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Dan’s just sitting on the beach, minding his own sweet business, reading some trashy magazines Dana brought and ignoring the huge ocean full of scary big sharks and octopi and shit, when a shadow drifts over him. He looks up from an article detailing the pros and cons of waxing your legs—apparently it’s damaging to your skin—to see a guy with great arms and a sheepish look on his face. Dan forces himself to look the guy in the face and not just stare at his arms or any other part of his anatomy—look, it’s not his fault if the guy’s swim suit is a little tight, okay?

“Hey, uh, can I ask you kind of a weird favor?” Cute Guy says. 

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anythingbutregular2  asked:

Thoughts on hollyleaf? I hate how the Erins dumped her when they couldn't really think of a power for her and show how much she follows rules then makes her almost kill her blood mom and then actually kill ashfur?? Kill her off but she's suddenly ok and everyone's just like "well guess she's back lol"??

I never ever liked Hollyleaf, to be honest. I didn’t like any of the three, they all grinded on my patience in their own unique ways, but neither pre nor post-murder Hollyleaf appealed to me. Too much of a self-entitled brat for my taste sadly, and her borderline manic obsession with rules and how she wanted to “look good” really didn’t sit well with me like at all. Her only redeeming features were that she actually appeared to love her “parents” and had strengths as well as weaknesses. That’s something, at least. 

But oh you’re so right, the erin botched her from here to the goddamn moon. 

Hollypaw was nice enough in that you sat there thinking “oh sweetie you’ll grow out of it soon enough” bc if anything Hollykit/paw was the solidifying evidence that Firestar’s grandkittens got special treatment she had kind of an inflated ego from the start lol. And even if she did get on my nerves she was a good counter-weight to her brother(s) - moreso Lion I guess than Jayjay, cuz Lionpaw/blaze is and remains an idiot (good-natured now perhaps, but still an idiot)

And honestly, halfway through PoT I was starting to get tingly cuz I thought that maybe, just maybe, if Hollyleaf didn’t fit in the prophecy, the erins would do a twist and make her out to be an antagonist instead. That would’ve been so interesting. But nooooo, instead they just “lol couldn’t find a power for her that fit so let’s just have her tip over and go crazy and kill people yay” WTF?

Also how is it that Dovedumb’s power of supreme listening wouldn’t have worked with Hollyleaf?? It’s not that special of a “special power” at any rate and considering Holly’s supposedly got more iQ than Dove ever did surely she’d have been the better alternative for this?? 

Hollyleaf’s last actions of PoT is to go completely nut-job maniac and murder Ashfur, trying to push poison down her birth mother’s throat, and then curses the world and reveals everything she tried to keep hidden three seconds previously and looks at the rest of the world like it’s weird for not feeling as much pity for her as she hoped? And I’m sitting here so disappointed, seriously given that the erins tried their best to paint Holly as “smart” this sounded really bloody stupid. That or she’s got proper mental illness. 

I disliked her EVEN MORE after she came back from the tunnels, especially because she was still not an antagonist like I hoped (and like her actions in Sunrise suggested she could have developed into) and even worse the erins go and paint her WISE AND NOBLE EW. That rubbed me so wrong this is a murderer we’re talking about and all you’re busy with is how to clean her slate as painlessly as possible so she can insert herself into the clan as a “wise by bad experience” kinda gal that everyone for some weird-ass reason accepted no thank you. OotS-Hollyleaf was a disappointment to me, really. I didn’t care crackers about her coming back when she had nothing to show for that wasn’t completely contrived for the sake of plot. Again, she’s one of the charas that don’t have to face up to her own actions properly - she doesn’t even face up to her two mother figures either?? During her “death monologue” in TLH she talks about wanting to know her birth mother but as far as I can remember the erins never wrote her once SITTING beside Leafpool even?? She’s been a recluse ever since she got back when did you guys have time to bond?? If it’s so important at least show it a bit to make it actually believable?? And not even a word to Squirrel, whom you loved so much once upon a time, or Bramble who saved your hide?? It’s so half-assed?? Seriously what was the purpose of ressurecting Hollyleaf at all her coming back to life didn’t impact anything beyond “clearing up” aka lying -again- about Ashfur’s murder, and having a half-assed reason to get one up on the WindClan battle?? BO-ring. 

… I think I’m probably always gonna be butthurt that I didn’t get my antagonist!Hollyleaf. u3u

Unbelievable Cravings

Summary: Beakhyun deals with his pregnant wife’s cravings.
Members: Baekhyun x Reader
Type: fluff
Length: 447 Words

Just want to say that this was so cute and made for an awesome Drabble

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“I don’t want that.”

“What do you mean you don’t want that? You were crying for it a second ago!” He replied in an exasperated manner

“But then I smelt it and now I don’t want it…” You supplied in a sulky manner. And you weren’t lying.

The tiramisu looked so good, and Baekhyun drove for an hour to take you to your favorite bakery just so you could eat it; but the moment the smell hit your nose, you felt like vomiting.

You could smell the sugar and everything from it, and God it was awful. Pushing the plate from you, you opted to instead rub a hand over your swollen stomach. Six months along, and you both honestly thought the cravings would stop.

