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I kinda want them to have those 'what if we both die' kisses before a huge battle towards the end of the show ... but like before that we see a lot of casual skinship btwn them like hands on shoulders/leaning/even tangling legs so it's all casual till the end

catch my ass being on fire at the thought of more than casual touches through out the show until a huge impulsive battle kiss

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IIRC Marina is 18. Doesnt make it less uncomfortable to see though.

Kay, Marine’s an adult, sort of, but it doesn’t make it less gross…

I know you are not trying to defend it and you just corrected one of my mistakes but… look at her 

She ain’t exactly flat-chested but her chest is WAAAY smaller than the way a ton of people draw her. Same goes for the hips, and sometimes people put her HUGE lips as an addition and like, I’m not against people with big lips or that wear make-up but all in the blender gives me such a wrong vibe…

Why do people sexualize her so much omg theres clearly fetishization under at least AT LEAST 80% of those draws

apparently this was taken today. i’m sorry but i need to rant. i could never go up and ask them for a photo knowing that they’re going through a tough time right now. they both look so sad. who in their right mind thought this was a good idea? if i saw them in person i probably wouldn’t say anything at all. at the very least i’d give them a hug and just talk to them about how they’re doing. i’d never in a million years even begin to ask for a picture. idk man like i hate to get so worked up about it but i just don’t want the twins to think we’re disrespecting their privacy and stuff like does that even make sense????? idk i’m tired af but this just rubbed me the wrong way completely

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Chris's comment was so messed up A) Katie was talking about interpreting ART not real people. B) He's a straight guy whining about perception? He doesn't face the real shit that gay people do. You want to talk about negative assumptions? How about living in a world that automatically erases queer identity by default? And hell, when people do identify someone else as gay, who do you think actually faces more shit, straight boys or ACTUAL gay people who have to live with homophobia?!? What an ass.

It was messed up and rubbed me the completely wrong way once I realized what he was getting at. I don’t hate him, and I won’t go as far as to throw around extreme accusations or even assume that his intent was malicious. It was a screwed up mistake. It was a bit disrespectful to Katie (and she graciously laughed it off). It upset a lot of people – the harm was done, and yes, it was unnecessary. 

I absolutely agree with your points and I feel like in this case, it is definitely something that can be chalked up to ignorance – he was one of a couple that said something that he had no business saying even if it was a joke. Even if he hasn’t or won’t comment on the matter, hopefully he and others can take something from this and learn.

(Also, I understand your anger, and you are always welcome to vent your frustrations to me in any medium, I just ask that everyone refrains from name-calling on my blog. But thank you for sharing your thoughts all the same!! 💗💗)

Logan’s rubbing off on me

Some examples:

Yesterday i made a witty remark and then tried to adjust my glasses like Logan does

i don’t wear glasses

I keep doing that thing where you make a popping sound with your mouth like in excepting anxiety (*pop* that’s the one)

Whenever someones says tomAYto tomUHto i whisper solanum lycopersicum under my breath

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Hey, this was a while ago now but I saw your post on you using "girls" instead of "women" and I just wanted to say I think you're just fine using "girls." I run a bisexual positivity blog and I've been consciously trying to write women instead of girls and its HARD. And I'm 24, you also having issues with it at 19 makes sense. It's more important that you get out your very good positivity posts (I reblog them all the time, they're great)than it is to use the so called "right" terms. Keep it up💜

Ah this is so sweet and thank you!
I understand that some women don’t want to be referred to as girls and I completely understand that. Whenever I say something like “girls” it’s for everyone who wants to be/is okay with being called that, which includes me, so it just rubs me the wrong way when people want to come at me for it.
Anyway thank you again! Hope you have a lovely day ♡

I’m sorry, but this is complete bullshit. I get censoring out videos that talk about sex and more explicit things - which these restrictions accomplish to some extent - but this does more than just that. 

