rubber figure

Losing Control

Jason was fed up and tired of never being a good sub. Too many times during sex he ruined it by joking and disobeying the dom. No not in a fun way, he just couldn’t stay in the sub headspace and it had driven so many good doms away from him. He had tried everything from passively being quiet during sessions to even trying to dom himself, he was built for it, tall and muscular his figure screamed dominant. But in his heart, he knew he was a sub, he craved submission so badly so he decided maybe a change of wardrobe would help. He looked online before coming across a site which guaranteed life changing products. He browsed the site, coming across a series of sex toys and clothes before he found something he thought would suit him perfectly. His eyes examined the rubber jock on the screen. “Control”, not quite submissive sounding but maybe some underwear that hid away his cock and exposed his ass would be enough to keep his head in the sub zone. He purchased them, adding on immediate delivery to his order, he did have a possible master coming over tomorrow so Nexus Toys better be quick on the dispatch.

They arrived early in the morning and he quickly pulled them out and tried them on, they fit like a glove, his butt looked so good and the front was so tight his bulge looked almost non-existent. It was early though, and Jason was very sleepy, there was a few hours till his friend arrived and so in just the jock he laid down to sleep, dozing off instantly. A short while later he was awoken. Something touched his leg. Jason opened his eyes and gasped at the figure that stood before him a fully clad rubber man, his cock erect and pointing straight at him. 

He shouted and moved to push the man away but the figure simply pushed him back down, lifting Jason’s legs up and pressing the hard rubber shaft into his tight hole. “W…who are you?” Jason shouted at the figure, pushing against the rubber mans chest with all his might, but his hand just sank straight through. The figure was hollow. The drone pushed him back, pinning him more as it began to piston the dick into the bottoms ass. Soon Jason couldn’t focus and could only moan as the drone pounded him into bliss. 

After what felt like hours the drone froze, unleashing a hot streak of rubber cum into Jason’s insides as the drone lay down across Jason’s body. Jason moaned as the rubber figure began to melt, sculpting itself over his form, absorbing and assimilating Jason. Soon only one figure lay in the room. The drone, with Jason trapped inside it, helpless.

The door opened and a tall man in a leather uniform walked inside. “Drone, get hard”, the drone instantly grew a rubber erection. The suit was no longer empty but filled with Jason, the cock his, however he could do nothing to control it. “Drone, present hole.” The drone sat up, rolled over and assumed a position on all fours. “Good drone”. 

The man walked over and slid his dick inside the hole, moaning. “Drone, fuck yourself”. Jason tried to shout out but couldn’t, the rubber drone was in complete control as it began to ride the dick invading the hosts hole. Jason moaned internally as the drone controlled his every action and obeyed every instruction given. Soon cum filled the rubber boy and he was commanded to follow the man outside to a waiting van. Jason had ordered a product that promised control, that was after all what he wanted.

So what do you desire?

Evocation of the Thrift Store Gods

Hail to the gods of the pilling sweater
The ripped jeans and the sneakers weathered.
To the knick-knacks and the tchotckis, the pans and pots
The khaki pants and the outdated tops.
To the spirits of the water-stained kettles
The old souls of assorted metals
Abandoned candles and rubber stamps
Ceramic figures and white elephants.
Hail the thrift store gods and sprites
To ask for good fortune, we drink to your might.
For what we find may not be what we seek,
But maybe we’ll find it sometime next week.

Just a flower? (Jungkook Tattooartist!au)

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Summary: “Something small…a flower?”

Genre: Jungkook x Reader TattooArtist!au ( A little angst, fluff )

A/N: Helloo!! Thx to the anon that requested this btw. I hope you like it I kind of went wild with the plot! ❤️ p.s if u want links for the tattoos ill put them on here and use your imagination for your tattoo placement and or style ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾ ✽ ❃ ❋ enjoy!

“You’re such a goodie two shoes! You mean to tell me you’ve never gone to a random club for the heck of it, not even once?”

“Leave me alone!” You dropped your pencil and gave her a look. “You’re supposed to be at a meeting anyway, not instigating my personal life.” Poking out your bottom lip you pouted to yourself. She laughed while grabbing a bottle of orange juice and a bagel. You sat at the island with a few books, tea and a pencil as you watched her scramble to get out because she was late. The whole morning she wouldn’t get off your case about your so called ‘innocence’.

