rubber duck debugging

Talk to the Duck

My college roommate and I used to talk through our papers together. She was a public health major and I was in journalism and sociology. But talking through our concepts aloud helped us come up with the right words to cement our ideas.

apparently there’s a similar method of problem solving in the computer programming community. It’s called “rubber duck debugging” or “talking to the bear.”

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Many programmers have had the experience of explaining a programming problem to someone else, possibly even to someone who knows nothing about programming, and then hitting upon the solution in the process of explaining the problem. In describing what the code is supposed to do and observing what it actually does, any incongruity between these two becomes apparent.[5] By using an inanimate object, such as a rubber duck, the programmer can try to accomplish this without having to involve another person.[1]  (via Wikipedia)

I also see how journaling – which I envision as talking aloud silently to myself – is effective for the same reasons.

What’s your quirkiest problem solving method?

God wrote humans with 12 extra lines of code as a subclass inherited from the a Nature superclass and had a lot of errors and warning. Instead of getting a rubber duck and try debugging his code, he put it all in a try block and ended every catch statement with a break; We are not some deep mind artificial intelligence code written in Lisp. We are bad Assembly.