For example:

  • You know dodie’s “Sick of Losing Soulmates” video? Yeah, the official music video got taken down, but not because of language. The original release of the song on her main channel is still up with the restrictions on.
  • When you look up creators like Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Hannah Hart, and Tyler Oakley, just to name a few, in the search bar, their channels don’t show up.
  • Mary Lambert’s “She Keeps Me Warm” official video isn’t available. Some videos of her performing it are up, but not the actual music video, a video that has no adult themes. 
  • Evan Edinger’s video on demisexuality isn’t available. Sure, he mentions the word “sex” a few times, but sex ed/human reproductive system videos aren’t down.
  •  MilesChronicles only has eight videos up with the restrictions. All their videos relating to their gender or sexuality don’t appear on their channel.
  • Troye Sivan’s coming out video (2013) isn’t there.
  • All of Melanie Murphy’s videos - except one - where she talks about her bisexuality aren’t available.
  • Only eight of Stevie Boebi’s videos show up on her channel; only one directly relates to being queer, the other is her identity video where “lesbian or bisexual” is in the thumbnail.

Trust me, there are more; you don’t have to look far to find them. But why does it matter? Can’t you just turn off the restrictions? Well yes, if it isn’t locked. YouTube offers an option to lock on Restricted Mode for the browser. A kid who’s trying to figure themself out and is terrified about it won’t have these resources and stories and models to help them if their parent(s) enable this restriction. Their self journey will be so much longer and harder than necessary because of it.

And what about the younger kids. The kids who are in a heavily sheltered environment where the only information they have about being queer is taken-out-of-context Bible verses. They’ll see the very minuscule number of lgbtq+ videos and feel even more isolated and like a pariah.

We need these videos.

Youtube has been a happy place and a space of belonging for me and so many others, we can’t take lose that. @youtube you said you’re proud of representing queer voices, you better fucking mean it.

UPDATE (20/3/17):

As pointed out by Philip DeFranco - amongst others - this is not only an lgbtq+ issue. We should not be viewing this just as *potential* homophobia, but rather marking people who are different from the societal norm as an “other.”

It has been brought to my attention that some videos concerning mental health issues have also been taken down. As @srgtfuckybarnes said, Hannah Hart’s video about living with depression is no longer available with these restrictions.

This is a bigger issue. It takes people who have different thoughts and opinions and placing them in a light that suggests their views are less than. 

I want to make this very, very clear, though: the intent of YouTube isn’t bad. I highly, highly doubt workers at YouTube sat down and at a meeting and said they were going to censor these types of people. That being said, the result/effect is still negative. How it effects people (in this situation) stands out more than whether or not YouTube is trying to separate people as an “other.”

Thank you to everyone (especially @2022hadmefrickinzazzed) for making constant updates to this. That is very much appreciated.

i still retain that the absolute worst part of secret life of pets was the moral, aka there really is none and its basically shown by the rabbits character arc. he’s introduced as a sort of…villainy antihero? he runs an underground rebellion of abandoned and mistreated animals against humans. he’s established as a villain because he thinks humans are bad and wants the main characters to join his cause, but they don’t want to because they know their humans are Good, so basically then they run away and the rabbit is out to get them.

fastforward to the end of the movie and we get a little girl wanting to keep the rabbit and this happens, turns out he’s good! he just needed to open up to humans 

partnered with the shots in the movie of fish in tiny bowls, birds in tiny cages, and a turtle in a deplorable enclosure, the movie frankly paints a picture that ‘the mean animals hated humans just because they didnt know any better’ and that people are good and it was just up to them to see it. yes thats a plot thats been done of a rehabilitated animal finding a good home,but no human was really at fault for anything in the movie. theres no lesson to be learned that people also need to take good care of their pets, every animal just needs to be hugged! i dont know, something about the presentation in this movie really rubbed me wrong way

this movie was made for people who just like to look at cute animals and frankly that demographic constantly overlaps with improper pet ownership and impulse buying..