rubber jiggler

Well babies, here it is. The Big Mama Jamma. The Mean Mother Hubbard. The Big Kahuna. The Bad Mother Fucker.  The Famous Amos.  This, my friends is a rare jiggler.  AHI made it. Anything for the Creech is rare.  Everyone loves the Creech.  What? And you don’t?  This is a fine piece.  I’m proud to have one.  Give me diploma.


The Jiggler.  A rubber toy sold in dime stores. Price is kept cheap.  Kids of the 70′s would probably fling these at their teachers and get them taken away.  They were also easy to set on fire.  Dogs would eat them. Cats would piss on them.  Did anyone from the 70′s actually “love” a jiggler? Who knows. But I love them. I love them a real real lot.  These are by Ben Cooper.  The Drac one is amazing, what a flourish.  My heart beats for tiny rubber idols of ancient celluloid man creatures.  Pssst…the mummy one is super rare!


They’re here baby! Crocabilly Jiggle Jerks! What are Jiggle Jerks? They’re weird rubber toys of course! 4 inches long, made from durable rubber and hand painted, Crocabilly is almost as tough as a real croc! Comes in Greaser Green and Outsider Orange. Limited to 11 of each, grab one quickly before they crawl back to the sewer!  Only available on my Etsy! Click here!