“I’m just saying Y/N, you traveled across the world and your nose is stuck in a book! Live a little! Do something spontaneous for once. See you later!” She ran out and you sighed in relief, you could breathe, she was finally off your back.

Do something spontaneous she says, you’ve done plenty of spontaneous things including moving here. You moved here for school but it still counts, right? You sighed, resting your chin in the palm of your hand in thought. Maybe she was right, maybe you did need to do something on a whim.

You pushed back a strand of your hair before securing the lid of the beautiful drink. 

“Jungkook?” You called the order name, searching around for whoever it might be. Who you presumed to be the man who ordered it looked up from his phone and his soft features caught your attention; and not only that but the sleeve of tattoos on his left arm, the multiple pierces in his ear, the tasteful ensemble of dark clothes. You had never seen him before, or maybe you just never noticed him; but how could you not notice someone like that? You handed him the drink and he thanked you with a friendly smile before going on his way.

Instead of gawking at the door like a crazed love struck girl, you untied your apron and ran to the back to get changed. Yoojin, your coworker and good friend was getting off the same time as you. She walked in, punching in her time and grabbing her backpack.

“That’s it!” You snapped, smiling brightly to yourself.

“Y/N? Are you ok?” Your sudden outburst startled her and she gave you a look.

“Sorry, sorry- I just figured it out.” With your hands fiddling in hair you took out the rubber band.

“Figured out what?” She remained baffled.

You grabbed her by the shoulders and laughed, “I’m gonna get a tattoo!” With that you ran out the back.

“You can do this, you can do this, you can do this….” You repeated that phrase in your head and aloud, hopping to hype yourself up. You scheduled your consultation for this evening and after this long day it was finally time. After walking a few blocks you found the spot and quickly stepped into the clean little establishment.

“Hi, - Y/N? You called for the consultation?” You nodded. A guy behind them the front desk who was equally as tattooed as most of the people in here. 

“Right past there are a few couches, you can wait for him there.” Timidly you went where he directed you and took a seat. As you fiddled with your fingers to distract yourself you noticed all of the photos of tattoos and drawings on the wall and for some reason you got nervous. 

“You’re my 5 o'clock right?” That same guy, Jungkook, the one at the cafe that you made a drink for. He must’ve remembered you too, he furrowed his brow and smiled. “Wait - I know you, you work at the cafe a few blocks down, don’t you?” He finally put his finger on it.

“Yeah, I saw you were there yesterday.” You nodded as he took his seat across from you with a clip board, paper and a pen.

“Ah, you were the one that made my drink.” He said.

“Yep,” You squirmed in your seat, biting your lips, “that was me.” 

“It was good by the way…” Your cheeks glowed a subtle rose at the compliment, even if it was for your amazing barista skills you took it to heart. “So, you’re looking to get a tattoo. Do you have your eye on something in particular or are you just looking?”

“Um, I don’t really know, I really like elegant pieces on the back.”

“Yeah, pieces like those are always really pretty, is that what you want?” 

“I think so…” 

“Let me show you some work I’ve done, similar to that.” He pulled a big binder from under the center table and got up to sit next to you. He opened up the well organized binder and flipped a few pages before stopping. You stared in aw at the elegant works of art, most of them were huge; covering most of the back or somewhere on the leg. As much as you hated to admit it, you really couldn’t concentrate on the book when his arm was in full view showcasing the pieces of art. You managed to stutter, “I like that one, I want mine that big.” He peered at the one you pointed at and he nodded in agreement. “That one is one of my personal favorites, it looks simple but it required a lot of precision on my part, it was worth it though.”

“Ok, I can draw something along the the lines of that, to see if you like it, sound good?” You nodded. His hand went to work, the pen moving back and forth with his movements. You sat there, for 15 maybe 20 minutes as he continued to draw the art that will soon be on your body. Oddly enough you weren’t even looking at it, you stared out of the window, watching the people go by; it almost calmed you.

“Done.” He showed you the paper and your mouth hung open in astonishment, how could he come up with this in such a short amount of time.

“It’s beautiful…really, really beautiful. You’re very talented.” You brushed your fingers over the drawing, admiring the little details on gentle creature. It was funny how you could actually see it on yourself, it was literally made for you.

“Thanks, I try to put the canvas into prospective- the canvas being my client of course.” He giggled to himself. “You’d look great with this, it compliments your skin and the overall way you look.” He ripped the papa we out and went to a what looked like a printer. He came back over with a sheet of paper and handed it to you. “So when do you want to set up the appointments.” The question.

