rubber figure

Evocation of the Thrift Store Gods

Hail to the gods of the pilling sweater
The ripped jeans and the sneakers weathered.
To the knick-knacks and the tchotckis, the pans and pots
The khaki pants and the outdated tops.
To the spirits of the water-stained kettles
The old souls of assorted metals
Abandoned candles and rubber stamps
Ceramic figures and white elephants.
Hail the thrift store gods and sprites
To ask for good fortune, we drink to your might.
For what we find may not be what we seek,
But maybe we’ll find it sometime next week.

One of the Normandy’s best-kept secrets is what Javik is actually doing with those pools of water of in the port cargo hold: he’s playing Watery Grave Revenge Simulator. 

(He was inspired by the Krogan warrior who used to occupy that room, who had an affinity for “action figures”. Javik has been out of it long enough that action figures and rubber duckies look pretty similar.)

For the @meflashfanwork September theme: secrets.


The official Love Live blog has also revealed some new keychains that are expected to be released in October 2016. they will be 300 JPY each.

They have also shown some expected gacha toys. The Aquarium set will be released in December 2016 and will be 400 JPY each. The Jumping Heart ones will be released in February 2017 and be 300 JPY each.

Every time someone wonders why Hogwarts doesn’t have wifi I want to hold them gently and whisper

the story is set in the nineties.” 

And for those of you who don’t remember that, wifi as a public utility wasn’t really a thing until around 98-99. That would also nicely explain why cell phones don’t feature all that much. 

Cell phones would have solved a lot of Harry Potter’s problems, if only they worked in his magical school. Where you can’t use ballpoint pens, you have to use quills. 

Are you kidding? Wifi? With the ministry of magic still trying to figure out rubber ducks? Wifi would be the way the muggles beat wizards at their own game.  The internet would make Arthur Weasley’s head explode. What does it run on? What spell do you use? What do you mean I can’t get rid of this very important information on our culture you just posted? WHAT DO YOU MEAN IT HAS A MILLION HITS? 

Wizards making fun of muggle technology just makes me laugh, because if the story were to continue in a logical manner, then muggle technology would steamroller magic. Incoming muggle-borns would either revolutionize the way magic is practiced and taught- or the beans would be spilled and the wizarding world would be Fucked. 

With a capital F. 

Not to say that wars would start or the world would  collapse into chaos. It’s just that muggles would learn magic’s principles, rules and laws way faster than wizards would learn about technology, which is due ENTIRELY to how separate wizards have kept themselves. Sure, technology as we know it doesn’t work in or around hogwarts, but how long would it take before an enterprising muggle, possibly with help, found a way to magic-proof technology? How long would it be before a muggle born witch decides she’s had it with not being able to use her Iphone, and creates the first tech-magic link? 

Once a human understands a thing, they can defeat, control or change that thing. It might take a long time- we’re still working on killer diseases and  mental illnesses, to name only a few- but it can be done. 



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