rubber head

this photo is such bullshit

1. irish people were regularly attacked, couldnt find jobs

2. you couldnt ban irish people from the UK cuz u decided to invade and occupy ireland. 

3. irish catholics in n.ireland regularly suffered attacks

4. this occurred after hundreds of years of systematic starvation and oppression

5. wasnt a ‘small group of cunts’ was people who wanted freedom and felt the only way to do so was with violence because britain gave them no other choice

6. britiain shot kids in the head with rubber bullets, used children as human shields in n. ireland but ya the IRA were a ‘small group of cunts’ 

 I watched that segment when he was in Sesame Street and I wanted to draw an icon for it and it got out of hand lmao

Also there’s already a speedpaint bc I had alot of time on my hands


My mom has come up with her first Harry Potter headcanon! She says that these days, Arthur Weasley spends his retirement designing leggings for muggles. That explains some of the designs she comes across of leggings with rubber ducks.


@tyrantisterror     ATOM Create A Kaiju Contest 

(Updated details to better fit ATOM)

Name: Odinokiy Soldat [Lone Soldier]

Aliases: Russia’s favorite son, Yamneon Man, The Ul’tra Chelovek

Date Discovered: 1996 [date redacted]

Place of Origin: Attu Island

Height: 100 ft

Notable Stomping Ground: Soviet Russia

Abilities: Super human strength, extreme gymnastics, “hammer/sickle” martial art (a style that mixes Russian martial arts with a technique of heavy hitting and fast accurate cutting moves), incredible jump height, macrowave arm rays

Description: Large humanoid sparsely layered with chitin plates painted red or blue pattern. Thick dark rubber like skin. Head covered in smooth bone “helmet”, luminous mineral layered eye,  double layered “beak” covers mouth.

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