“Appointments? More than one?” 

“For a tattoo that big I normally suggest a series of appointments, the pain can be a little much in one day. But we can do it in one day, it’ll be a few hours. How about next Thursday at noon? You’ll be my only appointment.” He was steadily sliding on some gloves as he continued to talk to you.

You mentally viewed your schedule and you were free. “I can do that.”

“Ok, I’ll see you then.”

With a coffee in your hand you sat at a two person table, trying to relax and take your mind off of it you decided to sit in your favorite cafe and draw for a little bit. 

“Is this seat taken?” A familiar voice chirped from behind you. It was him again, how come you two keep meeting?

“Jungkook? Hi- no, it’s not go ahead.” You smiled gesturing to the seat. He sat across from you with a back pack, and a book in his arm. Was he drawing too? The cafe was usually crowded at this time and you were glad the only free seat was next to you. Although he probably didn’t notice you took every chance you got to look at his face or maybe you were just looking at all of him. It was silent between you two, you both mutual have each other space and you glance at his paper but you couldn’t make out what it was.

“I never caught your name.” He spoke. You looked up sort of timidly, he was looking at you with curious eyes and you took off your reading glasses and sat down your pencil. “Y/N.” You responded softly.

“That’s a pretty name.” That smile. His smile was absolutely breathtaking and the way stared deep into your eyes was charming, even if he wasn’t trying to be.

“Thank you…um your tattoos, they’re really beautiful, did you do them yourself?” You pointed to his left arm where a majority of his tattoos were; subconsciously he touched and looked at them. “I did a few of them, maybe 5 or 6? All free handed too. Free hand is my favorite…it’s relaxing. I see you like to draw.” His gaze drifted over to your paper.

“Oh, yeah it’s…relaxing,” you giggled, “I guess…” 

“Can I see it?” You handed him the paper and his eyes lit up. “You drew this?” You nodded unsure of his reaction. “I love it.” He brought the paper close so he could study it better. “Can I use this? I swear I’ll give you full credit it’s just too good not to be used.” 

“Sure, I don’t mind, keep it. But it really isn’t that good, It’s just a flower…” With a slight smile on your lips you took out your phone and looked at a series of missed texts. You were late for work.  “Shoot, I have to go, I’m gonna be late!” Frantically you there your stuff in your bag and took the last sip of your coffee. “It was nice talking to you!” You waved goodbye as you rushed out of the building before he could respond. 

After your last meeting a few days went by and now today is the day. You were doing it, you were about to get a permanent piece of art on your body. You were proving to yourself you could be adventurous, spontaneous, all of it. You arrived at the shop and stood in front the glass door chewing on your bottom lip. “You can do this…” You pushed open the door and you looked around in confusion. 

“Hello?” Nobody was here, it was empty and silent. Did he give you the wrong time or day. “Jungkook?-” He peeked from a back room smiling at you with his bunny teeth. “Back here sweetheart.” He waved you over.

“Oh, there you are.” You made your way to the room and you saw he had all his equipment ready, it sort of added to your nerves. It’s really happening…

“Do you like it?” He showed you the large outline and you swallowed thickly.

“Yeah, I like it…” Your eyes skimmed over the paper.

“So, you just take off your top and bra and I’ll be back.” When he shut the door you stripped and held your shirt against your chest. 

“Knock, knock,” He knocked on the door and he peeked pass the door “are you ready?” 

“Ready as I’ll ever be…” You kicked your legs mindlessly, awaiting his instruction.

“Lay down for me.” A few seconds went by and his gloved hand your lower back and you shivered upon contact. You felt the thin paper press against your skin along with his warm hand pressing precisely.

“Ok, go see how it looks.” He handed you a hand mirror and you made your way to the mirror holding it up in front of you so you could see the mirror through the one in your hand. It was big, it reached a few inches from your shoulder and lower back. It was big. 

“Do you like the placement?” He voiced from his stool, you could see him eyeing you through the mirror. He seemed to have taken a liking to your figure but he kept it at bay, diverting his eyes when you turned around.

“Yeah, i-it's good.” You got up on the cushiony table, laying flat in front of him. You could hear him fiddling with the needle and you were trying to steady your breathing.

