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Saw a man refusing to let his pregnant wife off the porch because he “saw a rat the size of a dog and I will NOT let it bite you, please go back inside darling”. Made me wonder how protective the Maheswaran’s were of their baby.


Phase 1: Was hot af, had normal skin, wasn’t a pickle yet, gray long-sleeve shirt, upside-down cross necklace, brown boots were his life, played his bass, needed to have his license taken away, drove the Geep, seemed to like smirking a lot, teeth were on point, sharp af, one red eye and one red nail, love blowing sh*t up, hated moose creatures, supported moose abuse, hair was on fleek, never seen his eyebrows, STOP IT BANGING, eels, hip thrusts intensifies, had the best outfit in Rock The House, was thick af, a ball got stuck in his booty, didn’t seem as abusive, UPSIDE-DOWN RUBBER CROSS

Phase 2:Was still hot af, Winnebago, shirtless intensifies, had no shame in his body, on stage with his draws on, real Egyptian silk, tried to hit on the camera man, brown boots were still his life, he had giblets, he still had his red eye, capes, capes, and more capes, still played his bass, still wasn’t changing colors yet, had normal skin, owned pet crows, had an obsession with skull products, canes, purple seemed to be his favorite color, hates children, low-key abuses child in Dirty Harry, this was him cutting an onion, owns photo of himself cutting vegetables, had bad breath, he couldn’t talk right now, he’s naked, bird sh*t fell in his eye, booty on point, style on fleek, did an indent in jail, rubber gloves, prison food was rubbish, still wasn’t abusive, but he was on the verge

Phase 3: Loses sanity, creates a house in the middle of the ocean, loves recycling, red eye is missing, eye back to normal, skin is now green, pickle man is created, pirates, submarines, forced people to collaborate on his album, kidnapped 2D, abusiveness starts, hates 2D, makes everyone cry, is chased by the boogieman, made false deals with devils, still has his license, mumbles to himself while driving, sailor hats, long sleeve sweaters, RUM, jeans, brown boots were still his life, red bandanna, smoking pipe, thinks he’s a sailor, is loony af, bass disappears, car can turn into a shark submarine, turned into an inventor, knows how to make clones out of DNA, makes a cyborg of Noodle, nails are long af, looses all of his coolness, turns that in for being a drunk, insane uncle who’s green

Phase 4: Eyebrows are finally visible, thinks he’s Mr. Rogers, not a drunk uncle anymore, still crazy af, doesn’t act like a satanist, is menacing, is good friends with 2D now, relocated the band somewhere else, doesn’t like brown boots anymore, leather jackets are his life, eyes are bigger than his nose, smiles more often, life is doing him some good, abusiveness is gone, but he savage af, blue and black striped shirts, and black and white striped shirts are his life too, eyeball coordination is on point, cackling intensifies, has no shame in showing his body, has the ability to breathe in outer space, flies around Saturnz Barz naked, has fully evolved into Pickle Man, created memes, believes in THE BATH, no one can take him seriously anymore, is still driving, Phase 1 and 2 Murdoc would be very disappointed 

Foodie Friday: Kombucha

Recipe Credit: Brothers Green Eats

Note: When preparing kombucha, you are handling a live bacteria culture in a fermentation process. Should your culture begin to look and smell questionable, do err on the side of caution so as to avoid turning your tea into vinegar or to avoid introducing outside sources of bacteria.

Yields: 2 Gallons

-12 Bags Black or Green Tea
-16 cups filtered water
-1.5 cups white sugar
-Large jars (disinfected)
-Airtight, seal-able brewing bottles
-Scoby (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast)
-Flavoring agent (recommended fruits, herbs, etc.)

