Fuck Rebel Wilson

There was a lot about the VMAs that rubbed me the wrong way this year but the thing that probably bothered me the most was Rebel Wilson’s “joke” basically trying to make light about police brutality. For her to sit up here and make an unfunny ass joke about police brutality, while presenting a Hip Hop award nonetheless, wasn’t only in bad taste, it was downright offensive. What made her think that trivializing and making a mockery of such a serious topic was acceptable especially at a time like this when tensions are so thick between the black community in particular and the police force? Ain’t shit funny about police brutality.Wait let me say it one more time for the people that didn’t get it the first time; AINT SHIT FUNNY ABOUT POLICE BRUTALITY. Im pretty sure the families of Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Trayvon Martin, Tamir Rice, Rekia Boyd, John Crawford, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray and so, so, so many others dont think there’s anything funny about it either. 

And im sure there are many people out there reading this post and others like it and think that we’re overreacting but i just want you to take a step and think about all the lives that have been affected and destroyed by police brutality. Sit there and think about why so many people would be pissed off about her “joke”. We don’t just sit here and get mad for fun bruh. There are just some things you don’t try to joke about. There are just some things that you don’t laugh about.There are some things that just aren’t funny……

ok so here’s the thing. I love that the girls were on the VMA’s and got all of this beautiful attention but there was a way to do it and Miley didn’t do that. The announcement for her performance was literally “Miley and her pets”. SHE REFERRED TO THE QUEENS AS HER PETS. this was to promote her new album, not to bring attention to the community or the amazing things the queens do. it was a cool visual performance but honestly rubbed me the wrong way. Not to mention her kiss with Violet which Violet clearly didn’t want to say the least…the only good part was the Haus of Edwards repping honestly

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I can't say I disagree with everything you say, you do make some good points, but other stuff including having a boyfriend just rub me the wrong way. You gave yourself to a male, you sound like a traitor. It's like you're telling us we can live fine without men, but you go and do the opposite, as if living without a man is impossible after all. If even people like you who see the BS through men can't live without them, what hope do I have for "blind" women to change?

Gee, sorry I happen to be sexually oriented towards males and don’t wanna live a sad lonely shitty life without any chance of romance. Sorry I’m not a perfect fucking activist.

Fuck off. 

I don’t “give myself to him” because I am not a fucking object, I’m a person. It’s fucked up that you look at me that way, as an object to be “given”. Your misogyny is super gross. You disgust me anon.

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MG: *Politely bows her head*. Hello~! I apologize if this sounds a little strange, but I was wondering if you'd be interested in a couple items. I couldn't help but notice that you're quite the scientist, and I wanted to know if you could possibly assist me.

*she rubs her chin* Hmmmm. sure, I got nothin’ better to do. What you got for me then?


Android 17: “It doesn’t make sense for you to die out here in the middle of nowhere when we have no interest in killing you. Why don’t you just tell us where Goku is and leave unharmed. It’s the only logical thing to do.”

Piccolo: “Well, soon you’ll realize that the people of this planet aren’t logical at all. Funny thing is, they’ve rubbed off on me.”

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why don't u like the line from colors?

well here’s my issue with it. colors is kind of across the board accepted as being about matty. saying, ‘i hope you make it to the day your 28 years old’ in reference to the 27 club really rubs me the wrong way. the ‘27 club’ is a list of famous people who have died when they were 27, often from drugs/alcohol abuse, mental illness, or some equally upsetting violent death. the implication that matty is some tragic bad boy who is going to like drink himself to death is NOT WHAT IM HERE FOR. also just the idea of the 27 club makes me :(. i find it really insensitive and icky. but she does have artistic liberty and i get that songs make things dramatic but still. i wish she just hadn’t included it. 

anyway, love badlands and halsey and all of that just not that line. 

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so what do you think about the grace thing?

ohhhhh man i kinda went off on twitter abt this but i dont wanna start shit about it here ??? so i’ll screenshot my tweets but. under the cut. (long story short tho rlly disappointed in her considering the fact that i’ve always respected grace and i think she’s a great person, but this has rubbed me up the wrong way)

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Guess who's meeting the boys on friday? 🙋

Well I’m pretty sure it’s not me so rub it in, why don’t you! 😂

Seriously though, have a great time. Be respectful and polite, try not to cry fangirl tears all down them, and marvel in how tall they are. I’m really hoping you’re staying for Saturday too so you can have the full Phelps/Felton/Grint experience. That really would make me mucho jealous!

