I’m still not sure I like Jon with the cigar. I included it since it always seems like rubber-hose baddies have them but it really just doesn’t fit his personality?

Jon naturally breaths smoke anyways but a cigar going off like a train whistle when he’s McPissed™ was too good a visual.

*wheeze* I am doing it! It’s base on this post here http://misschubbypikachu.tumblr.com/post/159743239642/i-want-to-imagine-alice-angel-like-this-and-bendy @misschubbypikachu I just caved in and started to work on this. Of course this is just a wip but I think I did p good so far. Also I can finally practice my animation chops.


On the fast track to becoming fandom trash :D
The street urchin turned ballerina is Gracie (she went to someone who dealt with magic of the darker kind to help her out with that one, I wonder who), she may look like the ragtoon epitome of grace and decorum, but she probably swears like a sailor and is bold as brass when not on stage, she has a kind heart of sorts and is probably the mum friend of the bunch.
And Dora the deer is very timid, particularly around Boris, deer and wolves aren’t exactly known for being best of friends haha
Happy to let other characters interact with them, just drop me an ask ;)

Look who made another one? Yeah it’s me but this time I got an idea for a human rubber-hose-style OC.

His name is Lenny and he’s a engine driver in his mid twenties.
He can be really annoying with his whistle and who knows how he does it, but even if you take it away from him, he just takes out another one.

He’s really quirky guy and in a good mood 90% of the time.

Warm up doodles cause I lost control of my life.

Plus was listening to “st James infirmary Blues” by cab calloway and “we’ll meet again” by Verra Lynn while doodling this. Anyway let this ship set sail! I think I’ll call this ship “love comes at a sacrfice”.