A scoby (the mat of bacteria floating in the jar on the left side of the picture) is a live bacteria culture which breaks down and ferments sweet tea. Scobys are easy to purchase from Amazon - or, if you know somebody who brews kombucha, you can request a scoby from them, as with each fermentation process, the scoby will reproduce and add another layer. It’s recommended that between batches of kombucha, you remove the oldest layer so as to maintain fresh scoby and fresh kombucha. If your first batch does not come out perfect, do not worry! Fermentation takes practice, and with each batch, you will get the hang of it!

1) Bring 8 cups of water to a boil, and steep your tea for about 10 minutes. (You want a very strong brew)

2) Allow the tea to come to room temperature, then transfer into a large jar with the remaining water. Add the sugar and stir to completely dissolve.

3) Add your scoby with some starter kombucha (if you do not have any starter, simply add a little bit of store-bought kombucha - this will increase the acidity and prevent your scoby from dying).

4) Cover the jar with cheesecloth and place in a dark, room temperature place to ferment. (Traditionally, kombucha will be blessed just before setting it aside to ferment). Allow it to sit for 1-2 weeks.

5) After the first ferment, check the kombucha - the color of the brew should have gone from black to golden, and the scoby should appear healthy (no blue, fuzzy bread molds growing on the top layer). If desired, you can check the pH of the kombucha - the goal is 2.5 to 3.5.

6) In your bottles, add some flavoring agents. Remove your scoby from the jar, reserving some of the liquid to help keep it alive. Then fill the bottles with kombucha, leaving a little head space.

7) Allow the bottles to sit for 2-3 days, cracking the top once a day to release excess gas. The kombucha will pressurize and carbonate during this second fermentation.

8) Your kombucha is ready! Refrigerate to halt the fermentation process, and serve cold!

Cook’s Note: When handling your scoby, it’s recommended to do so with clean hands so as to avoid introducing foreign bacteria to the colony. Before handling, wash your hands with a light dish soap (non-antibacterial) or invest in a box of disposable food-safe rubber gloves. This will help prevent your scoby from going bad and will keep the flavors of your kombucha fresh.

Magical Ingredient!

Kombucha has definitely grown in popularity over the last few years, and this is definitely understandable. In addition to its fresh flavors and refreshing fizz, it is also said to have plenty of health benefits - so much so that kombucha has even been called the “elixir of life.”

Here in San Luis, commercially brewed kombucha can be found in any store which sells soda, and a few restaurants have taken to brewing their own kombuchas - a testament to the growing popularity of this delicious beverage.

While the bacteria culture itself might be considered magical (it is the core of the fermentation and carbonation process after all), the magic and history behind tea is absolutely undeniable. Today, we refer to many infusions as “tea,” but true tea is prepared by brewing the leaves of the tea tree itself (camellia sinensis). There are some variations to tea due to the ease by which it can be hybridized, which allows some diversity of flavor and strength to the tea and also allows for regions to have their own “brand” of tea leaves.

Tea drinking has its origins in Eastern Asia, around the Yunnan and Sichuan provinces of China. Here the plant is native, and around the time of the Shang Dynasty the leaves began to be brewed in hot water for medicinal purposes. The drink prepared was a concentrated, bitter infusion that helped stimulate the immune system and help keep the mind awake and focused. Later, during the Tang Dynasty, the practice of tea drinking spread to Korea, Japan, and Vietnam.

Tea drinking would eventually be brought to Europe around the 17th century by the Dutch, who further spread the practice to Germany and France. By the 18th century, tea drinking became widely fashionable in Britain. Tea in Europe was prepared differently than in Asia - the leaves would be allowed to oxidize more than was practiced in Asia, resulting in black tea instead of green or oolong.

For much of the 18th century, tea remained a luxury item in the British Empire, where it was heavily taxed - so much so that it resulted in tea smuggling and several significant historical events, not least of which included the Boston Tea Party (a response of the Tea Act of 1773, which increased the tax on tea). Later on, this desire for tea began to lead to a deficit in trade, and Britain introduced opium to China, an event that would culminate in the Opium Wars.

