I feel like the q word isn’t the only thing they’re co-opting. When cishet aces use ‘no romo’ or make jokes about 'the ace agenda’ it really rubs me up the wrong way. They just take terms that were made to express disgust towards lgbt people and make them about them and joke about it as if that’s appropriate. I haven’t worded this very well so feel free to add!

So, I think I am pretty good at staying positive. I don’t usually take things personally or let my confidence be shaken.

But every now and then, it happens. A comment hits you at a vulnerable time and you can’t help but pull back into your protective turtle shell a little.

I received an Amazon review for my book that said the “trashy sex scene was nauseating” and I should have “warned for adult content”. This rubbed me the wrong way, seeing as my book is very clearly marked as erotica, and I see no need for a negative review when your complaint is simply that you don’t like the genre. This person is entitled to their review, however, and my negative feelings about it aren’t about the reviewer. I’m just having a moment where I feel not so great about my writing. This book is my baby, and it’s hard to see it face negativity.

I only mention it here, because everyone, especially other writers, should know that this happens. Your confidence will take hits, you will have bad days, and there will always be a standard you didn’t meet. It’s okay to curl up on your couch and feel those feelings. It’s okay to be hurt.

I probably won’t write anything today. But I will tomorrow. Because I have all of you, and I am lucky. Because my moment of feeling down will pass.

Thanks for being part of the ride. XOXO

I need you here with me. I need you laying with me and rubbing my cheek, talking about how my eyes were the best thing you’ve seen and you can stare into them for centuries. Tell me you love me and stop me mid-sentence to touch your lips against mine. Show me you care even when I know you do. Make me want you the way I dream of it, the way I need it.
—  whoever comes to your mind, find them and don’t let them go

a thought to consider:

people are like Hey aces/aros arent oppressed because there is no laws against them its just discrimination at an individuals level

this rubs me the wrong way as a POC because it implies that the daily microaggressions that i go thru as a poc aren’t symptomatic of institutional racism

never mind that any Institution is literally run by individuals so there is no defined line between Opression and Discrimination really 

im not saying that just prejudice on an individual level qualifies as oppression (bc that would bring in white people claiming reverse racism, etc.) but its kind of awful when yall say “thats not oppression get over it” to aces and reminds me of some racist shit ive heard

Thoughts while watching 7x12
  • oooh, they’re splurging on the extras
  • and they’ve got their sepia on
  • Nice to see Angela passing her cooking on.. It’s something we’ve always known, but hadn’t actually seen
  • Maura is looking for houses for Jane???
  • The way she’s just fine and dandy about her friend leaving rubs me the wrong way
  • “I’m gonna add that to your checklist”
  • I hate that they had to bundle up Angela and Maura’s feelings
  • but at least they’re having a reaction
  • “It’s just so far…” What a silly line for a grown up woman
  • Jane, you’re a disappointment
  • Maura being a writer sounds better to me honestly
  • because writers can write from anywhere
  • like from a cozy house near Quantico, Virginia
  • who can resist a stiletto to the temple?
  • Agent Davies (Davis??). UGH, leave…
  • You look like a GI Joe and I don’t want you around
  • I love English, but Portuguese has some indispensable expressions like “AFF”, which roughly translates to yikes but worse
  • that’s how I feel
  • I care about Maura’s writing ok
  • I like how Jane’s being supportive
  • I don’t care for Jane being Angie a third of the time
  • How many past lovers of Korsak have we met so far?
  • Maura is a sweetheart even in that situation
  • butUGH
  • I hate the idea of Jane and GIJoe together
  • I hate for them to be talking about the two of them having sex
  • ew
  • they just had a jacket lying around
  • lol
  • I like compassionate Jane
  • Maura and her technology <3
  • Maura is going to Paris to write hehe
  • actual cockblocking happening
  • and Maura there
  • this hurts
  • and I hate seeing Jane all giggly
  • ew
  • Everyone is getting their lives changed and Maura is going on a trip she’s been on a million time. How lackluster… Just like the treatment she’s been getting
starry-lions replied to your post “on my deathbed im still gonna be salty abotu russell t davies being…”

who even is that

i can’t believe it i’ve fully separated this blog from dr who hell…

russell t davies is the guy who rebooted dr who and is kind of seen as a gay rep guy because he’s gay and has included lgbt characters but imo as a gay person… his stuff is really uncomfy and falls back on some really nasty stereotypes ex. ‘lesbians are predatory’ and ‘bisexuals will have sex with anything, even like, a dog or something’ and ‘trans people coming out is ‘deception’ towards friends’… stuff like that, among other things that just rub me the wrong way

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Not to beat a dead horse but it just rubs me the wrong way how Kanye called out to Amber during his speech after she explicitly told him to keep her name out his mouth and she just looked kinda uncomfortable idk

everything about him should rub everybody the wrong way.

Once upon a time

I was truly, blissfully in love.

There was a boy, his name was Jay. Jay came to me at a time in my life when I needed him most. I was lost, spinning and seemingly unable to stop. From the night of our very first date, I was suddenly calm. 

He was never the person I thought would be able to quiet my mind. He wasn’t who I was supposed to be with. He was rough around the edges, he was not financially stable or independent. He had no goals of settling down and starting a family. He taught guitar, worked at an animal shelter, and traveled with his band. But, he was kind.

