rub your back

He’s figured out that while jerking his paw away won’t stop me from doing his nails, slowly rolling onto his back and gently pulling his whole leg away will stop me immediately because I cannot handle the cute.

*it looks like he’s baring his teeth but he’s not. His top lip got stuck on his gums.

31. I’m tired of being your secret.
44. Sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking.

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“Then he said, ‘I’m tired of being your secret’, if only he knew the secrets I have” you laughed dryly.

Bucky joined in, his laugh low and raspy as you lounged on top of his bare chest. “Yeah well, you said the sex sucked anyway” he reminded you, rubbing your still warm back. “Besides-” he added, his hand travelling down to your hip as you felt him harden underneath you again “-sometimes, there is nothing better than some good old-fashioned, no string attached fucking”.

The GazettE men helping you deal with stress

Ruki: It doesn’t matter what you’re stressed about, he’ll always be there for you. When he sees you starting to stress out, he’ll sit down and gently ask you if you need any time alone, and will leave you alone if you say yes. If you say no, Ruki will lead you to either the bed or the couch and cuddle you, asking you to tell him about it. And as you talk, he’ll stroke your hair and gently comfort you by kissing your forehead and rubbing your back. When you’re finished, he’ll tell you that you’re strong and that he’s proud of you before gently singing ‘Tomorrow Never Dies’ to you. And when you went to sleep, Ruki would cuddle you close and encourage you to do your best no matter what ❀.(*´◡`*)❀.

Uruha: When he sees you stressing out, he’d put his hand on your shoulder and tell you that worrying time is over. He’d then bring you to the TV and give you one of his controllers before putting a fighter game on. The two of you would spend the evening playing fighting games together, with Uruha making silly comments like a sports announcer as you play, which makes you smile and laugh. At the end of it, he’d have a shower with you, where he washes your hair to relax you. By the time you go to bed, you’d be feeling significantly calmer and Uruha will tell you that you’re a hard worker and that he’ll always be there to de-stress you (◍•ᴗ•◍)❤

Aoi: He’d be very understanding and patient towards you. When he sees you stressing out, he’d ask you what happened before leading you to the bed. There, he’d have you take your shirt off and lie down face-forward on the bed before giving you a soothing back rub while you talk about what’s stressing you out. Aoi wouldn’t say anything, he’d listen as you spoke, only speaking when you’re done. Afterwards, he would gently kiss down your back before stripping down to his underwear, encouraging you to do the same. You two would cuddle in bed only in your underwear, and Aoi would just kiss your sensitive spots and rub your back while reassuring that it’ll all get better soon and to stay strong. As you two fell asleep, he’d tell you that he’ll be there for you no matter what ੭व(๑• .̫ •๑) ✧

Reita: Exercise with him would be his remedy to your stress lol. Just as you start to stress out, he’d tell you to take a break from whatever’s stressing you out and to come work out with him. The two of you would then do a couples’ workout together, which involves doing push-ups while facing each other, and Reita would let you lie on his back as he did push-ups as well. He’d also have you do sit-ups, encouraging you by kissing you every-time you came up. By the time the workout is over, you’d be feeling a lot more relaxed, and Reita would be happy to see you relaxed and cheerful. The two of you would shower together afterwards, where Reita would tell you that you’re doing your best and to feel free to come and work out with him if you need to de-stress *(*´∀`*)☆

Kai: He’d be a real sweetie towards you. When you’re stressing out, Kai would make you some tea and encourage you to share whatever is stressing you out, and he’d listen to you and try his best to offer advice. Afterwards, he’d lead you to the couch and give you a shoulder massage, which would feel amazing, of course. He’d also dim the lights and put on your favourite music to cheer you up, which would result in the two of you slow-dancing in the living room. When you two are done dancing, Kai would invite you to help him cook dinner as the music plays, and you two would playfully dance in the kitchen while dinner is being cooked. At the end, Kai would kiss your forehead and reassure you that everything is going to be okay and that he’ll always support you no matter what (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚*

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Willemses x Reader with 72? Maybe something where the reader has just been having a bad week and they can't stand to see her feeling so down?

