rubber bat

i got a ton of art supplies and more monsters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo hoo!!!!!! also a green rubber bat and i named her queen lime jello!!!!!!

Instead of Buying Decorations

Instead of supporting sweatshop labor this Halloween why not thrift or craft your decorations?

Sure those glitter skulls are cheap and yeah those rubber bats are cute but the amount of decorations especially cheaply made mass produced ones end up in landfills or worse.

The shops that make these have no care for our environment, their workers, or the impact they have. They just want to do things as cheaply as possible to turn profit.

Instead of buying why not take inspiration and make your own unique and fun decorations. You’ll appreciate them much more and you’ll lessen the impact on the environment.

I encourage anyone who sees cute Halloween or fall crafts to tag me and I’ll reblog them.



I was a vampire bat for Day 18 of #31diystilhalloween!
Why be a basic vampire or bat when you can be both at once? This is a super easy costume to DIY and I got a little carried away with the accessories.

The cape and (cat) ears were from the dollar store. The tights, boots, little black dress, and lace-up belt were from my closet.

I found rubber bats on eBay back in July (Halloween is every day erwha 😂) and the collar is actually this giant foam monstrosity that can be worn flipped up or down, I found it at a costume shop for less than $10.

The fangs are by @scarecrowvampirefangs, they’re reusable and you can custom fit them to your teeth and pop them in whenever you want to feel ridiculous and drooly (but in a good way).

My bullet earrings are from @_crossfox_ and I made the o-ring cross collar myself! I might make more and sell them in my shop if you guys are interested!