At 25, I was the first girlfriend Jay ever had. I was the first girl he ever loved. And he was wonderful.

He loved me, he doted on me, he was selfless.

He would climb into bed with me to rub my back when I couldn’t sleep. When I was sick, he would come to my house and risk getting sick himself just to lay in bed watching movies with me. If I mentioned I was thirsty, Jay would get up and get me a drink. He kept a stock of Mott’s apple juice boxes knowing they were my favorite.

He indulged my silly requests. He learned my favorite songs so he could play them and sing to me. He wrote me a song…one that I was never supposed to know about. But I did. And one of my biggest regrets is that I deleted it in an attempt to rid him from my memories.

It didn’t work.

One of my fondest memories of him was a night where, after months of teasing me about my after shower “towel turban”, he sat cross legged in front of me on his bed with an entire blanket twisted around his head. And we sat like that for god only knows how long, talking and laughing. 

He loved me. Unconditionally. Until he couldn’t anymore.

I let my insecurities and trust issues ruin our relationship. I like my pettiness and jealousy ruin any chance we had of being friends. I lost him and I’m not sure I can ever forgive myself for that.

But if I could do it all over again, I would.

Jay taught me so much.

He taught me I’m lovable. He taught me that I’m not as one dimensional as I thought I was. He introduced me to Gaslight Anthem, and showed me how amazing Third Eye Blind actually is. Through Jay, I met my friend Shannon who is one of the kindest and most beautiful souls I’ve ever met. Jay saved my life. I’m not sure where I’d be had I not agreed to meet him for a drink in October of 2008. He broke my heart almost 2 years later, through no fault of his own. It’s because of him that I decided I could no longer be burnt out working in a restaurant, and now have a job that I love.

Now it’s 6 years later, and I still think about him regularly. When I’m happy, when  I’m sad, when my mind is calm and I recall a happier time.

I will always love him, I just hope one day to find someone I love just a little more than I did him.

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👏 for oogie? im kinda curios

Stooie is a fusion that looks cute, but is also someone you DON’T want to aggrieve.

Oogie’s anxiety in null due to Steve’s calm nature, but the care they have for their friends skyrockets to a whole new level. This makes them very loyal and overprotective of those they hold dear, causing Steve’s angry side to show if things get a little too discomforting. They also have a habit of chewing on grass blades and other lengthy outdoor plants.

That aside, they have the typical cat attitude: “Cuddle and pet me, but rub my belly and your pinkie is mine” as well as, “I didn’t ask to be touched, go away. I am in the middle of an important cat nap! Can you not see my tail flicking in disgust” and “You see this thing? I’m going to knock it over… But only because it won’t break on impact.”

This “Movis” facial soap better put the moves on these dark spots or I'ma be mad. 😤

I also got a sample of that “Dark Angels” scrub - which is basically me rubbing charcoal all over myself - so I hope that it’s worth it too.

This ought to be a week and a half worth of samples, so if all goes well, I guess I’lll be spending 20+ bucks on soap and dirt.

And dem bath bombs, yo.


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For some reason, that post about academic anxiety just rubs me the wrong way. It comes across as if the only reason people have anxiety in academia is because people are lazy and want results now, not because academia is a flawed and stressful system

I’d turn it on its head. People get anxious because academia keeps telling them they were lazy. In my (JW) opinion, academia has an extremely low to tolerance for people who work at paces and rhythms other than nonstop high-speed productivity. 

I have seen lazy people in academia, too, but most people who have MH issues like anxiety are not lazy. We are struggling. 

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AGGHH. I want to stan toppdogg so much but that murder track Yano wrote for his ex girlfriend really throws me off and rubs me the wrong way. Has he ever apologized for that?? I really want to love them but I'm not invested enough to know if he's changed and bettered himself as a person??

I guess you’re talking about Happy?

Yeah the lyrics are a bit…out there and somewhat offensive so I’ll just remain neutral for my opinions on that song. I don’t think he’s made any type of apology for that song. I can only recall him apologizing for his song “Bitch” (which isn’t about anyone)

Anyway, that shouldn’t stop you from becoming a fan in my opinion & im not just saying that because I love Topp Dogg. They’ve had their moments but all of that is from like their debut era- 2014 and since then they have definitely proven that they are good people who care for their fans a lot, both korean and international and wouldn’t do anything to purposely offend someone. Every group has this issue or will have similar issues.

I’m not going to apologize or stick up for Yano’s lyrics. He wrote a lot of questionable lines in 2014. But based on his apology for “Bitch” he definitely knows to be careful with his lyrics. So from viewing things in your eyes I’d say he’s “changed man” now.

Topp Dogg are so very very talented and they don’t deserve to be slept on. Don’t let just one thing stop you from enjoying their greatness. I’m  pretty sure there are other kpop artist you like who’s done some questionable or offensive things, because again, it happens a lot in the K industry. Stan Topp Dogg, you seriously will not regret it.

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An old episode of DM came on today and I was thinking, isn't it a little bit odd that Chloe and Sarah Reasons were so close as well as Tracy and Christy, but Sarah and Tracy STILL went back to the ALDC with Brynn in LA to be a guest on the team. Like idk Abby's abuse was such a big part of Chloe's life and I can't imagine Christy being friends with anyone that would support Abby? Like obviously the Reasons don't have anything to do with her anymore but idk it rubbed me the wrong way