You were sitting on James and Elyse’s couch, crying your eyes out over the awful week you had been having. You were leaned over on Elyse and James was softly rubbing your back.

“I know it’s been a rough week,” James sighed, feeling awful for you, “Just smile, I really need to see you smile right now. Please”

You forced a smile and knew how bad it must look and let out a giggle as James tried to mock it.

“Now that the smile I remember,” he commented before kissing your forehead.

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I've just had a really horrible day with my anxiety and I just want Seb or Bucky or Chris just to pull me into a hug and tell me everything is going to be ok, these fluffy Friday submissive are the only thing that's helped me today ❤️

Awww man Bucky would pull you into a tight hug, rub circles on your back and just kiss the top of your head whispering it would be okay

Fluffy Friday™

little ways the signs show you they care about you
  • Aries: they'll tag you in things they think you'll like or find funny, give you lots of physical affection, try to make you laugh or smile a lot
  • Taurus: tell you that they saw something that reminded them of you, gives you their jacket when you're cold, shares with you
  • Gemini: asks about your day and listens and asks questions, encourages you, asks you for advice
  • Cancer: asks how you are and genuinely wants to know, makes or brings you your favorite food or dessert when you're feeling down, hugs you and rubs your back
  • Leo: compliments you, buys you small gifts, always asking you to hang out or spend time together
  • Virgo: always ready and willing to help you with whatever you need, remembers small details about you, listens to you talk about your interests
  • Libra: try to cheer you up and make you forget about your worries, bring you your favorite drink while you're working, will be very considerate of you and your feelings
  • Scorpio: will be softer and gentler around you, be very protective of you and defend you, open up to you and have late night heart to hearts
  • Sagittarius: will try to keep the mood light when you're stressed, will rant to you and listen when you rant to them, take you on adventures and trips with them
  • Capricorn: give you practical advice, tell you their real thoughts and opinions, will tell you that they understand
  • Aquarius: talk about their dreams and aspirations and listen about yours, will remember everything you tell them, will be there for you for whatever you need
  • Pisces: will drop everything they are doing to come help you, hug you and tell you it's okay, will try to make you laugh and cheer you up when you're upset
Being On Your Period While Traveling With Newt

• lots of cuddles

• he’d constantly be checking in to see if you needed anything, a blanket, some tea, maybe he could have one of the creatures come lay with you?

• offering to give you a back massage
- Newt giving the absolute best back massages you had ever received

• him not getting mad at you when you snap at something small

• forgiving you even before you apologize (which you did almost immediately)

• dealing with your mood swings surprisingly well

• one minute you’re yelling at him the next you’re crying because you think you hurt his feelings

• he just smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug, rubbing your back soothingly

• having Jacob bake you some snacks when you pass through London (because Queenie and Jacob totally moved to London okay but back to the list)

• lots and lots of kisses

• back of the neck kisses when youre hurting and he’s rubbing your tummy while cuddling you

• forehead kisses when you start crying over something

• soft kisses to shut you up when you start yelling again

• cheek kisses when he has to run out of the case for a bit

• kisses to the tip of your nose when you finally fall asleep

• he would do anything you asked (which he always did, but it was almost instantly during this time)

• reading to you

• waking up with you in the middle of the night when you can’t help the cries from cramps

• when you finally get off your period you spend a week apologizing for your behavior even though he assures you its okay

• Newt coming home to a very… Romantic set up as once last apology from you

• he doesn’t even bother trying to say you’re forgiven for this one

Ways To Put A Little To Sleep

1. Back rubs and neck kisses (Gently rub your littles back and kiss their neck until they relax and go to sleep

2. Bedtime story (read to your little and choose a book suitable for your littles age. For example, if they’re between 2-6 read a children book (Winnie The Pooh) If there between 7-13 maybe something like a chapter of Harry Potter)

3. Put on lullaby (It’s easy to go on youtube and search up lullabies for babies and children. They are super relaxing and will soothe your little as they fall asleep)

4. Give your little a bath (The warm water will relax them and help them fall asleep easier, most people also fall asleep easier if they feel clean. Put some nice scented bubble bath soap into the bath water and clean your little!)