And they did.

For like two days before they morphed into this Godzilla of cravings. One minute you want peanut butter and pickles; the next you wanted sushi and then you wanted kimchi with chocolate sauce.

Which in Baekhyun’s defense was actually gross after you’d manage to finish half a plate of the damn thing.

So here you are with swollen feet and a permanent bitch face as you try and decide what you want.

“Jagi. How about a croissant?” He asks gently then as he reaches across the table to place his hand on the side of your belly, rubbing it slightly.

“Ew no. It sounds gross…” He puffed out his cheeks then in a childish manner. Honestly he should’ve expected this from you, but he was trying.

This pregnancy was probably more hard on him. And although you were the one who felt that with your size you should have a whole fucking area code (and God you got huge. You get upset every time you look in the mirror and realize you look like a whale)

But he’s the one who wakes up to hold your hair back when you are throwing up at ungodly hours; helps to massage your back and feet when everything is just too much. Not to mention drives you across towns for a specific craving you have.

“Sorry.” You mumble then, because you honestly are. Also because you are really hungry but you happen to be grossly nauseous at the same time and it really sucks.

Because you really want that slice of cake again.

“What’s something you think you can eat without getting sick?”

“Chicken.” You reply without any hesitation. You are rewarded with a laugh from your husband.

“Jagi, you had chicken for breakfast. You need to eat properly.” He supplies in a chastising manner.

“Coming from the guy who drove me two towns over for cake.”

“That is besides the point.”

EXO react to you crying on them during a sad movie

Xiumin: “Here, jagi. Eat some candy - don’t cry. It’s not real.” He’d pet your hair and keep giving you candy throughout the movie.

Luhan: When you hug him, sniffling you point out he’s crying, too. “I’m not crying. You are. You just can’t see properly because of it.” He’d blink rapidly to keep the tears away.

Kris: When you sob, holding onto him, he can’t help but laugh. “Why are you crying? This isn’t even that sad!” He’d wrap an arm around you anyway.

Suho: “Oh, sweetheart, come here. It’s just a movie.” He pulls you into a tight hug and wipes away your tears.

Lay: Wouldn’t even notice you’re crying and clinging onto him because he fell asleep within the first five minutes

Baekhyun: “Jagi, don’t cry, you’ll make me cry and it’ll make my eyeliner smudge!” He’d then carefully wipe away any stray tears on his own face.

Chen: “Oh my god, you look so ugly crying over this dumb movie. Serves you right for making me watch a chick flick!”

Chanyeol: When you lean on him, he’d look carefully at you and then lean in close to your face when he sees you crying. “Are you okay?! It’s not that sad!”

DO: “I don’t get it. What’s the sad part? Why are you crying?” He’d stare at you, judging you for crying over something like that.

Tao: “Yah! Keep your face off my clothes! You’ll stain them!” Meanwhile, he’s busy sobbing and wiping away his own tears.

Kai: “Are you okay? It’s not real, remember? Don’t cry.” He’d cuddle back with you, kissing your forehead.

Sehun: “Ew. Don’t rub your tears all over me. And stop clinging onto me - I never even agreed to watch this with you.”

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Fate brings you together, fate pulls you apart, fate teases you, and fate rewards you, as long as you are willing to go along for the ride.

Riley meets a Cowboy, and Lucas meets a City Girl, but will they meet again and when?

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Oh, What a Night

Sixteen going on Seventeen

Riley was beyond thankful that her Uncle Josh had given her a ticket to tonight’s Knicks game vs the Mavericks. She as thankful that she could go to the game alone; her friends were always such buzz kills whenever they went with her. Did they not understand that when you’re in the garden you support the Knicks, that’s what you’re there for, otherwise why bother?

She found her seat, not the best seat in the place but it was okay, not far from the aisle and from what she could see she would be surrounded by other Knicks fans, no one from tonight’s enemy. “Excuse me, sorry, just, yes thank you.” Riley made her way past the few people in her way and just as she was about to arrive at her seat she felt something slippery under her footing and she felt herself go flying, landing in someone’s lap.

“Are you okay?” His voice had a slight southern twang, a contrast to the harsh New York accents that usually landed on her ears.

Riley took a deep breath before she opened her eyes, which were immediately drawn to the green ones of whoever she landed on, “I think so. I’m so very sorry.”

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Mitsu - This Is Why We Don’t Go Camping

Mitsu – This Is Why We Don’t Go Camping

Ugh, how exactly did things turn out like this?

It has been one day since the two of them decided to take a camping trip together, and so far they’ve both been bitten half alive by mosquitos, tripped over rocks in the path, and almost got lost hiking.

“Why exactly did we decide to go camping this weekend, Mio?” asked Ritsu, scratching at her arm.

“Because it’s been so long since you and I have had the same day off, so I figured that we could spend some time together,” responded Mio, swatting away Ritsu’s scratching hand and rubbing ointment onto the bites.  “Hold still, I can’t get them if you’re scratching at them.”

“It feels weird, Mio, I don’t want that stuff on me!”

“Hey, don’t squirm.”