Desperate to break the Chinese monopoly on the tea trade, Britain began cultivating tea in India between the First and Second Opium wars. The less expensive Indian tea became widely popular, and began to overtake Chinese tea in the industry.

Today, tea is considered to be the most widely consumed beverage in the world after water, and is prepared both green and black in varying ways, from chai to kombucha, to the Star Trek favorite “tea, Earl Grey, hot.” Processing of tea leaves allows for a variety of teas, and its ability to retain aromas allows it to be given additional flavors, such as mint, vanilla, and bergamot. Furthermore, some regions have developed “tea culture” - practices, rituals, and etiquette regarding the preparation, serving, and consumption of tea.

An excellent example of tea culture was recounted to me by my boyfriend, who visited Turkey several years ago. He described being offered tea in every shop and home that he visited, in varying flavors and nearly always served in a small glass with a saucer. To turn down the tea was a faux pas, and to not be offered tea was considered offensive. So enjoyable was his experience that he has since acquired a Turkish tea set, and we occasionally enjoy teas imported from Turkey or brought to us by a friend of ours who holds dual citizenship. 

The health benefits of tea are well known, both as an antioxidant and as an alternative to coffee due to its caffeine content, which helps heighten alertness while maintaining calm in the morning.

In magick, the immediate practice which comes to mind with tea is the practice of tea leaf reading, in which loose leaf green or black tea is prepared and served. The recipient of the reading consumes all but the last few dregs of tea, leaving bits and pieces of tea leaf in the bottom of the cup, which is then swirled  and upended to create patterns on the bottom and sides. These patterns and shapes form the basis of the divination.

Because there is so much economic history behind tea, it can be used in any spells regarding money and prosperity. In addition, it can be added to spells for health, strength, courage, and alertness. Tea can also be used as a money-drawing incense.

For the kitchen witch, tea is indispensable, much like salt or sugar. It forms the basis of many tea spells, and can be used in varying ways. For instance, capturing the healing energies of the sun in sun-brewed tea is a fairly common practice. Sweetened iced tea can be served as a sweetening spell, and serving any kind of tea with intent can make irritable guests more amenable. Tea can be used in baking for the same reasons, resulting in cakes and snacks which have the same properties as long as the intent is added!

For a freebie spell, we can look at one which I use every now and again for my boyfriend, and which I had used almost daily when I was working in the culinary department for a retirement community for a resident who was particularly irritable in the morning. Brew a strong black tea in boiling water (do not stir the bag, and do not ever squeeze the last drops of liquid out of the bag), and fill it with positive intent (for me, usually love, happiness, and calm). Add milk with intent for health, and then inspire sweetness, prosperity, and happiness with honey. Serve while still warm and with a heartfelt smile. Not only does it brighten my boyfriend’s morning, but it worked wonders where the aforementioned resident was concerned.

Consider the benefits tea may bring to your practice. Do you incorporate aspects of tea culture from other parts of the world? Perhaps you’re a fan of a Southern sweet tea spell? Or perhaps you lean toward love and sweetening spells? Maybe you prefer spells prepared over the course of several days, decorating jars for kombucha with sigils and runes for health and prosperity? Regardless, this beverage is steeped in history, and in all of its forms can bring plenty of positive aspects to one’s craft!

May all your meals be blessed! )O(

How to be Prepared for Clinical Rotations

-          Have all your necessary supplies! Now, some of this will depend on the rotation and school, but some supplies to have include: stethoscope, scrubs, pens (lots of them!), highlighters (for treatment sheets), thermometer, emergency stash of advil/ibuprofen, rubber boots (equine, food animal, etc), coveralls, bandage scissors, snacks, notebooks (lots of them!) white coat, hemostats, etc. Also, if you have a computer based paperwork system, look into getting it installed on your personal computer if possible so you can do late-night paperwork at home instead of at school.