 5. Spray a fragrance in the room (If you have relaxing scented bottle Febreze spray in into the air of the room you little is sleeping in. Choose something like peppermint, spearmint, or lavender to help calm your little and keep them stress-free.) 

6. Dress your little up! (It’s not what you think, I promise, or well… maybe it is, anyway. Dress your little up in cute jammies so that they feel happy and special before they good to be, this will keep them in a good mood while they sleep and will ensure good dreams)

7. Keep the room cool (keeps your littles room cool and bundle them in blankies, everyone likes it when the room is just at the right temperature, keep the room near 65-70 degrees)

8. Lights out (Keep the room dark, maybe put a nightlight in if necessary)

9.  Paci! (Give your little their pacifier to suck on during the night, it should keep them quiet and soothe them to sleep)

10. Sleep withy your little! (Give them a sense of protection while they sleep. Holding your little close and rocking them gently to help them fall asleep are great tips!)

Can u guys imagine having someone who you could just lay in bed with all day and who would rub your back and wrap themselves up with you and would let you run your sleepy fingers through their hair. I think I would just die

Halftime Show*

Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Explicit
Summary: Chris and Reader have some naughty time together during the Super Bowl halftime show.
Words Count: 1.8k
Warnings: Swearing and unprotected sex. [Wrap your wang before you bang.]
Author’s Note: Might not be my greatest work since I wrote it in a hurry, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity. Congrats to the Pats, by the way.

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“C'mon, you can do better… don’t fuck this one up guys!” Chris yelled, clapping his hands as if he was the coach. “Don’t you dare doing this to us!”

Proud yelling, muttered cursing and stressed screaming everywhere around you in the VIP area of the stadium. The fans sitting, standing or jumping roared their stress out as your team was in a difficult time. The halftime was fast approaching and the Patriots struggled, facing the seemingly glorious Falcons.

“Don’t freak out. Relax, big boy,” you soothed, rubbing your boyfriend’s tensed back as he tapped his foot on the floor.

“How can we relax, Y/N?!” Scott, his brother told you and you rolled eyes, mentally noticing him he wasn’t helping at all.

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Dangerous Dance

(Hoseok drabble #3)

W: Smut. Just plain and simple smut. Please read with caution.

a/n: A little gift for @the95liner, @kareverie & @musicobsessedreject, also tagging @fairyjeons cause I promised to tag her in everything lol. Sorry if this is lame, just needed to let something out to rid my writer’s block^^

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Dating Draco Malfoy Would Include...

- Dating a legitimate genius, which means he helps you study, and you get great marks on all your exams
- Always sitting in between his legs, leaning your back against his chest
- Wearing Slytherin quidditch sweatshirts with his name and number on the back
- Whispering in each other’s ears
- Getting your hair played with and your back rubbed all the time
- Reading to each other while the other massages their back, plays with their hair, cuddles them, etc.
- Loving being with him when he wakes up
- like his husky/groggy morning voice
- and messy hair
- and super warm and sleepy cuddles
- just everything about morning Draco is great
- He literally just wants to touch you all the time
- Cute little smirks
- Being super flirty, secretively during class
- Chivalry at a whole new level - holding doors open, fetching things for you, always making sure you’re warm/full/happy enough, standing up for you against others, talking you up to his friends
- Hickies/love bites
- Stealing his socks when your feet get cold
- Him complaining about it
- Even though he secretly thinks it’s the most adorable thing on the planet
- Passing each other notes in the shape of different things during class
- Kisses upon kisses upon kisses on your neck, shoulder, cheek, temple, back of your hand, forehead, lips…anywhere, really
- Seriously so many kisses
- Sometimes he just needs to chill
- But maybe not
- Sass and sarcasm back and forth
- Seriously…All of the sarcasm. All. Of. The sass.
- Holding your hand or resting his hand on your leg underneath the table during class/meals
- Being kissed with your back against the wall
- Having the literal best smelling boyfriend on planet earth
- Firewhiskey
- Sneaking into each other’s rooms
- Him loving you despite your non-pureblood status, and you loving and helping him even through his difficulties with death eaters/Voldemort
- Baths in the prefect bathroom
- Warming your hands up underneath his shirt and him just smirking at you
- His black suit
- Receiving incredibly nice holiday/birthday gifts
- Being hopelessly in love with his rare, but precious true smile and laugh
- The best cuddles in the world
- Jealous Draco
- But that not being a bad thing at all, really
- Him carrying your books to class, shopping bags at Hogsmeade, etc. for you
- Being fiercely, fiercely protected
- Alone time in the common room consisting of a warm fire, two glasses of firewhiskey, soothing music playing on a crackly ancient record player, and him eventually tugging on your hand to slow dance and kiss you


