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Anon said: Hi I was wondering if you could do a Nate imagine where your pregnant and just laughing and having a good time cuddled up in the coach with Nate talking about the baby and suddenly you go really quiet because you think about how your dad left when you were young and scared what Nate might do but he says he not going anywhere and makes it really cute, thank you 😘

Note: another request from 4 or 5 months ago.

“Seriously babe he’s kicking really hard” I rubbed my tummy while my boyfriend of 4 years, Nate recorded. “Just like his father” he laughed, “what the hell does that mean, you never kicked me” I furrowed my brows, “let me have my moment dammit” he laughed, “maybe if you make sense with what your saying, then I’d let you” I chuckled. I felt the baby’s hand rub against my tummy, and sure enough when I looked down to my stomach, you could see his hand. “Babe look” I smiled, he looked down and smiled widely placing his hand on top of the baby’s to compare size. “Dam he’s got my hands” he chuckled, “wonder what else he got” I said “maybe my looks” Nate smirked admiring himself. “Your such a asshole” I laughed smacking his arm. “Man I’m excited for him to come” Nate smiled rubbing my tummy, “me too, do you know how spoiled he’s gonna be by the boys?” I laughed, “at least we will have them to babysit when we need alone time” he smirked, “your disgusting” I hit his arm, “you didn’t think so when you were calling me daddy the night we created him” he smirked. “Oh my god can you not be perverted for a second” I hit his chest this time.

I have everything I wanted a boyfriend, a home, and a child. I smiled to myself but then fell quiet, yeah I have everything I wanted I even have Nate’s family to help but I don’t have my child’s grandfather, my father here and even though I know Nate would never do that to me like my father did and walk out… It’s still a possibility. I was thinking of all the possible situations that could happen that could cause Nate to leave me, when he placed his hand on my shoulder causing me to jump a bit. “Babe are you okay?” He asked with concern, “Y-Yeah” I fake smiled, “no your not, every time your deep into thought about something you make this face. Your doing it right now” he shot back, I took a deep breath out and my eyes instantly flooded with tears. “Lil mama what’s wrong?” He brought his hand to my cheek wiping them away, “I’m scared Nate, you know my fathers not here and the story behind that, I’m scared I’ll do something stupid and you’ll leave me and the baby” I held his hand as it resting on my cheek, “Y/N, do you really think I’d leave you so easy?” He questioned, I didn’t reply. “I’ve spent 4 years with you, we’ve argued about pointless shit but never did I give up on you, never did I give up on us. If I wanted to leave I could have left all those other times. I’m in love with you and no matter what happens, I’m staying. I’m gonna marry you one day, just wait on it. We are in this together forever” he smiled bring me to his chest, “promise?” I smiled a bit, “promise” he kissed my forehead, “now lay down, and let me play with you hair lil mama” he chuckled, I did as he asked and the rest of the night we talked about our feature and the life we were gonna continue building.

Anon said:
Can you make an imagine about Dillon rupp , You tell him to quit smoking since you’re pregnant with a girl and you guys have an argument but at the end he quits for you ? Please and thank you.

I was happy, ecstatic actually. I’m starting my family, something I’ve always wanted. I’m 7 months pregnant with a baby girl, and man oh man are my hormones crazy. I’m craving things all hours of the night, and my boyfriend Dillon, has to go out on missions just to satisfy me. I was lying down in my bed, feeling my stomach, and feeling baby Analeese kick when I felt the strong odor of weed hit my nostrils. Dillon was supposed to be in the basement with Nate, chilling. I knew Nate being Nate he’d smoke, but Dillon lately has been pushing it with the smoking. He wasn’t always a smoker, but saw his friends doing and decided to do it too. Then he kept pushing himself to get more and more dependent of weed to make him forget. I can’t really criticize because I smoked too, but I knew my limits. Now that I have a baby on the way, I’m starting to want certain things to be done just to make sure she’s healthy. I’ve told Dillon many times before to chill, but it’s like it goes through one ear and out the other. I’m not saying he fully has to stop, but we’re having a daughter the least he could do is stop right now. Second hand smoking can not only effect me but her too, and that’s a risk I’m not willing to take. I hopped out of bed, wobbling down the stairs.

