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someone’s gonna get punched

@coulsart I drew the otp! or is it brotp? nega-otp? anti-pairing? Well, no matter what it’s called, I really hope you like it!! I had a lot of trouble mimicking the mouths and teeth in the cool, expressive way you drew them, but since everything but the faces is in my style, I hope that it looks better than it would’ve if I’d tried to mash our styles together without blending them at all.

These two go together like lapel flowers and rubber chickens, in that it’s annoying and obnoxious, so I gave it an eye-bleeding red background.

Here’s the original, awesome drawing:
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Envelope and flowers stamp


etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.14.16

theme: floral wedding finds
succulent save-the-date stamp by nativebear

let your love of florals and botanicals seep into your paper products, too - like this radical succulent-emblazoned personalized and carved save-the-date stamp!!

nyocanada15  asked:

[I just made the most demented laugh at Tom's expression on my god XD poor pineapple child] Tom don't worry about them -you'll have more people after you if you hurt him tho- *hugs ze smol pineapple child* *puts rubber band flower crowns in their favorite colors on everyone's heads and runs off because I'm a troll and it's 11:55 pm I need sleep pffft* RAWR >:3

Tord: Oookaaay?

Tom: You look nice in it~.

Tord: - chuckles - You too~.

Paul: I look dumb in this…

Pat: Aw hush you, you look adorable~!

Matt: I’m the cutest~.

Edd: Eh it looks alright on me.

Made With Love (Part two to PĒPI)

Here’s part two to this blurby thing! I think I’m gonna do maybe two more parts but let me know what you think! 

Five Months 

“Calum, we are not naming our child that,” I sighed as I sat in front of the television, munching happily on a bag of Doritos. 

“But it’s totally unique!” he whined from the kitchen. 

We’d started the name search as soon as I’d hit the three month mark, but it was proving to be more of a task than we thought. We’d decided that unless we were going to name the baby exactly after someone we knew, like parents or grandparents, that we should avoid names of people we already knew. I’d nixed Lucas Michael, Michael Ashton, and Michael Robert. The boys of course had put their two cents in, giving us ridiculous names that they knew we would never choose in a million years.  

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