By @hphogwartsimagines

Thanks for reading! I’d love and welcome any feedback, requests, etcetera! Just message me or send an ask!

((I live for this kind of fluff. Bubble baths with a significant other is so cute and precious, I want it when I finally find the right person.  *^*))

Jack Morrison:

-When he sees you in the tub, he just smiles a bit. He likes seeing you relax.

-He always asks for permission to join in, he won’t unless you want him to; he’ll just sit next to you and keep you company outside the tub.

-It’s slightly awkward at first, but Jack is very helpful.

-He’ll rub your neck, back, and shoulders for you.

-He brings candles in your favorite scents. (Bath night is a thing with you two now)

-Will wash your back for you, or shave your legs for you if asked.

-He takes up a lot of room, which makes him decide to get a bigger bath tub for you two.


Gabriel Reyes:

-He’ll just join in without asking.

-Kisses your neck, whispers sweet nothings in your ear.

-He runs his finger through your hair.

-Puts bubbles on his face to make a Santa-like beard to make you laugh.

-Bubble fights.

-Will question the names of the bath products you use, they don’t make sense to him.

-Almost falls asleep in the tub tbh.

-Will make you baths when you come home sometimes so you two can relax together.


Jesse McCree:

-He smirks and asks “Why didn’t you invite me, darlin?”

-Invites himself right in.

-Brings a few rubber ducks, because no bath is complete without them in his opinion.

-Does silly things with the bubbles, like putting them on his crotch. “Look, darlin, I am being censored.”

-Does the same thing for you, laughing. ^

-Really likes the scents you pick, will use them on himself.

-Tickles you just a bit.

-Will act naughty occasionally.

-Plays with your hair, and washes you even if you don’t ask.

-Fun to take baths with.

No More Teasing

TITLE: No More Teasing


AUTHOR: writerlivinginadarkworld

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine Loki sneaking up behind you and grabbing you, then pushing you against the wall while he starts rubbing your back. After that he whispers something in your ear that makes you horny as hell.


NOTES/WARNINGS: Another old Loki fic


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Seven Wonders: Stop One

Summary: When your best friend convinces you to travel the world and see the Seven Natural Wonders of the World with him, your feelings only become more prevalent. Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 865

Prologue Stops:  2  3  4  5  6  7

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Stop One: Grand Canyon, Arizona.

There was a stiffness in your neck as you blinked your eyes open, squinting against the intruding sunlight streaming through the car window. The car bumped softly under you as Bucky drove down the highway, one arm dangling on the wheel. His sunglasses gleamed bright blue as he looked over at you. He was chewing on something- a sunflower seed or a pistachio.

“You’re cute when you sleep,” he said. You rolled your eyes and sat up, rubbing the back of your neck and looking out the window. As far as you could see, the world was made of red clay and dried grass, speeding by like watercolors against the bright sun.

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