I got to the basement door and made my way inside, and the smell hit me hard. The music was blasted hard, and the baby did not like it one bit, she was kicking up a storm. I made my way over to the boys, and Nate instantly shut the music off. Dillon gave me mad look, “Dillon what the fuck” I crossed my arms. “What now?” He rolled his eyes, “what now? Really, I shouldn’t have to tell you “what now” “ I air quoted him, “we are having a baby, I get you wanna smoke and all, but I want our daughter healthy you need to stop, not only for me but her” I tried reasoning, “fuck that” he laughed exhaling smoke in my face. “Bro come on chill” Nate tried peeping in. I smacked the blunt out his hand, “your so fucking UGH” I shook my balled fists, “I ask for one small thing, one small fucking thing and you can’t do that shit? But when you saw me drinking a lot, you told me to cut down, and I did. Your such a hypocrite” I rolled my eyes, “fuck you” he mumbled, “fuck me? You know what Dillon, I’m tired of telling you the same shit on a new day. Don’t be surprised if you wake up one morning, and I’m not here” my eyes teared up. I turned and walked up stairs slamming the door. I went to our room, and packed bags. I know I can’t really leave him, but I’m tired of this. I locked the bedroom door, and layed in bed.

“Sorry your heard mommy and daddy fight” I whispered to Analeese. I rubbed my tummy, and fell asleep. Towards the middle of my slumber I heard the door open, I forgot that Dillon can easily crack open a door. I turned over so I didn’t have to face him, “Y/N” he mumbled, “fuck off” I angrily said back. “Babe” he rubbed my cheek, “I’m not your babe, you told me to fuck off” I pulled the covers over my face. “I’m sorry” he said sitting in the bed. I didn’t say anything, I tried to fall back asleep. He took a deep breath in, and made his way to the closet to change. “Whats all this?” He noticed my packed bags. “I don’t know, you tell me” I answered from within the sheets. “Are… Are you leaving me?” His voice cracked. I sat up, “I honestly don’t know, I’m tired Dillon, I’m tired of telling you over and over and it still doesn’t click. Maybe me leaving is gonna make you realize what you have to do to keep me” I avoided eye contact. He sat next to me on the bed, “I’m sorry, I really am. Your right, I’m being a hypocrite but you know I’m too stubborn to admit when I’m wrong. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, you know I’d never intentionally do that. I’m gonna quit smoking for you, for our family and for our daughter. I’ve been nervous I guess, I’m scared I’m not here enough for you and I might not be a good father for her” he said playing with my hand, “Dillon, your here for me a lot, maybe a little too much. Your an amazing boyfriend, and your gonna be an amazing father don’t doubt yourself. If you felt that way you could have told me” I leaned onto his shoulder, “I didn’t wanna put more stress on you than I already was, but I’m sorry. I’m gonna learn to tell you things, and it’s gonna be hard but no more smoking” he kissed my forehead. “Your forgiven, and thank you. Know I’ll be here every step of the way” I kissed our intertwined hands. “I love you” “I love you too” “I was talking to the baby y/n” he chucked “fuck you” I laughed, “i guess I could share my love” he smirked, “I love you y/n” he said placing a soft kiss on my lips, “I love you too” I said cuddling into his chest.

So guys👀💗 here’s a drabble lf u want a Imagine Tell me wich one and with wich Person You want it🙆 I do Teen Wolf but 5sos,as well🤗 the stiles Imagine comes on later
1. “You’re going to get killed someday”
2. “You’re supernatural like Spider-Man?”
3. “You should’ve told us”
4. “I’ll never leave you”
5. “Come over,I wanna cuddle”
6. “I’m not letting you do that,without me”
7. “Are you jealous?”
8. “My dog said no”
9. “You’ll stuck with me for a long time now ”
10. “That’s my jam”
11. “I just have a thing for Wolves”
12. “Open your window,I’m coming over”
13. “I friendzoned you”
14. “Are you drunk?”
15. “I care for you”
16. “Where’s my hoodie?”
17. “Want some Mac ‘n cheese?”
18. “I’m going to punch you”
19. “Why can’t fictional characters be real?”
20. “Wanna make out?”
21. “You deserve someone better than me”
22. “You should only look at me like that”
23. “Please, don’t leave me”
24. “I don’t want to loose you again”
25. “They are fighting again”
26. “Let’s play hide and seek”
27. “We need to talk”
28. “Promise me”
29. “I’ll loose my mind”
30. “Chaos has come again”
31. “Every inch of you is perfect”
32. “Wanna bet?”
33. “sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.”
34. “I still love you”
35. “Can You rub my tummy”
36. “You smell hella good”
37. “Netflix and chill?”
38. “Have you locked the door?”
39. “Do your parents like me?”
40. “How do I deserve this?”