“No, don’t wanna!”

“You’re a college graduate, act your age!”

“Oh yeah?” Ritsu slid out of Mio’s grip and grabbed the tube of ointment.  Squeezing a large glob onto her hands, she lunged at Mio.

“Take … this!” she shouted, smacking both her hands on Mio’s cheeks and rubbing furiously.

“Wha? Ew, geez Ritsu, get off me!” said Mio through her squished expression. With her hands still moist from the ointment, she copied Ritsu and connected her palms with Ritsu’s cheeks.  They struggled for a little bit before the heat got to both of them and they lay sprawled on Mio’s sleeping bag.  

“Ugh, I don’t wanna do anything right now …” said Ritsu.  “Can’t we just make tea like before?”

“Why don’t you make some, then?”

“Because we were supposed to bring Mugi with us, but she got too busy and had to back out.  I was gonna make Mugi do it, but after she backed out I forgot to bring some.  Wait, what about Azusa and Yui?” asked Ritsu.

“Azusa said that she wanted to teach Yui how to drive.”

“Huh?” said Ritsu. “Yui still doesn’t have her license?”

“She has her permit, so she wants to start learning as soon as possible,” said Mio.  Rolling over, she stared at Ritsu, who continued to look at the tent ceiling.

“Remember when I was teaching you how to drive, Ritsu?”

“Yeah, that was quite the adventure, now wasn’t it?”

“Ritsu, we got pulled over by the police! I was freaking out at the moment and you were just laughing!”

“Aw, c’mon, it was in the moment, and it was the first time, I dunno what came over me, I just started laughing.”

“It wasn’t funny! We’re lucky that he let us off the hook, but next time …”

“Next time, I’ll make him laugh, and he’ll definitely let us off the hook!” interjected Ritsu, making a funny face.

“This is serious!” said Mio, trying to keep herself from bursting into giggles.

“Yeah, yeah, serious Ritsu-mode, activated,” said Ritsu sarcastically.  She turned over and kissed Mio on the cheek.

“Yuck, your face tastes weird.”

“Your fault for sliming me with the cream,” said Mio, wiping her cheek.

“You’re right, I’m sorry.  I guess I’ll kiss somewhere else then!” said Ritsu, a glint in her eyes.

“W-Wait, no!”

Too late to stop her, Ritsu started tickling Mio’s sides while kissing the side of her neck. Caught between gasping for breath from being tickled and getting chills from Ritsu’s kisses, Mio started squirming harder.  Eventually the two grew tired, as their antics made the tent heat up once more. They lay there in silence, barely noticing that a few hours had passed and they were in darkness.  The sound of insects and the night wind filled the campsite, and as the night continued, the site quieted down as the weekend campers settled down.

Ritsu and Mio fell asleep without too much trouble, with Mio clinging to Ritsu’s arm. Several times during the night, Ritsu had to reach over and push Mio’s leg out of the way, as she had a habit of clinging to Ritsu with her legs as well.

Remind me again why we’re sharing a sleeping bag? There wasn’t much room in here to begin with …

Ritsu’s glow-in-the-dark watch gave a small beep at midnight, and that was when a loud rustling sound from outside their tent startled Mio awake.

“Wh-Wha? Ritsu! Ritsu!!!” she whispered.

“C-Cabbage …”

“Don’t do that, wake up – AAAH!!!”

Hearing a louder rustling sound, Mio gave a small shout and clung to Ritsu.  The lack of oxygen forced Ritsu awake, only to make her promptly black out once more.

“Mi … ooooo” she gasped, clutching at Mio’s arm, which was wrapped tight around Ritsu’s windpipe.

“There’s something outside the tent, there’s something outside the tent!” Mio kept repeating, squeezing tighter.  Ritsu finally managed to escape the death grip that was Mio’s arm and took deep breaths.

“It’s *cough* probably nothing …” she said weakly.

“B-B-But I am like 99%sure that there’s something out there and it’s probably a bear or a mountain lion or a moose and I just want to make sure that we’re okay, and don’t scoff at me, moose are formidable creatures and maybe we should wait just so you can make sure the coast is clear, and …”

“Calm down, breathe between your sentences.  You could give those fast rappers a run for their money.”

“Go outside check for me!” said Mio, trembling.

“Go with me.”

“Don’t wanna …”

“*sigh*, fine …”

Pulling the tent zipper open, she pulled out her phone and turned on the flashlight app.  Shining it out straight into the darkness, Mio and Ritsu found that they were making eye contact with a large brown rabbit. It stared curiously back at them.

“Don’t move, I think it can smell fear,” said Ritsu sarcastically. Mio smacked Ritsu’s shoulder.

“I was genuinely terrified, don’t joke around about stuff like this!”

“Yeah yeah, I know. Can we please get back to sleep?  I still have to recover from that chokehold.”

“Y-Yeah …”

Mio fell asleep surprisingly quickly, and in her sleep wasted no time wrapping her whole body around Ritsu once more.  Given the experience that Mio had gone through that evening, Ritsu allowed her to keep her arms and legs around her.

Yeah, this is definitely why we don’t go camping.