rubber bum

OK well here’s the summary for Chapter 14 of Killing Stalking for u anon and @chinas lmao, which isnt actually out in English yet but eh. Might be less accurate but you’ll probably get the same gist.

Anyways so now it cuts to Sangwoo going to Bum’s apartment posing as another interested tenant. He curves the gross land person who asks if he has a GF or something LOL and hands him a wad of cash as rent for him to go away, and then starts to pack up Bum’s clothes and stuff. He also finds Bum’s rubber dildo :^)))

After that he returns and teases Bum about the dildo and gives him his “gifts” which are his clothes and crutches! He forces Bum to use them, and then takes him out to his car. There’s a weird scene where he like, cuddles up with Bum and Bum is visibly freaked out and they go shopping. During this time Sangwoo’s all like “is this sweater good on me or nah"and they go into the fitting rooms, where i think he then sends Bum out for another size of the jumper or whatever.

Bum then cant find Sangwoo,and proceeds to freak out, wandering all over calling for Sangwoo, and is getting super desperate and everything (the stockholm getting worse..? Who knows) and has one of his weird hallucination where when he looks into a rack of clothes Sangwoo is there watching him. Meanwhile Sangwoo is actually on the other side of the store, listening to him and goes and fetches him.

You then see that he’s texting his friends and the messages are like “oh yeah a new friend? Does he drink alcohol” and he’s like “yeah i want you guys to meet him im gonna bring him to the festival” and the chapter ends there.

Idk what the festival is it’s either actually gonna be normal party or some freaky prostitution ring. That’s my call. Anyways chapter 15 when..