“Don’t be nervous baby girl, it’s not too bad.” He pat your shoulder in a friendly way, trying to comfort you and soothe your nerves but it did very little to help you. “Everyone gets a little nervous on their first time. If it gets too much I can give you some Advil or we can finish up another day.” He suggested. You nodded quickly, but he was getting the feeling that you weren’t prepared for this. Taking a deep breath he turned the needle on and the sound alone gaze you freaking out, you were tense and just as the needle was about to touch your skin you panicked.

“Stop, stop, stop. I can’t do it…” You sat up, burying your face in your hands and he put the needle down in shock. You wiped the stray tears from your face as you also tried to keep your decency in tact. He rubbed your thigh in concern, “Hey, it’s ok, don’t cry…do you not like the tattoo? Is it too big? You could’ve told me, I would’ve drawn you something different-”

“No, it’s not that…I-I Just don’t know what I’m doing here.” You turned around so that your back was the only thing facing him and changed quickly. He watched you situate yourself, he didn’t have a clue where this was coming from.

“I’m sorry I wasted your time, really I am but I don’t wanna do this anymore.” You took deliberate steps to the door but you got jerked back by his hand wrapped around your wrist.

“Wait, please. Can you at least talk to me about it? I just wanna help…” His doe eyes bore into you like a begging puppy, you were tempted to say no but how could you? “Fine…” With his hand still on your wrist he led you to sit back down and he sat beside you. 

“If it’s not the tattoo, what is it? Is it me?” He hoped it wasn’t.

“Of course it’s not you. It’s me.” You deadpanned.

“You? I don’t understand-”

“I’m not like most of the people around here Jungkook, I don’t go out a lot, I traveled half across the world and I still feel like I’m missing out, there’s not much to me…I’ve never done this before, I just wanted to prove to myself that I could do something different or at least have a little fun for once in my life- but I can’t…” Your head hung low as you looked down at your fingers, how could you get like this in front of him? You were just burdening him with your own personal problems. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t even be telling you this…I should go…” You ease off the table and stand there for a good few seconds.

“No, you shouldn’t.” He stood up, towering over you with hopeful eyes. “You should go to lunch with me…My treat?” Although your were taken and your first instinct was to say yes- no, scream yes but you held your self together. “Ok…” 

A few weeks went by and you can say you’ve never met someone who looked at you the way he did. The past few weeks you had come to grow fond of his random late night texts, the times he’d steal you from home even if he knew you were studying. Sometimes on the weekend he’d come to the apartment just to watch tv with you, regardless of how crazy or cheesy the flics were you two would poke fun at them together. A majority of the time the night would end with you waking him up and telling him to go home or him convincing you to let him stay the night, you were the one to give in most of the time. You’d rarely go to his tattoo shop anymore, not since that first appointment. He said he wasn’t bothered by it but you knew he’d like it if you’d eat lunch with him sometimes. During lunch break you’d both go to the same place and bring your food back to your jobs. He’d ask you to come over sometimes and even though your excuses not to go were terrible he went with them anyway.

Your phone vibrated on your bed and you held it up to your face as you tried to shake of your sleepy eyesight. message from Jungkook 



good morning angel

morning lovely

r u still sleeping ?


hey are u alive bby?



if you r alv can u come by

can u come by the shop??? 

I’m coming to your room window with a rock if you don’t respond in 2 mins

“Huh..” You sighed.

It’s a saturday…dont make me go anywhr

pleaseee it wont tak long

fine, be there in 15. You went to take your shower and get dressed in a comfy pair of jeans and a t shirt. You didn’t feel like going throught he hassle of making breakfast so you grabbed a banana and went out the door.

You walked into to the back room where he always was and there he was on his phone. When he caught your gaze he immediately got up to embrace you. “Hi baby.” He kissed your forehead playfully. “I have something to show you.” He took you by the hand and into the room you were gonna get tattooed in. 

“What is it?” You were anxious onto what it might be and by the excitement in his face it must’ve been good. 

“Tah-dah!” He pulled down his shirt, exposing the front of his shoulder to you with a huge smile.

“Oh my g- Jungkook, is that my drawing?…” Your mouth hung open in shock; you got closer and touched the still slightly red skin around the flower a few centimeters from his collar bone. “You liked it that much?…” 

“Yeah, I got it done  yesterday and I just couldn’t wait any longer to show you. When I told you I loved it I really meant it, I’ve been looking for something different and your flower was perfect.” He couldn’t keep a smile from forming on his lips. 

