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Starscourge Sora and Vanitas

I had so many feelings I wrote a full on Fanfic chapter for @destiny-islanders. Vanitas is my favorite character, so that was to be expected. Anyway its 5514 words, I’ll make sure to put a keep reading in.

Rating: M (Blood, language, dark themes)

Words: 5514

Starscorge AU KH x FFXV

Sora learned early how his Heart Hotel ™ liked to operate.

Roxas and Xion mostly kept to themselves. While Sora was galivanting with the Prince of Lucis across Duscae, Roxas and Xion were content to relax, only showing themselves on occasion in the small things; the way Sora would lose himself to the sound of bells chiming or watching sunsets, or with his adept footwork when it came to skateboarding. Xion lent him her curiosity in places he shouldn’t be curious, much to the cautious Ignis’s chagrin, whereas Roxas gave him courage and dug his heels in the dirt with stubborness.

It was a dangerous sort of emotions and traits to have magnified, if he was being honest. He’d find himself dragging the party into needless danger on accident and getting stuck in fights they couldn’t win. Sora had seen a lot of shit by the time he’d come to Eos. He’d faced a lot of darkness, and he had his own sort of resolve when facing it, but sometimes… it was all too much. The Darkness there was… different, somehow. Messed with him in a new way. He realized Eos was on a whole different level from other worlds, the gods there didn’t play around, but he was a stubborn kid who’d learned young that as long as he believed in the Light, he could do anything.  

Eos taught him that the Light wasn’t always enough. Sometimes, he wasn’t enough.

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I dreamed a dream about Batman. He was drugged, and it had become suddenly Very Clear and Important that he ask Superman to marry him. It's a good plan and so naturally goes to bake Clark a cake. Just as he finishes J'onn comes in the kitchen and wants a slice. Batman is worried that J'onn will read his mind, and has to keep up awful small talk with someone who does NOT have dream logic while also aggressively singing 'rubber duckie youre the one!' so that J'onn wont read his mind. a nightmare

it would be the worst and most digusting cake and the fact that j’onn thinks it looks appetizing should be the #1 most obvious sign of this fact

Answering Some Questions

🦄 little space questions! 18+ ONLY 🦄
🖍 about the little 🖍
1. what is your favourite nickname to be called? I let Daddy call me whirlwind or little whirlwind, I think it cute.
2. do you have a little age? I don’t really have an age but if I feel like I’m 4-5 at that age where I can do stuff myself but still want or need Daddy’s help
3. do you have a cg? if so, what do you call them? Daddy or Daddy Mike
🌈 this or that? 🌈
4. unicorns or dragons? Dragons
5. theme park or zoo? If it Disneyland then I like theme parks if it not then I like the zoo
6. crayons or pens for coloring-in? In little space I like crayons but in big space I like colored pencils
7. spooky stories or fairytales?
8. dolls or stuffed animals? Stuffed Animals all the way
9. bath bombs or bubble bath? Bubble bath
🐻 play time 🐻
10. do you collect anything? Yes stuffies, rocks, anything one direction and rubber duckies
11. what is your favourite cartoon?
12. who is your favouite cartoon character?
13. what is your favourite stuffed animals name? I have a lot of stuffies that I like so it hard to choose a favorite but Bubba was the first bear I got that I named at the age of about 9 months. My other most liked bear is my one direction build-a-bear named Nialla (like Niall our favorite member but girly name version)
14. what is your favourite disney movie? I love Disney too much to choose one but I like treasure planet or wreck it Ralph or the goofy movie and tangled
15. who is your favourite disney character? I don’t really have a one I like to many but I feel I relate to Wendy, Alice, Vanellope, Rapunzel, and live action Cinderella all character that have this childlike essence even though the world around around them tough, cruel, and wants them to grow up even before their ready.
16. have you been to build-a-bear? Yes
17. do you play any video games? Not really but do like just dance or old computer games

🍭 dinner time 🍭
18. what is your favourite candy? If chocolate then it’s Hershey cookies'n'cream candy bar if not then I could go for anything gummy.
19. what is your favourite comfort food? Chicken nuggets & mac and cheese always makes me feel little
20. how do you make your food little-ified? When I want to feel little I make sure my food is on a kiddie plate or bowl
21. do you use sippy cups? Not really just because I don’t really have any to use
22. what is usually in your sippy? Water or strawberry milk
🌙 bedtime 🌙
23. do you have a bed time? No
24. what is your bedtime routine? Changing into pajamas then brush teeth, brush hair, wash face then if I’m able (or more correctly if he’s able) I end the night with Daddy if not I just send a goodnight picture with text
25. are you scared of the dark? No
26. do you sleep with a stuffie? Yep
27. do you sleep with a nightlight? No
28. what is your favourite bedtime story?
29. onesies or regular pyjamas? Onesies
30. how many blankets do you sleep with? Many are on my bed but only one is usually covering me when I sleep.

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