-          Have some resources on speed-dial. There is nothing worse than being panicked at 2 am for not knowing the dose of carprofen or xylazine when asked. I’m not suggesting to carry around your textbooks to your rotations (plenty of schools have a textbook library in the hospital somewhere anyway!), but it can be useful to have some websites bookmarked, some pocket books (I love my small animal differential diagnoses and veterinary nerd books- both are white-coat pocket sized!), or have a little notebook full of common drug doses handy. I also recommend the Plumb (drug reference) app that you can install on your phone that should be free if you are a student!  

-          Don’t forget the importance of food! Food is love. You can’t run around the hospital working on cases if you faint from hypoglycemia. Stuff easy finger food in your white-coat and eat when you can! If you are busy typing up paperwork in between diagnostics- EAT SOMETHING. On that note, take care of yourself! Yes, you may have some 12, 17, 24+ hour days, but you have to make sure to take time for yourself or you will be walking on the thin ice that is burnout.

-          Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Seriously. Don’t sit with that blood sample all day because you don’t know what to do with it. Ask. Everyone knows you are new. Everyone knows you don’t know what to do or where things are. If someone gives you crap for it, then take a deep breath and find someone who is happy to help. If you are lucky enough like me to enter clinics with upperclassmen still there, cling to them for dear life! They know the in-and-outs of clinics now and are full of tips and tricks to survive clinics!

-          Accept that you won’t always know the answer. Or, at first, you might feel like you never know the answer. Or how to do a certain “easy” procedure. Or how to put in paperwork. Or where anything is. And that’s okay! Your attending clinicians have been doing this for years, so don’t feel bad for not knowing the 25th differential for diarrhea or for missing that IV catheter placement. It takes time, and you may not see it, but you will grow, and you will get more comfortable as time treks on.

-          Accept that you may not enjoy every rotation. In fact, you may hate a few. And that’s okay. Paying $40,000 + a year to perform scut work, yelled at, or being constantly chained to paperwork is frustrating, to say the least. It’s important to know this because vet school, even in clinics, is not the real world. And as such, it is more than acceptable to not like parts of this middle man that is vet school.  It’s also vital to remember that with the slog of clinical rotations, there are rewarding cases, clients, clinicians, and patients that make it worth it.


Other useful links:  what is a clinical rotation, what I learned after one week of clinical rotations


repost and fill in the answers you most associate your character with to each question.

1. ANIMAL:  Gerdy
2. COLOR(S): orange, brown, black
3. MONTH: December
4. SONG: Let’s Take It Outside - Brantley Gilbert feaut. The True American Bad Ass / Dodged a Bullet - Greg Laswell
5. NUMBER: 6
6. DAY OR NIGHT: night
7. PLANT: -laughs for 47 years-
8. SMELL:  car oil, tire rubber, whiskey, spicy food, cotton
9. GEMSTONE:  Orange Tourmaline
10. SEASON: winter
11. PLACE: garage
12. FOOD: double stack burger with everything and two orders of fries
13. ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: capricorn
14. ELEMENT(S): metal or earth(in the sense of like dirt/rock)
15. DRINK: whiskey or coffee or both at once.

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So I work at a gas station right?

Today I had a guy come in and bring up a bag of flour, pack of rubber bands, can of Gravy chow (for dogs), can opener, can of sardines (I think????) And condoms…..
Which I’m like oookay… but eh this is a gas station.

Now I wouldn’t be posting this had he not added to it by saying:
“Yeeeep someone’s getting theirs tonight. Slow times at the jail give time for fun. ”
And I’m like “oh well I guess.”
BUT at the same time I’m also !!!!????? Excuse me???
How….why do you have flour??? WHY THE DOG WET FOOD!! Rubber Bands???

He had to be like in his 20s and I don’t think I’ve ever been so concerned….

anonymous asked:

*greedy anon comes back for another imagine* HELP IM SICK. MAKE VIXX TAKE CARE OF ME. I'm sorry ;^; and thank you in advance!

