’t want to arrest you’ AU

- ‘If you kill a killer, there’s still the same amount of killers in the world’ AU
- ‘Not if I kill a couple dozen killers, there won’t be’ AU

- ‘I’m a hero I swear, but by god I have a lot of trespassing and property damage charges against me, and now this DI won’t stop trying to arrest me’
- ‘I don’t care if the rest of the force thinks your illegal behaviour is somehow justified, I will uphold the law and I will get you to a courtroom if it’s the last thing I do’ AU

- ‘…you’re helping to save the world? You? The ultimate supervillain?’ AU
- ‘Look. I don’t want to be here. I especially don’t want to be helping the heroes. But goddammit, this is my planet too, and if I have to save everyone else’s ass to save my own, then so be it’ AU

- ‘I used to be a hero. Then you killed my team’ AU
- ‘Oh shit’ AU

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When Bendy finds the eviscerated Boris, he decides to fix him to he fills him with random crap he finds, like ink bottles, paper, rubber duckies, whatever fits cause that's totally how you fix people. He genuinely didn't know what to do.

Poor Bendy Boi


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.14.16

theme: floral wedding finds
succulent save-the-date stamp by nativebear

let your love of florals and botanicals seep into your paper products, too - like this radical succulent-emblazoned personalized and carved save-the-date stamp!!


Adventures with gckaf!

Last but not least, Mommy and friend gckaf made me a few paper turtle friends during our visit with gckaf on the Fourth of July. They were very nice, but I kept getting distracted by a particularly dig-worthy section of gckaf’s wall. Next thing I knew, there was a quacking, flashing duck yelling at me to stop!


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 4 | 1.15.16

cacti stamp sets by talktothesun

whether you go for the paddle prickly pear cactus or the round, flowered barrel cactus, you get a 5-piece set complete with a cute pot to use in all kinds of crafting.

I’m rubber, you’re glue - Curse

I remember this little saying from my childhood whenever someone would make fun of you, and I never realized I had been cursing even as a little kid on the playground god bless

This is a quick and easy curse to get revenge on those who have wronged you to make them take back the pain they’ve given you.

You’ll need: something rubber, glue, paper, fire, something to represent yourself (a sigil, poppet, or even just your name written on a piece of paper), and something to represent the person you’re wanting to get revenge on.

1. write down everything they’ve done to hurt you. don’t forget a single thing and don’t be afraid to get angry while doing so

2. place the rubber on top of the thing to represent yourself (or you could write your name or sigil directly onto it), and put the glue on the thing to represent your victim

3. light the paper on fire, and as it’s burning say,

“I’m rubber, you’re glue, Whatever wrong you’ve done to me bounces right off and sticks onto you.”

4. you can burn the representation of your victim, throw it out, or just keep it if you want

I haven’t tested this curse out myself yet, so if you use it please tell me how it went!!

I’m sittin here rubber duckying my frankenstein final paper in the hopes that it’ll lead to me finding a clearer way to conceptualize the whole nebulous theme I’ve picked, and get a clean set-up out of it

I was doubtful, but so far, even just taking the time to think out how it could go, if i find the right things in my source material, and how those possible points could lead into each other seems to be working out? Considering that i still need this to be a) 15 pages and b) polished, I guess I’m far from the end, but……. Well! Progress. Step-by-step! I have lots of little assignments to still do, so taking some time now to get an idea down before moving into sooner stuff is………. Good. and i’ll keep doing it. Gotta stick with this.

and……. If I’m talking about four different productions and an article by Marx, that can’t be an immense amount of stretching to fit the page length, right? Gotta talk abt how they relate to each other, and the culture, and to marx, so like………… if i just write my plain, casual thoughts down on each of those, and then read professional articles on em and tie those in, that’s…. gotta build together. I shouldn’t let myself get so wound up about it. Might need a lotta concentration, but. well! There’s a lot to talk about it.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 3 | 12.18.15

hand-carved stamps by extase

these stamps are so creative. i love the rustic, earthy vibe they bring — i can totally see them used in crafted card projects!

Hey, so while the 100 fans are getting hooked on Fear the Walking Dead, might I suggest another amazing zombie show: Z Nation. It’s amazing and hilarious, with POC leads (well it starts out with whitey mcwhite but *Hamilton voice* just you waiiit), strong female characters, and even an strongly implied bisexual character, which I’m hoping they’ll expand upon in the third season!

Reasons to watch:
-Like the 100, Z Nation also has a snarky dick named Murphy
-Like the 100, Z Nation also has a dorky sniper who wears goggles
-Like the 100, Z Nation has a lot of POCs in the cast- except they’re treated right and have amazing storylines.

It’s on Netflix and I guarantee you will love it. It’s not like most zombie shows- it’s downright ridiculous at times and hilarious, which I think is exactly what fans of the 100 need right now.

Not to mention, the implied bisexual character is a girl who wields a spiked bat, was an art major, and is snarky and badass as hell. I get major Elyza Clark vibes from her…

Also, strangely enough, one of the most popular ships in the show is another crossover ship- John Murphy and the cinnamon roll that could kill you with a rubber band and a paper clip, 10k.

Go watch this amazing show that deserves attention for its portrayal of POCs and women! You will love it, I promise.