“Jungkook, that’s really sweet…” You wrapped your arms around his neck and his went to your waist, pulling him in for a warm hug and you two just stood there, enjoying each others hold.

“You know, I’ve been thinking. I have an idea for a tattoo that would be perfect for you.” You rested your hands on his chest.

“I don’t know, if I get one I want to be sure that I love it, without a doubt…you know?” You laid your head on his shoulder and he subconsciously tapped the pads of his fingers on your back.

“Can I give you a tattoo? Just a small one, I have just the one in mind for you…”

“Ok, fine.”

“Really?” You were as shocked as him to be honest. As soon as you nodded he had the needle ready, gloves and you sat down. He had this planned, you thought but you’ll let it slide. As he began the process you both agreed on the perfect place for it, and he started. The pain was fairly bearable, especially since you weren’t a panicking mess, you trusted him.

“All done, it looks beautiful.” You sat there for maybe an hour and he finally set you free. And your heart was pounding out of your chest, you hadn’t gotten a glimpse of it and now was the big reveal. You got up unsteadily and trudged over to the mirror.

“A flower?…” You gawked at it in the mirror, admiring every little detail, in your opinion it was for more creative than yours. He watched you look at the tattoo and he was getting a little nervous, did you like it? Did you hate it?

“You do like it, right? I thought since you like to draw plants and things like that I’d-” 

“Thank you, I love it, I love it,” Wrapping yours arms around his torso you cut him off. He pecked your pinkish lips making a light tint of blush appear on your cheeks. “I’m glad I was getting a little scared there. You really do love it?”  

You nodded. “it’s perfect.”

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The Gift - Yondu Udonta x Reader

Pairing: Yondu Udonta x Reader - SFW

Length: ~1,400 words

Summary: A request sent by anon for Yondu and Reader. Yondu brings his reader gifts whenever he has to leave for a couple days. One time he comes back with something reader never thought they’d see again.

Warnings: Nothing really.

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So, how is it Tremors never got a merch line?

T-shirts with images of graboids erupting from the ground, with Burt Gummer quotes across the chests, graboid-tentacle puppets(Buy three for authenticity!), Rec Room playsets with graboids erupting from the wall, with bendy tentacles, graboids who can swallow human figures, graboids who pop open to release shrieker toys, shrieker toys who can transform into ass-blasters, graboids with break-way bodies that you can load up with orange goo and explode, not to mention fifteen variants of the Burt Gummer figure with interchangeable weapons and equipment(Each coming with a cheap rubber figure of one of the Mixmaster monsters).

This stuff markets itself!

zhongluong  asked:

Hey, my fiance and I have a little noodle girl of our own, and I'm wondering how to get her to play with her toys more. She has a small box filled with them, and I try to get her new ones regularly, but she just has a few favorites that she stashes, and doesn't really do anything else with. All of those ones are rubber textured, so I figure she likes them because she can grab them easily. Should we just get her more of that kind of toy?

Well ferrets are funny. All the ferrets I’ve ever had always fixated on one type of toy.  Cannonball loved knited gloves, Marcel loved rubber duckies and Bumblebee loves Pusheen.  So we always ended up buying them tons of them, because, lets face it, it is very adorable seeing ferrets stash things away.

She probably is fixated on the texture, if you do get her more, I would be very vigilant on checking them to make sure she isn’t chewing on them.  Even though she likes them, you wouldn’t want them to harm her.

She may be bored of the toys.  Ferrets need constant stimulation as they are very curious creatures.  

Bumblebee has a ton of toys, like two boxes full, but he won’t play with them unless we are interacting with him.  Like he could care less for jingle balls, unless we shake/throw them around him.   We also tend to cycle them every 2-3 weeks.  As I said, he has two boxes, so I’ll just keep one box in the closet, and switch it out with the other.  Then he thinks they are “new” toys.  

You can also create dig box for her if you haven’t already.  Rice or Pinto Beans works well,  you can even use bio-degradable/corn-starch packing peanuts.  With the peanuts, make sure they are bio-degradable/corn-starch ones as they dissolve if ferret ingests one.

But be creative with creating toys/playtime for them.  Bumblebee jumps around when I make up the bed, so my mornings we make up the bed together.  Went grocery shopping?  Through a bunch of the plasitc or paper bags on the ground.

Here is a picture of Bumblebee and his Pusheen Babies.


The official Love Live blog has also revealed some new keychains that are expected to be released in October 2016. they will be 300 JPY each.