Haha it’s okay come back for as many as you want! sorry I couldn’t do this sooner, rather ironically i’m currently ill T.T

N: Bed rest for you my dear. After getting over the initial shock of your soaring temperature, making sure you weren’t really dying or mortally injured he would take a breather and get his act back together. He would be a great caring mother for you, making you as comfortable as possible, getting you some medicine and putting on your favourite show to watch, however he would rather not get ill himself, once he’ s taken care of you he’ll silently leave the room and give you time to get better.

Leo: Woah lucky you if you get ill with Leo there to support you, you’ll get Leo the butler all to yourself all day. He’ll initially be quite worried, asking you a few questions about how you feel, he’ll get you into bed and you probably won’t see him for the next hour. He’ll later emerge with good food galore, nice blankets and some medicine. If you need anything you’ll need to but raise a finger and Leo will be there. Like N he’d also rather not get ill so he would mostly leave you to your dying in peace and quiet.

Ken: 0.0 Wait, you’re ill? He probably wouldn’t notice until you didn’t laugh at one of his jokes. As soon as he realises he’ll go completely OTT with the drama of it all, tightly hugging you whilst somehow moving upstairs to put you to bed. Once that’s done you two would probably spend the rest of the day watching anime in each others arms. Ken wouldn’t be hugely knowledgeable of any remedies for your illness, but he would keep you happy. Unfortunately all the skinship will probably result with him getting ill too.

Ravi: Ravi wouldn’t notice you’re ill until you pointed it out to him, as an apology for not noticing he would probably just hug you. literally. Ravi would get you some medicine and spend the rest of the day with you in his arms, reassuring you that you’ll get better soon, he would then promptly fall asleep. Like Ken, all the skinship would make him ill, then you would have to return the favour.

Hongbin: Oh gawd this guy would spend the first two hours freaking out, frantically Googling the signs, symptoms and cures for whatever he thinks you have, asking you things like ‘Have you got any rashes?!’, ‘What colour is your pee!?’. After calming him down, telling him you just had a sore throat, he would snap back to reality and make you comfortable. Don’t take it personally if he comes in with your food wearing rubber gloves and a face mask….

Hyuk: Like Ken, Hyuk would take this illness as a great opportunity to chill together, watching Naruto allll day. So much so that he might forget you were silently dying next to him, he would then take care of you, getting blankets and medicine and overall being as kind as possible. This one is another one that will most likely get ill with you too.

Spicy Spooky Spider Dip

Yields 2 cups of dip

Things you’ll need

  • ½ cup tahini
  • 4 tablespoons lemon juice
  • 2 tablespoons lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons garlic, minced
  • 5 tablespoons olive oil
  • 2 teaspoons cumin
  • ½ teaspoons chili powder
  • 2 cans black beans, drained and washed
  • Salt & pepper to taste
  • Food processor
  • Rubber spatula
  • Small offset spatula
  • Black display bowls
  • Sour cream in decorating bag fitted with a #2 tip
  • Black olives
  • Red bell pepper
  • Cutting board
  • Small knife

Let’s get started!

  1. In a food processor, grind tahini and juices together for about 1 minute and then scrape down the sides.
  2. Add garlic, olive oil, cumin, and chili powder. Process for another minute and scrape.
  3. Pour in black beans and seasoning and process for another minute or so.

Time to decorate!

  1. Use a #2 tip to pipe a sour cream spider web design on top of the hummus.
  2. For a spider head, cut one olive lengthwise and then again in half at the width.
  3. For spider legs, cut an olive lengthwise then cut thin long slices. You’ll need eight slices for each spider.
  4. Assemble the cut olive pieces on top of the web to create a spider. The final touch is a small diamond shaped piece of red bell pepper on the body.

Stop directioners 2k14

Doing this will kill and harm many animals. When the balloons pop, animals will mistake the rubber for food and eat it, and they will end up choking on it and they can potentially die.

“From your joy of letting  balloons go – pain, misery, and death will come to any animal that encounters it.”

Mass balloon releases like this are also illegal, just for that reason.