rubber bumpers

The Independence Conspiracy

I really appreciate the brilliance of Howard’s accusation, the idea that Scottie might not be Tom’s mother. It definitely raises the stakes for Tom staying undercover. Before Tom’s ‘sweating’ Scottie finding him out, because it means she’ll hide the truth from him. He wasn’t in any physical danger. Now she could potentially be hunting him down because Christopher Hargrave’s DNA would be enough to prove she isn’t the real Scottie Hargrave. He’s a loose end she may wish to eliminate. That said, I believe that Scottie we know is the mother of Christopher/Tom for a couple of reasons:

1) Scottie sits alone in the boardroom, unobserved looking bereft about declaring Christopher legally dead.

2) Scottie’s anxiety is real. In Susan Hargrave she is clutching Christopher’s necklace like prayer beads and chanting “rubber baby buggy bumpers” when no one is around to see her but the taxi driver. 

I think the only way this whole conspiracy thing works is if Howard is partially, but not totally right about Scottie. A Russian Sleeper? Yes. Involved with a shady group? Yes. Knows more about what happened to their son than she told him? Yes. All of that is great mystery and emotional drama. It still needs to be balanced by things that keep her tethered to the grey, like her loving her husband and her son. Her attempting to kill Howard, and pursuing Christopher for would put her in the black. A true villain can’t lead the co-lead this show meant to last for more than one season.  

I do think the car crash is significant, a message sent by the people who took Christopher. Possibly the change Howard saw in her was a result of her realizing she would never get her son back, or because she was being coerced into doing things for the group who took him.  

I hope next episode Tom gets some of Scottie’s DNA to run against his own, and Howard’s too while he’s at it.