They have also shown some expected gacha toys. The Aquarium set will be released in December 2016 and will be 400 JPY each. The Jumping Heart ones will be released in February 2017 and be 300 JPY each.

Hunting Dragons

They used to be everywhere back in the good old days. Ugly plastic & rubber beasts! During the golden 80s & early 90s KO era, the dino-mania reached another peak. Factories in Hong Kong and China flooded the Western market with all sorts of cheap monster toys. One of the most popular KO makers of that time was Imperial Toys.

KOzilla family: Dor-Meis and Imperial Godzillas. 

Years before Imperial put out licensed Godzilla figures, they released a whole toyline of 3rd party steeds, vehicles and accessories called Dragons, Knights & Daggers. These were advertised as additions for play with all 5.5” laser, sword and sorcery action figure lines. 

Unmarked Gigan knock-offs. 

Imperial Beasts from Dragons, Knights & Daggers.

Mixing up scifi elements with prehistoric monsters was a concept that proved very successful in the 80s. It also gave birth to great toylines such as Sparkle’s Defenders of the Planets (1985) and Remco’s Warrior Beasts (1983).

Defenders of the Planets Quasar with “Rhino-Beast”.

Warrior Beasts “Fire Dragons”.

Dragons, Knights & Daggers started out in 1983 as well. Which is four years earlier than Mattel’s MotU spin-off Powers of Grayskull (1987) btw. Imperial also released numerous beasts that originally weren’t intended as 5.5” extensions. Some of the molds were put to use years before He-Man and pals came to life, back in the 70s or even late 60s, when the company was founded.

Two-headed Dragons by Imperial.

Some particular beasts were evergreens in the KO recycling bin. Their molds and designs were used over and over again throughout the years, handed down from one KO factory to another. One prominent example is “Remco’s” Fire Dragons. These came out both boxed as Warrior Beast steeds as well as loose no-name dino toys, you could find at any cheapo store back in the days. The beasts were still around in the late 90s. At least in Europe.

Two-headed T-Rex by Dor-Mei (middle) and his brothers.

Other big suppliers of prehistoric beasts and such were Chitech and Dor-Mei. Chitech’s most popular piece is probably their three-headed dragon, released in numerous color variations. Not all releases are marked Chitech though.

Marked and unmarked 3-headed Chitech Dragons & Winged Chitech Dragon.

Multi-headed dragons were a very popular concept during the golden KO age, as well. IMO they also defined the “Imperial Beast” genre. The bigger beasts were often made of multiple pieces. Interchanging heads and bodies resulted in a broad range of produced combinations and variations, which is typical for knock-offs. 

Dor-Mei was well known for their articulated giant Godzilla rip-off figures. Actually they looked alot cleaner than Imperial’s licensed non-bootleg releases. Because of their dirty casts and shitty paint jobs, Imperial Godzillas are often mistaken as bootlegs. Whereas the original Dor-Mei’s KOzillas had clean casts and decent paint jobs.

Dor-Mei molds have been in use for at least a decade, from the mid 80s until the late 90s. Later releases weren’t marked Dor-Mei any longer. They also varied in body texture, paint and articulation. 

Rare KOzillas “Made in Spain”.

I think no other KO sub-genre offers so many oddities and mysteries like this. Some figures show up quite often. Some very rarely, like the two “Made in Spain” KOzillas shown above. And others only show up once, like a two-headed Godzilla bootleg I found in a Bodega store on Tenerife, buried under a pile of fake Action Man Barbies.

External image

The infinite number of releases seems unmanagable. And whenever you think you are done, another suprise is gonna come your way. At some point collecting rubber beasts is comparable to the work of a hunter of rare specimen. You just don’t know yet what you gonna get. 

Mixed pickles: Dor-Meis, Chitechs, and unmarked stuff. The winged beasts are contemporary KOs, released by KiK in 2014.

Fire Dragon gift set by Remco. Source:

External image

Dragons, Knights & Daggers Battle Beast MIB. Source:

One of the Normandy’s best-kept secrets is what Javik is actually doing with those pools of water of in the port cargo hold: he’s playing Watery Grave Revenge Simulator. 

(He was inspired by the Krogan warrior who used to occupy that room, who had an affinity for “action figures”. Javik has been out of it long enough that action figures and rubber duckies look pretty similar.)

For the @meflashfanwork September theme: secrets.