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Summer Camp

Anon said:  Au where the whole gang are camp counselors at a sleepaway camp and hanschen and ernst are trying desperately to make sure none of their campers find out about their relationship. Thanks! 

The beginning is kinda slow because (shrug emoji) BBBBBUUUUUUTTTTTT i really like this and i hope you do too

Words: 1197

“Hey!” Hanschen shouted as he left the counselor cabin and bounded towards where Ernst and Martha stood in front of the dining hall. The two, in their khaki shorts and blue polo shirts, turned to look at Hanschen, who was charging at them. He stumbled past a kid carrying a bag full of rocks and over to the two other teens. “Hey, where are you two going today?”

‘We’re taking Cedar and Willow kayaking,’ Martha signed with a shrug, ‘Where are you assigned?’

“Going with Ilse to take Pine and Cactus to the basketball court,” He said and signed simultaneously. “That’s an all day thing, right? You’re gonna be back by the fire right?”

‘Of course,’ Ernst signed with a scoff.  ‘Why do you ask?’

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Carnal Instincts

Rewriting this werewolf AU sequel to Instincts seeing as tumblr was so kind as to delete it from my drafts T-T Good ol Deano as a werewolf.

This is gonna be different from what I had I just know it but this is gonna be a long, lonnggg ride so I got two words for ya…

Let’s go~!

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“S-stay back, wolfie! I’ve got…something and I’m not afraid to use it!” you shakily rose to your feet, in all your naked glory, wielding a rubber bat. The wolf on your bed almost seemed to be laughing at you with the sounds it was making and your eyes widened. The hell?! You’d come to the quick conclusion that this was without a doubt, one majorly fucked up dream.

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Scott - Corypheus’ new best friend. Former Deli Worker.  Mom made him quit because it was getting in the way of band practice. Scott has braces and a lisp. His costume – A Grey Warden

Corypheus/Architect: Their costume: The Maker and Andraste. The Architect is very serious about the concept of this costume, and once again is STRESSING CORYPHEUS OUT!

Jim (not pictured): Former-manager of the Deli is having a Halloween Party. He has invited Scott and a plus one. Costume: Tevinter Magister–he got the costume out of a bag at his local super-store.


Corypheus watches as Scott walks up to the festively decorated house. “Don’t worry, Corypheuth!” the small boy says brightly, “Thith will be fun!”

“It might do us some good to get out. I did have these fabrics specially ordered from Rivain,” notes the Architect smoothing down his blonde wig. “I do hope they like my marzipan pumpkin petit-fours. It’s an ancient Orlesian recipe, from those golden days when they lived under Tevinter’s shadow.”

Corypheus steps onto the porch and looks around at the cheap crepe paper and rubber bat decorations in disgust, “Be this some dream I wake from?” He whirls in a semi-circle, swiping at cheap hangings meant to resemble spider webs. “Am I in dwarven lands?!”

Jim steps forward to greet his guests, smile bright and easy. He smoothes down his magister robes.

“You!” Corypheus points one long, erotic talon in Jim’s direction. “Serve you at the Temple of Dumat?” As Corypheus’s voice booms through the room, Jim knows. He knows. His face locks in a rictus of terror. That fateful day at the deli flashes before his eyes. He’s sweating so much he can feel one half of his fake mustache slip off his lip.

“These decorations! They will avail you nothing! You, in the paltry magister outfit!” Corypheus points at Jim. “Do you dare to oppose my divine will! Whoever you be, you owe fealty to the Pontifex Maximus of Dumat. On your knees!! All of you!

“Perhaps, before the kneeling, you might want to sample my seasonal apertifs?” The Architect says, trying to defuse the situation a bit.

Jim, opens the door wider. “Maker, per-per-per-serve me.”

“I am your Maker now!” booms Corypheus.

“Don’t worry, Jim! Thith will be a fun night,” Scott smiles as Corypheus wails in the background.

Art by @slayerofkillabee

Words by @magister-amoris and @i-am-medea (in spiritus)

Instead of Buying Decorations

Instead of supporting sweatshop labor this Halloween why not thrift or craft your decorations?

Sure those glitter skulls are cheap and yeah those rubber bats are cute but the amount of decorations especially cheaply made mass produced ones end up in landfills or worse.

The shops that make these have no care for our environment, their workers, or the impact they have. They just want to do things as cheaply as possible to turn profit.

Instead of buying why not take inspiration and make your own unique and fun decorations. You’ll appreciate them much more and you’ll lessen the impact on the environment.

I encourage anyone who sees cute Halloween or fall crafts to tag me and I’ll reblog them.


I always feel slightly suspicious around people who denounce Buffy as too ‘gaudy’, 'camp’ or silly to consider watching, but have no problem taking Batman or the Marvel Universe completely seriously. 

Very slightly suspicious.

The Devil You Know (And Other Things That Go Bump in the Night)

An Outlaw Queen/Hood-Mills family Halloween fic. Read on: FFnet // AO3

Angst, fluff, and sexytimes - yes, you read that right! A snippet of this was previously posted here, in response to an OQ “Boo!” prompt. Thanks to @black-throatedblue for helping make sense of things, and for setting the tone with promises of a blood-red dawn. 

She has known her share of demons (she has been one), and she has had much to hate, much to fear, on this night when the rest of the world masks their faces and laughs at death.

And that current runs so deep, blood-deep, even in the sick-bright lighting of the costume aisle, that Regina can’t suppress the tiny shudder that travels down to her stomach when Robin dangles two packages in front of her nose and asks, “What do you think: glow-in-the-dark skeleton or evil jack-o’-lantern?”

One eyebrow is cocked with amusement, and Regina buys time with a playfully skeptical look of her own while she works on unlocking her tongue, all the while hoping Robin was too distracted by the color and flash of the decorations around them to notice anything amiss.

The Enchanted Forest had its own rituals that come with the turn of the harvest, but this was the first Halloween Robin and Roland would experience, and they were both flush with the excitement of it.

“And give Roland nightmares?” she says at last, thinking that bonfires and mummers plays are quite a different matter than haunted houses for a young boy and grateful to have so easy an excuse to reach for.

Robin’s smile turns crafty, and he nudges his chin to where the boys stand in the aisle behind her, Henry and Roland examining bottles of fake blood and rubber bats, and Roland’s curious fingers skimming over the plastic of Captain America’s shield with an expression of pure wonder, as if he were handling something sacred.

“I think he’ll sleep rather soundly tonight, don’t you?”

She scowls at him, beaten by the natural fearlessness of a child, and Robin is all innocence and charm when he steps closer and lowers his mouth to her ear, teasingly. “But perhaps you object at the sight of such a fearsome thing?”

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I was a vampire bat for Day 18 of #31diystilhalloween!
Why be a basic vampire or bat when you can be both at once? This is a super easy costume to DIY and I got a little carried away with the accessories.

The cape and (cat) ears were from the dollar store. The tights, boots, little black dress, and lace-up belt were from my closet.

I found rubber bats on eBay back in July (Halloween is every day erwha 😂) and the collar is actually this giant foam monstrosity that can be worn flipped up or down, I found it at a costume shop for less than $10.

The fangs are by @scarecrowvampirefangs, they’re reusable and you can custom fit them to your teeth and pop them in whenever you want to feel ridiculous and drooly (but in a good way).

My bullet earrings are from @_crossfox_ and I made the o-ring cross collar myself! I might make more and sell them in my shop if you guys are interested!