Give them both an extra squeeze from me. 😘😘

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Scorpio, you scare me so much you make me pee. You make me scare-pee. GET IT? It sounds like Scorpy? Was it punny? *tumblrweed blows by* (you know instead of tumbleweed... Because we're on tumblr!) No, not funny? Okay I'll see myself out now. I blame Rise for all of these bad puns. She's rubbing off on me 😅😂

“Don’t listen to the goddess. Every time she says something, people around her get stupider.”

E-Excuse you!?

I try not to be salty about this too much because I try to respect people’s shipping preferences and such but

I just saw a post about a ship that really bothered me.

It wasn’t offensive really, but it basically took everything about the series and threw it out the window with the hopes of making the series a basic romantic shoujo.

And it just rubbed me the wrong way.

Like way to devalue all of mashima’s hard work and the message he wants to send for the sake of one ship.

I’m sure mashima would really appreciate that.


We were sitting outside chatting with Roman’s friendly Ashlee. They were doing most of the talking, I was just sitting in agony.

“My back is killing me.” I complained interrupting them, seemed like everything was aching sometimes. It’s not like I was even that far into the pregnancy but it was taking it’s toll on me. I was always tired or sore or nauseous.

“You want me to rub you down? Just ask.” There was that smirk.

“Yes Roman, I’d like you to place your hands on my shoulders…” and everywhere else, but the shoulders will do for now. That massage relieved a little bit of the tension in my shoulders but my lower back was where the pain was. “Thanks honey, gimme kiss.”


After many months of grieving for the loss of my beloved cat Anna, I finally felt ready to open my heart to a new friend. I would love to introduce my new kittum, Castle. He was abandoned by his owners at the shelter about a month ago. As a way to honor Anna, I adopted an older cat. He’s 9 years old and is such a love sponge! He’s already been rubbing all over me and giving me head bumps. I feel so happy that I have something to take care of again. I look forward to our new life together. 

(And he’s just as cute as the character I named after him!)

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With the new DLC coming out it occurred to me that Solas should be vilified as much as you-know-who. He gave Corypheus the orb to begin with and a lot of people died in the fallout, nevermind the casualties from the aftermath. I adore Solas -- huge ass fan right chea -- but it rubs me the wrong way. He is just as dangerous. He will kill innocents if the Inquisitor allows it. So how can one be irredeemable and the other righteous when they both have the same amount of blood on their hands?

This might be a bumpy ride so hang on. 

Well, think about how the game frames Solas: wise, unassuming, reserved, thoughtful..ect. 

He never really raises his voice and is mostly kind and polite (racist Grandpa issues aside)

We, the player,  supposed to feel bad when he tells us that the Dalish laughed him out of their camp because we know he’s right. We have that inside information that the Dalish and Inquisitor don’t have. Through Solas we learn information we can reasonably assume is factual. 

We, the player, are supposed to have an ‘aha’ moment when he tells us that Spirits are people with free will, regardless of what you make your Inquisitor say. 

We, the player, knows he’s right. 

That’s his whole thing isn’t it? He’s right. Solas is so smart. He knows more than all of us!

He’s, like, “The Mind” or whatever.

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Why are your faces so crazy?

But seriously, I grew up with a lot of cartoons that were visually disturbing, like Ren and Stimpy, Cow and Chicken, that kind of thing, and it must have rubbed off on me. Oh yeah, and remember in Spongebob when they would have those super graphic high definition images every so often. Anyways, I guess I’ve always like that grotesqueness. 

things fenris does not do:

  • deny that he loves hawke
  • get too embarrassed to publicly say that he loves hawke
  • refrain from saying overly romantic things to hawke
  • hates pda
  • refrain from mentioning his romantic relationship with hawke

things fenris does do

  • openly says to hawke in front of everybody that he does not want to live if hawke is not living
  • openly says to hawke in front of everybody ‘i am yours’
  • openly makes out passionately with hawke in front of the crew before the last battle
  • defends his and hawke’s relationship when its brought up by others
  • says openly he will kill anders if he hurts hawke’s heart

I know you’re all super pumped about Carmilla being all moony for Laura still but I NEED to talk about how perfect the writing in this episode was

Love isn’t enough. And Laura might be a teenager and Carmilla is the worst 300+ year old I’ve ever seen but they both know that. They know that it isn’t enough to just love someone, because life is more than that, and if u stay in a relationship that’s gonna keep hitting road blocks because you’re constantly butting heads you’re gonna be unhappy.

Laura sees the world in black and white, Carmilla sees in shades of grey.
Laura knows that it’s not enough and Carmilla respects that, even if they both can’t help but hold on to pieces.

It’s perfect, and I love it. A+ writing